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I need some assessment help!

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by rubysoho79, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. rubysoho79

    rubysoho79 New commenter

    I have assessments that I have done for years, some have been adapted but tbh I have never been happy with them, even though they have been okayed by RE advisors.
    The head has just come to see me and wants a meeting after half term about assessment as he thinks it needs to be changed.
    I was taught to include at1/at2 and just give one overall level, and to give varying styles of assessment such as mind-maps etc.
    I think each assessed task needs to be a written task - and I really need to work on at1 and at2 assessment.

    Can people give me any suggestions of assessment tasks, and mark schemes - how to mark at1 and at2. This is now my Christmas homework! :-(
    Thank you
  2. I do a mixture of stuff - end of topic exams that are not levelled - just a % but have a mixture of AT1 and AT2 type questions. Some of them have posters to design, some have pictures to use as a source to write about so it caters for all learning styles and abilities.
    Levelled assessments I would write a title sepcificallly for them and decide if it was going to be AT1 or AT2. Again I do a mixture of stuff - essays, interviews, designign a symbol bwhich needs a detailed explanation of what is included in it and why. I also have some taks that are videoed so pupils can be assessed orally and some where they do ICT presentations which are assessed too.
    Year 7 have a baseline assessment they do after a couple of weeks of starting.
    For the levelled tasks I would give them a sheet that tells them exactly what they need to do to hit each level.

    What topics are you teaching that you need to do the assessments on?

    I wouldn't give them a separate AT1 and AT2 level at the end of the year - i would just go with best fit overall.

  3. For my Year 7s, I always set a written assessment at the end of every unit of work. Like Leviosa, I give the students a level sheet so that they are clear on what they need to do to reach a specific grade, and the levels are mapped against the non-statutory attainment levels for RS. The level sheets included self/peer/teacher assessment grids.

    This approach worked really well for me last year - parents could see how their students were progressing through the year, students understood what they needed to do to improve, marking was straightforward, and it definitely had an impact on attainment (about 1 NC level on average compared to the previous year).

    If you can message me your email, I'd be happy to send you a couple of examples of my assessments.
  4. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    not happy about using only written tasks for RE assessment. Our subject is about so much more. I have never found a way of assessing levels that is really meaningful but would base it as much on discussion and examples of students showing ability to understand themselves and others as anything written.

    this is an important area which can waste a lot of our time so I would welcome examples of good practise. I find the REToday resources helpful, especially the 'I can' statements.

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