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I know it is awful but...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by oi miss, May 13, 2011.

  1. Love it. I feel like that every few minutes. I know this thread is primary - but they don't get any better in secondary. The "I don't get it!" whine continues. I ask "what is it exactly?" and they reply "All of it!". Horrible little monster!

    I also hate having instructions repeated back to me as a question.
    me - "Write down the date and title"
    child - "Should I write the date and title down?"
    me - "What did I just say?"
    child - "Write down the date and title?"
    me - "So what do you think I want you to do?"
    child - "Write down the date and title"
    me - "WELL DO THAT THEN!"
    child - "You don't have to shout!"
  2. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    I had a serious "****" moment with a child today. Just wanted to say "Stop going on all the time! Give it a rest!! We're all bored of it!" lol bless (I didn't say any of the above!)
  3. Cyzaki

    Cyzaki New commenter

    Secondary definitely aren't any better. Why they think they have to say 'Miiiiiiiss' when they put their hand up is beyond me. I can SEE your hand is up, child, you don't need to make noises to accompany it!

    I did feel guilty today though - one had been annoying me with questions all lesson, and then hung back at the end of the lesson and said 'Miss?'. I turned around with a sharp 'What?!' and she said 'Miss, would you like a chocolate? It's my birthday Miss, and I've got some left over.'
  4. This sounds like my Year 6 class at the moment too! I know it's different having a student teacher in and they've just done their SAT's but c'mon, give me a break pleeeeeeease?!
  5. bex2606, this made me laugh out loud, it is exactly my Y1 class. Sounds funny when someone else says it but it's not at the time!
  6. Stroppy Girls who can't get on whilst on the playground yet manage to spend the lessons and evenings playing together quite happily! And to make it worse, when they move from adult to adult, hoping that one of them will take them out of clas to 'sort it out'. Get a grip girls!
  7. Oh my!!! I get this too. Drives me utterly nuts!
    And my class are 16 and 17 year olds.
    *rolls eyes*
  8. I recently aquired a really clingy y5 girl in a class I teach one day a week. She was always in my face, showing me eveything she had done and generally trying too hard to get my attention the whole time. I was starting to find it really hard to keep responding in a positive way... but the thing is, she is also really unpopular with the kids in the class. Lots of really b***** girls, who push her out.
    I confided in the TA... wise lady... who said that she managed to cope with it by "just deciding to love her anyway". And do you know? It really worked. I gave her a bit of genuinely interested attention when I could (chatting when on duty etc), rather then trying to keep her at arms length the whole time.
    Things are now much better. Would recommend it as an approach.


  9. Sunpainter,
    That's great advice. So many children don't have much attention given at home, just stuck in front of the electronic babysitter.
    A kind word, genuine interest, light touch of the shoulder when they are getting on with their work, even a smile makes all the difference.
    Makes me sad to think that for some of these children its the only positive affirmation they might get!
  10. It must be something about Year 5 this year as you could be describing my class,..it's also the constant moaning and whining when they come in from playtime - even when I'm NOT on duty I am constantly mopping up from arguements and worse. The other day one decided in his wisdom to push another child into the corner of a cupboard resulting in one child going to A and E for stitches.
    The best bit is I taught them as Year 3s and it is looking like I'm going to have to go up to Year 6 with them next year, even though I am an Early Years trained teacher - and some think this is what promotion! is! HA HA ??!!
  11. May I suggest you give this lovely boy a special job that will take him to the end of term. Log every book in the library for example, audit the PE resuorces, make a list of every RE book the school has with title, author and year of publication, then ask him to put the list into author alphabetical order, then explain you've made a mistake and it needs to be in publication date order etc etc etc. And I'm sure your nursery or reception class has lots of little beads that need sorting out ..........................
  12. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    Argh! I had something similar once, I was so used to this kid turning up at my door having been sent out of next door, this one time he came in and before he even said anything, I said "Right! Sit down, don't want to hear a noise, don't disrupt my class and I don't want to know you're there!" and he stood there hovering around and I said "What?" And he went "... Miss told me to come in and show you my good work..."

  13. Not quite the same but made me think of when I was in sixth form.
    In the middle of winter in a v. cold biology lab the teacher had lit the bunsen burners to warm up the class. We kept having a very irritating year 9 boy sent from the food tech classroom for being disruptive. It got to the point where this was every lesson and he continued to be disruptive in our A level class.
    Child is sent in and the very scary biology teacher tells him to sit down and be quiet.
    child; "sir"
    sir: Without looking up "I told you I dont want to hear you"
    child :" But sir"
    Sir- "I've already told you, I dont want to know that you're there"
    Child- "But sir"
    Child: "But sir, sir your bin's on FIRE!!"
  14. Haha! reminds me of one earlier this term:
    year 9, bottom set maths, settling down for an aural test.
    Child: "Miss miss miss miss miss...."
    Me: " Sit down, saty in your seat and be quiet!" (This was a regular occurrance)
    "But Miss the snake is on your desk!" (I have 2 snakes in my room - it's a science lab)
    "Jonny, honestly, stop lying and be quiet!"
    "But Miss it actually is! It's on your keyboard!"
    At which point I had to look and by God it was! Cue panic from year 9 girls......
    (Someone in science before break had thought it was funny to open the snake tank door 2 inches)
  15. I too have a child like this!!!! Very able. No social skills whatsoever. Goodness knows what's going to happen to them when they get to secondary school in September. When they meet someone who has read MORE books, received MORE awards, been to MORE museums/fabulous holiday destinations than them they will probably explode!!
  16. Ooo, the ones that keep poking you until you finally look down can be slightly annoying :S

    I also have one 'interesting' child who has to get to the end of eeeeeeevvverrrything he is saying before he stops talking. For example, if he began talking about a problem and I got the gist of what he was saying and told him I would sort it out, he would carry on going to the very last word. It can be funny but also aaaarrrrgggghh!
  17. How about the ones who:
    • Grass on all their classmates
    • Grass on all their classmates in front of them
    • Grass on all their classmates in front of them and then expect them to let them join in their games (I really don't get this)
  18. I am loving this thread!
    I also had one of those moments when it was a mnaic end of day trying to get them all to be quiet & stay quiet before I dismiss them, one child comes up to me from behind with a 'Missss' I whirl round and snap 'what!' and it turns out it was one of my sweeter girls who quietly gave me a bookmark she had bought for me from Ireland- felt bad about that one! Moral is always try to be more patient & gentle than you feel as often it isn't a moan but something nice they want to tell you.
    However I do have one child that constantly unknowingly sings the 'Wooooooooooooh Barabra Streisand' song- it's like he goes into a trance & forgets he is doing it and the one that occasionally pipes up with 'Oh la la' or 'Lady Gaga' and sends them all into hysterics- honestly!!

  19. Ladykaza

    Ladykaza Senior commenter

    Thank you folks. I too have had one of those days with the usual suspects, trying to calm them down again after SATS - strangely enough 'there's still 9 weeks to go' is not convincing to an 11 year old.

    I was feeling very guilty: I know they're basically great kids, I know I'm tired, I know many of them get no positive attention at all at home and all they want is for me to throw them a bone and impress the hell out of me but having read this thread I am comforted. We're all human and if Billy swings back on the back legs of his chair one more time I think I'll give it a little nudge and see if all the old wives tales are true... :)
  20. <font size="2">What I find so incredible about this thread is all of your inabilities to try and understand why you are having so many problems with the kids. You seem to be unable to scrutinise your ability to engage with these children. You don't seem to assess your teaching style or indeed the education system and how it is failing these children. No wonder there are so many children that become alienated from education when the system is full of teachers with no ability to think diversely and imaginatively. Many of these children will be kinaesthetic learners who learning style will almost nonexistent in your classrooms. Perhaps, during your long 6 week holiday you could do some research. You can start here www.homeschoolcalling.blogspot.com</font>

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