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I must be working FAR too hard during term time

Discussion in 'Personal' started by ResourceFinder, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. How else could I have missed the first 2 (please assure me it is not more than that) episodes of MasterChef?
  2. How else could I have missed the first 2 (please assure me it is not more than that) episodes of MasterChef?
  3. No you are OK. Just the 'auditions' which are still on iPlayer!
    I only watched one and am pondering whether or not to watch the second, but probably not!
  4. Shall I watch the 2 before tonight or just settle for starting here?

    Dilema or what
  5. karentee

    karentee New commenter

    I'm a huge fan of master chef but only watched the first of the new series last week, to be honest i wouldn't bother catching up, they've made ridiculous changes to the 'audition' rounds
  6. There are some priceless moments - chiefly the 'deconstructed' trifle - which are worth a look.
    I tried to find you a picture but have had no success.
  7. I have just been reading up and if I do not watch them I will have missed half the series!!!!!

    Surely it is usually on for longer [​IMG]

    I will watch one and then decide about the other ... thanks [​IMG]
  8. I actually really enjoyed the audition rounds. Looking forward to tonight's episode. [​IMG]
  9. grrrrrrrr

    I accidentally said yes to a Wii update and, 10 mins later I am still waiting ... iPlayer is better on Wii but I am impatient
  10. I just wish that someone would teach the greengrocer how to hold a fork and a spoon.

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