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I need a thicker skin for this lark!

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Tamster150, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. I recieved my first negative feedback from a school this week and it has quite upset me.
    I have over 10 years experience and was once KS1 coordinator. I made the decision to do supply work, as I have a young family and was unable to secure a permanent part-time post. I have been working for an agency since January although I did supply many moons ago as an NQT.
    I was only booked for a half day Nursery cover and thought that it went OK. So I was very shocked to hear from the agency, that the school didn't want me back.
    The room was set up, but there was no planning. The TA arrived minutes before the children and printed off an email from the teacher, which just asked for us to do some art work for a display on the theme of pirates. The TA did the meet & greet at the door, there were several crying children that had to be prised off their carers, so I left that to the TA and then distracted the children once in the classroom by reading a book to them in the book area.The children are dropped of in the cloakroom & parents are not supposed to enter the classroom.
    Then the TA registered the children (at her suggestion as I was the third supply teacher of the week and she felt that they needed a familiar face) whilst I set up the art activity.
    At the end of the session, another member of staff joined us. The TA and this additional staff member dismissed the children. I felt a bit of a spare part, so I made sure the classroom was tidy and ready for the next session.
    Apparently a couple of parents complained that I came across as not being very bothered about the children during drop off/pick up. When the DH questioned the staff, they agreed and said that I "rushed out as soon as I could". Despite having left the room to go on their lunch breaks before I had even left the room to go home.
    I take pride in my job, even if I am "only" a supply teacher!
    The agency said to "put it down to experience" which was a BIG wake up call for me. I am completely on my own in this game!
    I have really let this feedback get to me when I know I shouldn't.
    Any tips on growing thicker skin???
  2. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    most important do remember to praise the TA,they are often expected to know all when the teacher is off.......so the more praise they get the better they feel....i often leave a note for the teacher praising her help and will mention it to the office/head/whoever about the person who has been so helpful.

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