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i-pads for every student

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by sicilypat, Sep 26, 2018.

  1. sicilypat

    sicilypat New commenter

    Despite my initial disbelief it really does appear that every child from P6 upwards in my LA will have access to a "free" i-pad soon in what I fear must be one of their most ill-conceived ideas, even from the masters of ill-conceived ideas.
    Admittedly I have had little information on how this is to work in practice but already there are some concerns in relation to the implementation of this initiative.
    My first concern is that we have been told that smartboards are to be removed our from classrooms when the transition to i-pad technology starts. It seems only yesterday that smartboards were the future for education and white boards started to be removed from classrooms. In reality I feel that the smartboard, with its interactive facility was a wonderful addition to the tools of a teacher. I have downloaded and saved many youtube videos and used them very successfully with classes. The fact that I can store these videos means that i don't need to rely on frequently slow internet connections. My SEN students can approach the board and interact in a more concrete way with many well- designed internet resources.
    My second concern is that for students with fine motor skill difficulties an i-pad is not the most accessible of devices ( understatement). We sometimes have needed to use enlarged keyboards and switch devices and have had no information about how these can be used with i-pads.
    Anyway, I am here to ask if anyone is in the same position regarding i-pads and if they have any more insight than I do regarding how this will all pan out? Could be that some of you know more than me.
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  2. aypi

    aypi Senior commenter


    Someone somewhere has bought an i-device and thinks they are the bees-knees.
    A council is going to spend money on expensive i-pads when a much cheaper android device would do just as good a job.
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  3. bigjimmy2

    bigjimmy2 Lead commenter

    My school was to implement them in January but this has been put out to August - they didn't say which year but I'm guessing 2019, maybe?! We are, apparently, right in the middle of a cycle of schools implementing them so we won't have to wait too long and the early adopters will iron out all those irritating teething problems. The schools that have already adopted them, of course, think they are "wonderful!".

    I truly believe that the introduction of iPads will change the culture of our pupils and our schools. Aye, the mantra will change from "Ah've forgoat ma pencil" to "Ah've forgoat my iPad", " Ah've forgoat tae charge ma iPad" etc.

    Gumtree will be delighted. many will go on sale the every evening they are handed to pupils. I would imagine Mr Jobs will be birlin' in his grave with excitement because you can be assured that Apple will make a very healthy profit from this shambolic exercise.

    With Scotchland sliding down the literacy and numeracy international tables as fast as our (men's) football team you can guarantee that, although our pupils can't read, write or count, they can't read write or count in the most high-tech way possible.

    Of course, we've all been told not to worry, not to worry about a single thing because everything will be fine. From the same people who brought you Curriculum for Ignorance.
  4. LocalLoon

    LocalLoon New commenter

    Coming to our school after October for all S3... disaster waiting to happen
  5. elder_cat

    elder_cat Lead commenter

    If what you've heard is true then you may be in for an interesting time. Los Angeles Unified School District's attempts to roll out iPads to students didn't work out too well, and turned into something of a fiasco.

    Following on from the name-calling and finger-pointing, various reasons were cited for its' inability to do what it was intended to do. And with the benefit of hindsight, lists have been compiled of what needs to be done to ensure adopting an ambitious roll-out of technology doesn't turn into a shambles:


    If the intention is to use Pearson as the provider of some sort of ready-made package loosely based on the curriculum, then you can only hope they have learned from what happened back then, and have come up with something a lot more more accessible and usable than their previous offering.

    I think it's generally accepted that technology can help support education in the classroom, but to be successful it has to be meticulously thought out and planned. For example, having a school network robust enough to handle the demands of multiple simultaneous users, ensuring teaching staff are competent in both the use of the iPads (or whatever other device you intend them to use) and the software running on those devices, and managing centralised updates and security patches etc.

    There have been other instances where school districts have opted for Chromebooks rather than iPads, but the same caveats still apply, and I it's another example of lock-in - iPads tie you to Apple, Chromebooks tie you to Google.
  6. Effinbankers

    Effinbankers Lead commenter

    Add on these

    Can I go and get my ipad? (Having deliberately left it somewhere to kill a few minutes - work avoidance)
    I've forgoat ma login!
    The wifi isnae workin!
    I thought we wur allowed to play fortnite!
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  7. beharder

    beharder Occasional commenter

    The cooncil experts in charge of this dont really seem to have the vision to see where this technology is going.
    Pupils can link their phones to the ipaps and phone adult entertainment sites in class, It happened last week . Its impossible to keep a check on what the ipads are being used for
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  8. Effinbankers

    Effinbankers Lead commenter

    The KLF got more for their millions than councils who spend money on ipads
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  9. Scubadt

    Scubadt New commenter

    Had this for years. 99% annoying with every kid being handed a games console for during class, but can on the odd occasion be very handy.

    Has it changed my teaching much? Not really. I say "iPads away" much more often now though.
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  10. stott1954

    stott1954 New commenter

    Teach them to read write and count first.

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