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I need some sparkle please! EYFS

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by receptionteacher88, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. I am having real trouble trying to engage my children at the moment, theyre doing what seems to be alot of 'floating' around and are not spending any real length of time on the activities we are providing.
    They love my reading area, its always full of chn reading and retelling stories but apart from that I really have hit a brick wall. Does anyone have any ideas as to how to engage this somewhat vacant children?!
    Thank you! x
  2. cheekychops

    cheekychops New commenter

    I often have this when the children seem to wander rather aimlessly. I tend to grab the stragglers and get them to work with me, my favourite things are games like, snap. lotto. matching pairs, The snail game etc We find the children become really engaged and after a while i just move away. At the art and tech table i again will draw the children in and then provide some different resources like paper plates, wrapping paper streamers etc. Sometimes i get out the foam numbers out and place them randomly on the floor, we take turns to call out a number and the children jump to each one. Usually they ask if they can then make a hopscotch I will help them set up and again move away. At the play dough we will add glitter and then things like small wooden match sticks to make candles for cakes also small cup cake cases, this is a good spot to engage the wanderers in conversation.I find more than anything they need some adult direction and a bit of channelling - hope this helps. PS my boys love superhero pictures to colour in

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