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I retire this summer... case processing

Discussion in 'Retirement' started by richest1, May 1, 2019.

  1. richest1

    richest1 Occasional commenter

    Hi, I retire end of the summer term.

    My dashboard has today jumped from 20% to 60% as showing as case processing.

    I was wondering when will I get my actual final figures, could it be as early as the next few weeks or days, or as late as end August?

    I applied a full 6 months in advance as allowed and TP got my data from the local authorirty within a couple of weeks.

  2. lizziescat

    lizziescat Star commenter

    I think my final figures came through in August but they were within a couple of pounds of the ‘estimate’ from the website.
    I think I ‘sat’ on 60 % for several months.
  3. Braindead101

    Braindead101 New commenter

    I don't think you will get a final amount until a day or twk before retirement. When I spoke to TPS about it, they said it was to avoid errors in case your contract changes between submitting the form and retiring. Like lizziescat, my actual amount was very close to the predicted.
  4. richest1

    richest1 Occasional commenter

    ok thanks
  5. richest1

    richest1 Occasional commenter

    Had my confirmation of the lump sum and pension today, thats nice and early :)

    Very pleased.

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