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I know it's been said before but my baby won't drink fluids!!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by bruno71, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. Hi, like I say, I know that this has been discussed time and time again but I am really struggling to get my 11 month old to take any fluids during the day! He has never really liked to drink, but I had managed to find a cup that he tolerated and gave him 1/2 tap and 1/2 boiled water and he took a few mouthfuls of this a day. But for the last 3 weeks he won't drink any! I mean not even a drop!
    He only has one bottle a day, in the morning and he drinks about 7oz of formula and then he has no more fluids until his bottle the next morning. I have tried every cup going, giving it on a spoon, cold water, warm water, diluted juice, whole milk and all at different temperatures but he just won't take any. On the odd occasion I get it past his lips, he spits it straight out. I even try to fool him by watering down his yoghurt but he spits this out too!! I have asked the HV about it and she said as long as he isn't constipated (he's not) and he has 3-4 wet nappies a day (he has approx 3) then it's fine. But I am really worried, especially in rhe warmer weather. Any tried and tested tips?
    I do give him lots of fruit, he loves pears and I give him lots of pureed fruit pots but I want him to drink!!!
  2. I know this is what your hv said and it's hard, but don't worry about it.
    You can't make him drink and trying to force it on him is probably making the situation worse. My lo wouldn't drink anything other than mummy milk until about 2 months ago, so she was 16 months old. What we did was just stick to one cup (we used the cheap easy pour spout cups) and just had it around the house (or the childminders house) where she could reach it if she wanted. She was offered it at meal times and it was available any other time. She started off just drinking a few sips and has progressed very slowly to drinking a couple of ounces. She still doesn't drink much.
    You sound as if you are making sure he gets plenty of other fluids with yoghurt and fruit pots etc. I think that's all you can do until he decides he wants to drink for himself.
  3. You can't force a baby or toddler to do anything unfortunately. (I wish I could get mine to let me brush her teeth!!) Cucumber and melon are mainly water so make sure you offer him lots of these to chew on. My 18 month old has phases where she'll drink loads, and then other phases where she barely drinks a thing! It is worrying but all you can do is give him lots of opportunity to drink (have the cup hanging around at all times, as suggested by jodidi) and try not to make a fuss/ get worked up about it.
  4. Oh and will he suck on a sponge at bath time? Mine has recently started drinking from a plastic bottle she plays with in the bath- sometimes bath water (urgh!) but usually we fill it whilst playing with the shower head and making a game of it!
  5. Hi thanks for the replies. He used to suck on a sponge at bath time, but seems to have stopped this now. We tried Heinz juice today, which I watered down, but no luck there either. I am convinced that it is the consistency that he is opposed to, rather than the taste, because when I try to water down his yoghurt (which he loves) he spits that out. He doesn't like cucumber or melon really, in fact he has become a much more fussy eater lately, he used to eat anything, He will eat pear and he loves the pureed fruit pots.
    I tried the water bottle in the bath tonight and made a game of pouring it onto his face and he seemed to take some, so thanks for that tip! He can hold his cup up really well to his mouth, but either doesn't put it any further, or takes some and spits it out!
    I try so hard not to get frustrated with it, as he is a difficult baby at the best of times, so me trying to force fluids down his neck surely won't help, but it's soooo hard!
  6. Oh and we do have his cup around the house for him to take whenever he wants, but he just picks it up, shakes it and puts it down!!!
  7. hhhh

    hhhh Lead commenter

    My friend's little girl would drink only formula until two and a half, but they're all differnt.
    Try baby groups, fussy eaters and drinkers copy the others quite often
  8. Hi, that is the strange thing- he won't even drink formula throughout the day after his first morning bottle! He won't take another bottle all day and certainly won't have it from a cup!! We do go to lots of groups and he sees my niece (who's 6 weeks older and drinks well from a cup) every other day and sees my friends babies at least twice a week. He does copy his cousin and puts the cup up to his mouth well but either doesn't take a sip or does and spits it out!!

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