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I know it is awful but...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by oi miss, May 13, 2011.

  1. In the same idea that I should be grateful but... I've got one who races to sit nearest me on the carpet and stands nearest in PE - I wonder around to the other side once they are settled. Drives me mad.
    My strategy with the whingers Miss Miss Miss is reply with a question, "do you need to show me that?" "Did you need to tell me that?" "Do I need to know that?" after a few days they get the message.
    Oh and there's always "listen now, if you don't hear me now you can practise listening in your playtime - ready?"
    Sound like a right cow of a teacher! - They love me really!
  2. My pet peeve at the moment is the children who cannot seem to sit with their legs crossed on the carpet, '*** I AM GOING TO FALL OVER YOU!!!!!'

    I guess they'd soon learn to sit properly if I did fall over them LOL
  3. At least you've put up with them this long - now just count down the days...
  4. Haha I know exactly what you mean! Ive been teaching Y1 a few years and am at the point where I actually wouldn't mind a move upwards just to escape the nagging and whinging!
    I do love them, but there's times you have to take a deep breath and find a calm place.
    I have one with mild ASD who is so LOUD about EVERYTHING. My classroom can be incredibly calm, but someone will pick up a pencil etc she wanted and you just hear an almight scream and that is it for the afternoon - NOISE!
    I also have another one who doesn't listen to an ****** thing. We have been doing pie corbetts storytelling of the gingerbread man all week, we must have told it 10 times, we've done actions, we've gone outside and done roleplay, we've created story maps. Today I asked him to sit with a friend, with their storymaps, and practice telling it together. He couldn't even start. He didn't have a flipping clue. I would've been happy with one sentence about the story!!!
  5. slippeddisc

    slippeddisc New commenter

    Very familiar!
  6. We need a "like" button on here!
  7. It doesn't get any better in year 6. One HIGHLY able but deeperately insecure boy just constantly feeds a stream of 'This is boring ... I've already done this at home ...why can't I do GCSE maths (because I can't teach it you little sh.t)... I have learnt nothing at this school (certainly not how to get on with people) ... I always get a rounder whenever we play (not if I can help it)... I have 180 friends on facebook.. My dad earns &pound;20 000 in a week... I read that book in 2 hours...I bet I've got more songs on my ipod than you have..' pausing only to put down other children when ever they are praised 'I already got that certificate and I was younger ... I'm on level 5 for everything ... I was level 5 for everything when I was in year 4 ....I read that book when I was 5 ... I did <u>three</u> pages, why did <u>he</u> get a team point if he only did one ...'

    I used to think I was against home schooling, extended holidays in term time and private education. But any one of those three would be fine by me right now.
  8. This thread is just what i need today!! I am feeling very "end of termy" already...very much in need of a break from my Year 2 class who are recently really starting to annoy me!! (which i think is also partly due to that fact that I have been teaching some of them for the past 3 years! Definitely time for a new class/set of children!!)
    I am constantly hearing "I'M TELLING!"...then the stamping of feet heading towards me! To which i have now taken to just standing there with my hand out in front of me to stop them coming and blurting it out...and following it with a "Do I really need to know? Dont tell me unless its a massive problem and you really cannot sort it out yourself!" No i do not need to know what Johhny has the lego man you wanted...no i do not need to know that Freddy wont give you the rubber...no i do not need to know that Sally has a tray full of rotting flowers that she picked from the field at lunch time last week....DO NOT TELL ME!!! lol. I've also had lots of "Billy is looking at me" from one particular child!
    and parents are driving me mad too!! Ive had meetings with 6 different parents in the last week who either want to discuss SATS (children are fine about it and really have no idea they are even doing a "test"...but parents are stressing about it and passing all their worries onto the children!) OR...they want to tell me that another child is "bullying" their child. Actually...no...your child is not being bullied...your child simply had a little fall out/disagreement with their best friend (as children constantly do!!) and the last time i checked they were best buddies again!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!! I worry for my sanity too!!!

  9. me too on everything!!!!!!!
  10. Aaah! Not long now... and with the added benefit of that wonderful warning - I AM writing your reports so please stop doing that as you REALLY don't want me to mention it. I love this time of year! Rounders, stories under the tree on the field, extra long playtimes as the staff don't mind being out in the sunshine! Also 6 weeks holidays coming up!!!
  11. clear_air

    clear_air New commenter

    OK, this is not to make you feel guilty, but this helped me. We had a brilliant person come to give us a training twilight session on SEN, and he asked us this question:
    You know the little so-and-so who a. b. c. d. e. f. g. ? (we all nodded and laughed) You ever wondered why they are NEVER away? (we all chuckled and said 'cos their parents can't stand them either..>!)
    And he shut us all up with - because they want to be with you. Because, to them, you represent the best in their lives. (we all welled up)
    Take heart. What a fantastic job you do. What a huge presence you are in these children's lives. What a difference you make.[​IMG]
  12. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    I have two current pupils (Y5) who wind every body up, and yet constantly grass on everyone. This happened the other week and made me chuckle:
    Child A: (wide-eyed and earnest) Mr909....Peter and Daniel just padlocked us in the bike shed!
    Me: (calmly) Okay, thanks for telling me
    Child B: (perplexed) But...they locked us in the bike shed!
    Me: (still calmly) Yes, so I hear. Are you okay?
    A: (confused and slightly offended) Yes....but they locked us in the bike shed...!
    Me: (an ocean of calm) I know, you've told me. How long for?
    B: For about five minutes!
    Me: But you're out now?
    A: Um...yes...
    Me: So are you hurt? Not too traumatised?
    B: No...but...they locked us in the bike shed... (clearly they want punitive retribution...it's dawning on them that this won't happen)
    Me: Yes, I understand all of that. Glad it all turned out well. Now sit down and get your reading book out please.

    Obviously what I really wanted to say was:
    "Peter and Daniel, that was a very funny prank, one that I would have pulled at your age and I wish I'd seen you do it. Have a sticker".
    Only my cast-iron sense of duty and professionalism stopped me.
  13. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    The parabolic mmmmmiiiissssssssssssiss, that's me. sadly, I lack the skill to reproduce it on this keyboard.

    What drives me mad are the manufactured petty disputes. As a part-timer, I don't have a class of my own. From time to time, children will forget that I was their teacher in nursery or wherever and treat me to the nonsense they dish out to supply teachers.

    One of these days, a sincere and well-intentioned child is going to approach me with the news that little Johnny has chopped off a finger with scissors.
    And I'm going to say
    "Go away."

  14. My class constantly get to me at the moment.

    I remind one not to: talk out of turn / tap their pencil/ talk in line/ throw a rubber or whatever they happen to be doing that is causing a problem and immediately 4 or 5 other children do it.

    They are year 5. Its like constantly putting out forest fires all over the class.

    They are even worse when anyone else takes them!
  15. EcoLady

    EcoLady New commenter

    Parabolic is a great way to describe it! My surname works that way too: two nice long vowel sounds... with almost a flick up at the end.

  16. It's the silly noises that are driving me scatty at the moment.
    One child beeps constantly, another is always blowing rasperries, one little chap has started making a drilling noise and one particularly horrid little g.it keeps making screaching noises every time he is reprimanded.
    It all sounds quite funny but they can whip the rest of the class into a frenzy in 2 minutes flat and it's getting to the point where it's impossible to teach without breaking off to glare at someone every 30 seconds. It's becoming a constant battle and it's just so exhausting.
    Roll on half term!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. I am a supply teacher, and one of the comments from children that annoys me the most is "Oh, they are always like that for supply teachers" said by a child when another one starts to act up.It's almost like they are justifying the behaviour!
  18. What just kills me is the kid who constantly says "I don't get it". Not because they don't understand but because they are too damn lazy to even begin to try to understand. I asked a class to copy something off the board the other day (OK, not the most sizzling task, but they have to do boring stuff sometimes...):

    Me: Copy this off the board, please.
    Lazy Kid: I don't get it.
    Me: See those words on the board? Write them in your book.

    Phew. I feel better already.
  19. captain oats

    captain oats New commenter

    So glad I came across this thread today. I have had a truly awful day with my class today and I am literally counting down the hours till the end of term.

    I really haven't bonded with my class this year, in 4 years of teaching these have been my least favourite. So many annoying children. I got so fed up with one boy and his constant questions today that I sent him out.

    I hate that it already feels like the end of term and there's still ages to go.... I don't want my class anymore :(
  20. captain oats

    captain oats New commenter

    That sounds exactly like my class, also Year 5.

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