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I need urgent advice about my collage in South Africa

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by lodewyk2555, Apr 13, 2020.

  1. lodewyk2555

    lodewyk2555 New commenter

    Have been waiting for my Certification for almost 3 years no help, lost 3 job opportunities But only excuses.
  2. JJ83

    JJ83 New commenter

    What 'urgent advice' are you needing?
    You have asked no QS or given any specifics!
  3. lodewyk2555

    lodewyk2555 New commenter


    I am a former student of the Academy Institute of Excellence (Also referred to as AIE) which is a registered FET College and prescribed by the Department of Higher Education and Training of the Republic of South Africa.

    I enrolled as a new Student of AIE during the registration period in 2017 for and to attend the Academic Year 2018.
    The course that I enrolled for was a newly added course to the available courses that this College had to offer at the time of enrolment (2017 – for 2018 Academic Year) 2018 was the first year AIE offered this course to its students.
    Course Enrolled: Certificate: Design Foundation (SAQA ID: 49127, NQF Level 4, 141 Credits.

    This course was a 12-month (one year) course, of which all requirements to successfully complete this course, was met as required and specified by AIE. I completed and submitted all course assessments, tasks and requirements as well as successfully completed all written, verbal, and visual exams to pass the course with results above the minimum prescribed pass rate set by the College.
    I have submitted multiple enquiries, complaints and requests for feedback to the AIE, its complaints department, retentions department, Quality Assurance departments and several other, both Online and email methods with regards to my promised Certificate of Competency and proof that the Course was successfully completed.
    I have not received my Course Certificate of Competency nor any promising feedback of indication to when I might receive this qualification from the AIE college.
    I have discussed this with my former AIE Lector as well, of whom is no longer part ot the AIE faculty. He mentioned that AIE lost all their 2018 student portfolios and kept requesting copies of the Courses’ students’ portfolios from him.
    Please would you be able to assist me to get my proof of Qualification from this institute as I have paid a large amount (course fees and tuition fees) for my training and education at this institution, which at this point has no value, relevancy or purpose.
    I can’t secure a job or permanent position within this sector, as I am unable to provide Employers with the necessary proof of qualification, that I am trained, equipped and fully capable to perform duties and tasks to which I am duly qualified to do.
    I am more than willing and happy to provide any additional information, documentation, correspondence etc. In this regard, should you require it.
    Looking forward to hearing from you and hoping for a positive outcome.
    I appreciate your guidance, advice, and assistance in this matter.
  4. Rott Weiler

    Rott Weiler Star commenter Forum guide

    @lodewyk2555 welcome to TES and your first post.

    First thing to say is that TES is a UK website and nearly all posters here are UK school teachers. It's unlikely anyone here knows anything at all about the FE college in South Africa that you attended.

    Are you seeking work in South Africa or the UK or somewhere else?

    The only thing I can suggest is to involve your trade union in SA? They are surely best placed to help you.
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