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i-Pods and i-Pads in the classroom

Discussion in 'Primary' started by dagnabit, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. dagnabit

    dagnabit New commenter

    I have been offered some i-pods and i-pads free for a year and wondered how others might be using this technology in their classrooms. We have desktop PCs in our suite and (unreliable) laptops for class use which are used to deliver curriculum ICT and provide cross-curricular opportunities. My head seems to think that the pods and pads would be used for research on the net. Surely they must provide more interesting possibilities than that? All ideas very welcome.

  2. There are hundreds of apps - browse the app store.
    Problem with viewing the net is that they cannot display flash.
    Have a look at Padworx they make app books.
    You can get braintraining apps.
    Get on Twitter there are hundreds of people blogging and reviewing ed apps on there!
  3. JumpingStarfish

    JumpingStarfish New commenter

    Firstly, how on earth have you managed to procure those?! Been after them for ages but know there's no chance! They're great for web browsing (other than flash) but there are hundreds/thousands of other uses. There's ComicTouch Lite (or something similar) that lets the children add captions to pics they have taken quickly and easily. There's also the photo taking aspect and free photo-editting software they can use too. iMotion is a really easy stop-gap animation programme (believe its called iMotion) that could be used well. Honestly, the opportunities are endless, you just have to spend some time searching the AppStore. So many good, free apps to use in education.

  4. I have put in an order for 30 but no stock in the UK
  5. dagnabit

    dagnabit New commenter

    Our new school improvement partner promised us them. He has already delivered the pods. Is it the pads that are like rocking horse poo then? Maybe he doesn't always fly when he flaps his wings. The ideas you have given so far are fantastic, so thanks for those.
  6. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

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