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I resisted it manfully for years but am really enjoying Notting Hill...

Discussion in 'Personal' started by inky, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    What can I say?
  2. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    What can I say?
  3. cariad2

    cariad2 New commenter

    Sad, very sad.
    You need to turn over to BBC3 now and watch Family Guy instead.
  4. learningyoghurt

    learningyoghurt New commenter

    I really enjoyed it last time I watched it as well [​IMG] Even though she is a COW and if the gender roles were reversed the woman would be derided as being totally wet/stupidly forgiving/unable to get on with her own life.
    Poxy Richard Curtis, I loathe the atmosphere of his films but there's something about them that lulls you, like someone tickling the belly of a trout before it gets flipped into a world where swearing is hilarious (obviously he doesn't live anywhere where he might have the pleasure of hearing four-year-old telling its mother to **** off in a supermarket) and everyone is everso 'kooky' (/annoying).
  5. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Actually it was Hugh Grant's irritating hairdo that put me off. I'm finding the film quite touching despite it.
    As an analysis of the dangers of celebrity it doesn't have much to say but it's a sweet rom com all the same.
    Anyway, I have the tissues to hand...
  6. lurk_much

    lurk_much Occasional commenter

    I enjoyed it.
  7. ahhhhhhhhh .. it is an ok movie with a feel good ending and some comic moments
  8. smoothnewt

    smoothnewt Lead commenter

    I agree with this half of your sentence.
    I just find everything he does "fake" (Blackadder excepted). I think he is a bit clueless really.
  9. I just can't like any of his films. Probably because the 'recipe' is always the same, the actors are always of a similar and slappable ilk, and I find the general sense of smugness quite revolting.

    But yes, I too love Blackadder. :)
  10. I thought you had moved there and were enjoying life in some trendy coffee shop!
  11. Yup...I like it too although I didn't watch it last night. I do enjoy a good rom com.
    I agree with LY's comments too....all this middle class ****** and the crazy, crazy characters and situations is a bit vomit-inducing if we are to analyse such films too much. They have to be used as brain chocolate I think. That way they are fine.
    I liked the soundtrack to Notting Hill too. [​IMG]
  12. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Brain chocolate... now, I like that.
    It's not something I eat much of but I enjoy it when I do. I liked Goodbye Girl too, despite the fact that Richard Dreyfuss can't do drunk to save his life.
    Splash was a lovely film and I always cry at the end of Breakfast at Tiffany's.
  13. I resisted it too - mainly because of the presence of Julia Roberts, not because I dislike her but...well...dunno really. Anyway, I liked it much to surprise. It's got the usual suspects in bit parts and I find the inclusion of a collection of assorted luvvies a bit off-putting.
    But I love anything with Hugh Grant. :)
  14. Saw it years ago and hated it.
    I can't stand watching Hugh Grant, so that makes liking the film difficult anyway.
    The only thing I liked was the soundtrack.
  15. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Ignoramus that I am, I didn't notice the usual suspects in bit parts. Hugh Grant's hairdo irritates me, though I think he has a lovely voice. I've always fancied Imran Khan far more, unfortunately.

  16. Talking of Hugh Grant films - absolutely love 'About a Boy'. I adore Toni Collette, though - so that might be a factor. ( Muriel's Wedding is perfect.)
  17. catmother

    catmother Star commenter

    I love that the ending is the opposite of Roman Holiday's ending!
  18. smoothnewt

    smoothnewt Lead commenter

    But I don't think Richard Curtis got his hands on that film, did he? That's why it is in a different class.
  19. No - it was the Weitz brothers.


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