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I?m not personally striking ? but my school is closing ? will I lose a day?s pay?

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by AdmiralNelson, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. AdmiralNelson

    AdmiralNelson New commenter

    How does that work with CRB checks then...they aren't portable!
  2. Of course, the next question is..." are you a member of a union and has your union agreed to strike" If that is the case then I would recommend you accept that you are on strike so as to support your colleagues. The battle they fight will effect you. So if they loose a days pay so should you. Other wise I would recommend that resign from your union and give up all the protection it provides.
    Such a pity to let colleagues down
  3. My school will probably be closing to students, not to staff. If you are Not striking then you need to be in school and make sure you notify your principal.
  4. Such a pity you are such a lefty sheep. Baa baa.
  5. Nobody should be bullied into striking by colleagues or by the unions.You can be a member of a union and still make up your own mind on a matter. There is nowhere that says you must strike if your union is. There are so many people trying to bully others into striking on these boards, it's unbelievable.
    I'm in a union, but don't agree on striking on this occasion. I'm not moving to another union and giving up my right to strike.
  6. Good for you, Zimon. Perfectly reasonable answer. I'm also astonished at the attitude on here. I don't actually see it in school, because if people started saying it in the staff room, they would get it back and 'then some' from us non-strikers. I reckon we are just about equal in numbers. (But the school is still closed.) :(
  7. Nead2604

    Nead2604 New commenter

    Just because the school is closing to students doesn't mean it is necessarily closing to teachers. Our school will remain open for teachers to come in to work (marking or just hanging out etc) and we have to sign in to register that we were there all day. Otherwise, we stay home and we miss a days pay. Etc...etc....etc....
    So check to see if the building is open. If so, then you go in if you don't want to strike. Clean out your desk. Clear your files. Do lesson plans. Get caught up. Bring a good lunch.Don't sweat the small stuff.

  8. Such a pity you cannot use effect / affect correctly also nobody at all will 'loose' any pay they may lose it though.
  9. Ironically, our college is officially closed to teaching staff with all day-time lessons suspended, but, open to students as there appears to be enough grounds staff to keep the premises open.
    We will not "loose" any pay either. We have a very compassionate and sympathetic Principal. They do exist.
    I should hope you have all taken note that the National Association of Head Teachers had their highest ever turn-out for a ballot and voted to support the industrial action, a first in their history. This to me speaks volumes, as these individuals have to take decisions as to whether or not to close their institutions. This effectively destroys any merit in arguments about "whether or not to cause disruption" as the decision may well have been taken out of your hands.
    Good. I am glad that there is an indicator that individuals who have been in Education for a very long time and who also have the skills and experience to be rewarded with Head Teacher positions feel it's time to make a stand.
    If these proposed changes aren't worth standing shoulder to shoulder over, then what is?
    I do hope you all understand this is just the Government attempting to balance their books after bailing out the financial sector and NOTHING to do with demographics whatsoever. Look at the UK demographical data and realise that expenditure on pensions will actually decrease in the long-term. Then realise a vast percentage of us actually won't even make it to drawing our pensions (sad but true). Then look at other countries' public pension schemes. Then look at how much we are spending on "defence" but actually aren't under attack.
    Then come back and we can talk.
  10. Piranha

    Piranha Star commenter

    My understanding is that the CRB check is with the LA, so is portable to any other schools in the same area. It certainly was when I started GTP; I didn't have to have a new CRB as I had already been checked due to working with a chess club at my daughter's primary school. Or has that changed?
  11. I know your school shouldn't be considered as a barometer of teacher intent nationwide, but it does highlight the difficulty in assessing true support for the strike.
    Of course, a 100% (as opposed to 40%) turn out for the actual ballot would have let everyone know exactly what proportion of teachers were/were not in favour of industrial action.
    I think the biggest scandal here is that the majority of so-called education professionals couldn't be bothered to mark X on the ballot paper then put it in the pre-paid, pre-addressed envelope and post it.
    Consequently, non-voters in both camps have considerably weakened their positions and tarnished the reputation of teachers.
  12. My school will be closed on Wednesday and anyone not striking will have to sign in/out at reception. This very simply provides the school with a list of employees to pay.
  13. debbie6899

    debbie6899 New commenter

    we have been asked to sign in/out too. I have been told that as i am in work, this will be classed as my ppa time so i have has the following two weeks ppa taken off me, is this allowed? It is not me who has closed the school, i have made myself available but it is the head who has decided to close. What is even more galling is the staff on strike who have ppa on wednesday are having this paid back to them on another day. Is this how it is supposed to be? Maybe I just cant see the wood for the trees but I feel I shouldnt be penalised for making myself available for work!
  14. I am a member of the Support Staff . Just discovered that our union, Unite, did not ballot any of us so we cannot strike as not protected! We want to take action but are prevented from doing so . Seems strange as even if we hadn't voted in the ballot we could have taken action but the fact that we did not receive a ballot paper and the school was not contacted by Unite prior to balloting prevents us from expressing our anger at pension reforms.
  15. They can't do this, nor can they mess about "avaeraging" PPA over a period of weeks. You are entitled to 10% of your contact time in any given week and they can't start trying to claim back any gained time. On a point of order though, if your contact time reduces, so does your PPA entitlement pro rata.
  16. Hah, maybe you should contact your union about this! Oh the irony...
  17. mercer77

    mercer77 New commenter

    Schools trying to take PPA time away from non-striking staff is unbelievably cynical and unfair.

    Our school will be shut as the caretaker (who lives on site) is striking too. Staff who are not striking will need to post a reply slip on wednesday morning to confirm that they turned up. This is necessary because staff don't have to decide or confirm their decision until wednesday.

    I will be striking, albiet very reluctantly, I really don't want to lose a day's pay (6 month old baby, one income, huge bill to repair my roof!) but the more I look into the action the more I realise that the government are trying to shaft us all, and that it's the right thing to do to stand up for our profession.

    I agree with two things mentioned on here. Firstly that it's a real shame only 40% of members of my union returned their ballot, you would expect teaching professionals particularly to understand the importance. Secondly, nobody should be bullied or guilt tripped into striking. As long as people have taken time to understand the issues and thought carefully about it, their decision should be respected.
  18. encava

    encava New commenter

    a) Calling people names and making animal noises is not helpful
    b) I take it you are not striking then - please do not critices those of us who are. We are fighting for your pension too.
  19. encava, could you clarify which post you are referring to? Thanks.
  20. debbie6899

    debbie6899 New commenter

    I might add I am in a non-striking union, voice, so it's not that I have chosen not to strike, just my union are not striking, I will ring them and see where I stand.

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