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I pad and SpLD

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by pippilongstocking, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. Hi minnie me
    I have used the I-pad to get my 1:1 students to spell using the 'speak it' app - they have to type in the word and spell the word correctly other wise the robot says it incorrectly. Quite a laugh as it a hilarious Stephen Hawking style voice simulator! The other good one is a simple voice record which is great for oral spellings, times tables etc. Gameswise, the Brio tilt game is pretty good - can't quite remember the exact name of the app, but it is based on the ball in the maze idea - you can't let the ball drop through the hole, and you have to actually tilt the i-pad.
  2. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter

    Hi ! Sorry still don't know what I did said / did that was so wrong although yes I admit I allowed myself to 'react ' ! Are the ICT bods always that touchy ? ! Anyway my student is in Y 8 and as part of a P G Cert in SpLD I have to complete 20 1:1 sessions with her. I am a visitor to the school presently because I am on secondment and working for the local LA as an Advisory Teacher for Assessment. My student obviously has depressed literacy skills but she is feisty and likes to be competitive. The kind of 'games' I was looking for were those with a literacy angle and perhaps somethings which she did not already have access to in school. Have heard that her confidence is on the up so am hoping that the sessions which can be hit and miss are impacting in some way . Anything you can suggest would be helpful because not having my own classroom as such means that I need to be creative and well organised . She enjoys the ICT elements of anything we do but I do need to keep her on track ! Thanks ...

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