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I keep grinding my teeth!

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by princessdiaries, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. I am honestly finding it so difficult not to, I will have no molars left at this rate and it's really bad at night. Are there any ways of stopping it (I know people will say don't do it but I honestly can't!!)
  2. I am honestly finding it so difficult not to, I will have no molars left at this rate and it's really bad at night. Are there any ways of stopping it (I know people will say don't do it but I honestly can't!!)
  3. Torey

    Torey Occasional commenter

    Look at relaxation techniques and see your dentist. They can give you a mouth guard for night time use.
  4. Speak to your GP about seeing the dental people at hospital. I had special guards fitted to stop the wear and tear but eventually the underlying problem had to be resolved.
  5. Thanks, I think that I do need a mouth guard or something as I am so aware of it and I don't enoy it, it's starting to hurt but I just feel this compelling need to do it.
  6. I had a mouth guard and it worked. Used it for about 6 months and problem was (mostly) solved. OH also uses one but he has to use it indefinitely. It is better than putting up with the headaches and worn out teeth though!
  7. I still do it. My back molars were so damaged they had to be crowned. I had no idea but did wonder for years why the sides of my face were sometimes so sore when i woke up. I blamed the pillows! I stopped doing it while I was taking Dosulepin so i presume it is stress/anxiety-related.
    Your dentist will make guards for you.
  8. Lol!
  9. I do this to and had a mouth guard made but the thing was so flipping uncomfortable that I would take it out in my sleep and grind away as happy as larry! The dentist says there's nothing else she can do so but I do panic that my teeth are slowly wearing away.
  10. I've had a radiating sensation which I associated with a deep wisdom tooth filling I had a year or so ago... I wouldn't say pain, just a tender sensation which felt like it was deep inside the tooth, and so I thought my filling was infected or something as it came and went. Clenching my jaw seemed to relieve the pain.
    Apparently it wasn't an infection at all! I had seen the locum dentist twice in the past and received antibiotics which appeared to make the pain go away... Little did I know the pain was just generally cyclical and its disappearance, coincidental. The dentist did some jaw movement exercises with me and asked me if my jaw ever clicked. Only all my life! Now and again it will go tight and click when stretched. Apparently, I grind my teeth! I never knew. It's obviously not extreme as I've been woken up myself by "grinders" in the night!
    I have just been fitted for a mouth guard for nighttime use and wore it for the first time last night as the weird sensation came back! It alleviated it instantly, forces my TMJ muscle to relax and was surprisingly comfortable. Whatever you do, don't goto Boots and buy a generic £10 mouth guard....! They can cause more problems than solve!!!
  11. It's so weird, so inexplicable if you don't know you're doing it, yet so obvious and curable when you finally click!
    Fortunately at my age looking like something from a slasher flick in the night is a matter my husband finds vaguely amusing, especially since he is going be fitted with anything that stops him snoring soon. [​IMG]
    But even if he didn't, leaving aside the unhappiness of your own children, does anything make you feel more like sh1t than a lousy night's sleep?
  12. I have a soft bite guard that I wear at night. All my teeth are crowned so the grinding wasn't really impacting on my teeth but I was experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort in my jaw. I was shown some exercises to alleviate the jaw pain as well. The bite guard is brilliant. I definitely grind more when stressed and am still aware when I have been grinding a lot but the pain and discomfort has gone.
  13. Love the username! Wish I were fretless!
    Why isn't fretless the opposite of fretful? Or ruthful the opposite of ruthless?
  14. Wish I was as well! I chose the name when I was going through a very stressful time and needed to fret a lot less and also because I play a musical instrument that doesn't have frets.

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