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I-Media Qualification

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by cahilll, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. I'm Head of ICT and looking to introduce a new course in September at KS5. I have looked at lots of the courses available and currently offer OCR Nationals at Level 2 which is a great success.
    I really like the content of the I-Media course but don't know anyone who is offering it! Has anyone delivered it? If so, is it as creative as it first seems and were the learners engaged?
    Please Help! [​IMG]
  2. I'm Head of ICT and looking to introduce a new course in September at KS5. I have looked at lots of the courses available and currently offer OCR Nationals at Level 2 which is a great success.
    I really like the content of the I-Media course but don't know anyone who is offering it! Has anyone delivered it? If so, is it as creative as it first seems and were the learners engaged?
    Please Help! [​IMG]
  3. tonyuk

    tonyuk Occasional commenter

    Been delivering it for some time - the latest additions to Creative Imedia make it a much stronger qualification. The only real problem is its a B grade only at level 2 though I think this is more than made up for by the interest the pupils get from it
    Let me know if you need any help. If you have moodle I have a moodle course for the animation unit at level 2.
    The other thing I would say is that Alison at OCR is amazingly helpful and the training is really good!
  4. Hi,
    We used i-Media in the past, but moved the beginning of this year to delivering Digital Creator with BCS. We have found this to be more engaging for the students, and the course has encouraged collaboration between ICT and other subject areas on creative projects including animation and video production. They are alos in the process of looking at Grading for the qualification which we hope is going to allow our more capable students to achieve an A rather than the standard 46 point 'Grade B equivalent'. There is a double GCSE version , which we are delivering, as well as a single, which we provide to our Year 9s
  5. tonyuk

    tonyuk Occasional commenter

    We liaise with art for the digital imaging, music for digital sound, drame for some of the green screen work and English for storytelling (which ticks a lot of boxes for English and ICt for both subjects). I think it is what you make of it!
  6. Hi

    We've been delivering the iMedia course for a couple of years now and have recently decided to drop it due to curriculum changes specific to our school. However when it was delivered properly the pupils engaged well and were keen to learn - even lower ability pupils who struggled with the technical parts of the course. I think you should give it a go. Be wary of the online MAPS system though as our staff found it a real pain, especially if you don't get the pupils to manage their folders well.
    Hope it goes well for you.

  7. 2 Questions on this topic:

    How well received is Creative iMedia Level 2 in Colleges etc? We're increasingly finding colleges that are not interested in pupils taking ICT related courses having done the OCR Nationals.

    Do you HAVE to use the MAPS system? seems like another unnecessary system to use on top of everything we already have.

  8. tonyuk

    tonyuk Occasional commenter

    Yes you have to use maps though from what I hear the new maps has some really good features and kids can sms/mms stuff into it and customise it so hopefully they can use it more. We have never had a problem with Colleges and Unis accepting it - infact a couple of our game industry liaison partners really like it!
  9. Hello
    Last year we taught Level 3 iMedia and this year I have moved on to teach Level 3 Creative iMedia. I think it is a great course for students and we have had really positive feedback with good numbers expected next academic year.
    Currently we cover the Pre Production unit, Digital Assets, Websites, Animation, Sound Editing, Image Manipulation and Photography. We have also covered Interactive Multi Media previously but couldn't fit it in this year.
    My students have loved every aspects of it. In lessons we cover AO2-4 and set AO1 as research tasks which are completed in their own time. So far that seems to be working. We also allow them to present AO1 tasks in a variety of creative ways and the students have come up with a range of ideas including audio files, video files, Prezi presentations, Mediator presentations and so on.
    My only issue with this is that we don't yet know the UCAS points system and we are still working off the old grades which isn't great.

    We have also done Level 2 iMedia and have started Creative iMedia at level 2 and we are getting good results from this as well as enthusiatic learners.

    In addition to this, we link with local universities to do small trips or get speakers in to enhance learning which has proved incredibly popular with the students.

    Hope some of that helps!!
  10. Hi, Might I ask how many hours per week you get for the Level 3 imedia course and how many units you deliver and how you structure the course over two years to fit with usual AS/A2 timetable to enable some form of completion ie certificate in the first year?
    For the last two years we delivered the imedia level 2 but struggled to fit the number of units for certificate into a year as although 180glh you had to have 10 hours of observed practical for the coursework on top which took out a lot of skills delivery time. We have swapped to new btec this year covering similar units which is working very well and not so manic. MAPS was also an issue although the new system is much better. Students found it very difficult to track and upload correct work so staff usually ended up doing it makig it easier to track and assess
    I like the course very much and students were very engaged and if I could would run the level 3 course but have yet to find a way of fitting it to the timetable. I would be interested to know if anyone has got around these issues.

  11. We have 5 hours per week to teach it but you will also find a big overlap between some units which cuts down on the GLH. I structure it so that they obtain the certificate after the first year in 6th Form and can go on to complete the rest of the Diploma in the second year. Students are required to manage their own learning and ensure that they are meeting every deadline set. Coursework catch up sessions are offered also.
    I have never struggled to fit the course into the required time as I set AO1 as homework tasks to be completed at specific deadlines. Though I do complete some of these in lessons too. Either Level 2 or Level 3 requires students to take responsibility for their work. I expect work to be uploaded and if it needs improving I delete it and they have a comment on their mark sheet which helps them to improve. If you pick the correct units then it is ok. I.E. 301 plan to build a website to include a web banner. 312 (animation?!) Produce an interactive web banner (already planned in 301). 311 (web site?!) build a website with a banner (banner already produced and planning done). There's a lot of cross over between units which you can exploit. Photography and Digital graphics combine easily too.
  12. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    We've delivered creative iMedia for the frst time this year. Can I ask a question about the ePortfolio submission of marks - should it take so long??? Are we doing it wrong?
    Just putting the marks online seems to take an age via this cumbersome and unwieldly maps system.
  13. tonyuk

    tonyuk Occasional commenter

    Yep it does seem to take forever at times. I try and reduce the file sizes as much as possible to make upload quicker!
  14. Hello,
    Were delivering Creative iMedia this year - would you mind sharing info on the animation course with us? We have a Moodle and are due to start animation in a couple of weeks?
    Thanks in advance,
  15. tonyuk

    tonyuk Occasional commenter

    I have already offered a creative Imedia animation course for moodle on here search on my posts!
  16. Are you doing i-media/creative imedia along side OCR Nationals or anything other course? Is it an option at your school?
    What other courses are you offereing in ICT?
    Which of the 2 qualifications is better? OCR nationals or Btec ICT?
    Sorry I have asked so many questions but its the way ICT is going under the EBac that I am having to thing how to play safe and be more purposeful.
  17. tonyuk

    tonyuk Occasional commenter

    We are doing both - Creative as core and Nationals as opted (as the skills are transferable) - though you can not count both in your school points (only the best) - I do not know about Nationals vs BTec in light of Wolf as both may be threatened. Personally I would say Nationals as the choices map nicely to some of the creative IMedia.
    We also do Creative at year 9 as they can do animation and comic book (comic book gives good link to English so ticks some boxes there).
  18. sally_nic

    sally_nic New commenter

    we teach it, my colleague has a site which may be of use

  19. tonyuk

    tonyuk Occasional commenter

    I think the site is great however be carefull as there as some very large templates giving large amount of guidence at Level 2 which could potentially fail canidates as at level 2 candidates should be working on their own without scaffolding documents!

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