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I just can't sleep! Very down and emotional

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by kissykissy, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]Hey guys,

    Thanks for your messages, It's good to know it's not just me, feel like i'm going mad! Tried to call the midwife today as I really just need some specific guidance - google can be your worst nightmare can't it, such conflicting advice!

    Thanks for the empathy though
  2. mrsrecred

    mrsrecred New commenter

    Have you tried relaxation apps or maybe videos on youtube. I had a stage after my mc where i couldn't sleep and this really helped. They are not helping now as my boobs hurt so much that I can't get comfortable and not used to sleeping on my back.... :(
  3. i slept on my tummy all the way to giving birth - by which time i had a sort of superman pose - one arm out under my head and a knee bent to accommodate my tummy. just sleep however you can get comfy, whatever the position x
  4. As a fellow tummy sleeper, I feel your pain! It's one of the reasons I hope to avoid a c-section, as would mean even longer of not being able to!
    I do semi-sleep on my tummy though, put v-shaped pillow through my knees and let knees slide forward. Also, I sleep in my own bed, not with DH, which I know isn't very nice but unless I can spread out and do my thing neither of us would sleep a wink.
    Sometimes I do sleep on my back for a few hours even though they say not to, and other times I fling all the blimmin support pillows out of the bed and find it's comfier without them. I have found that I went through a time about your stage of pregnancy, when you're belly's gotten bigger but you've not had as much time or practise to find what works for you, so try to stay calm and I'm sure it'll get easier.
    Take care. x
  5. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I slept really badly in my 2nd pregnancy and was exhausted a lot of time, not helped by having a toddler to look after!
    I used to wake up to use the loo so much! So annoying! I usually sleep on my back, and after my bump started to get big I found that uncomfortable.
    Towards the end I doubled up a spare duvet and slept on top of that and was more comfortable.
    Do you have one of those oil burners? I haven't tried one myself, but they're supposed to help, if you burn lavendar oil or something.
    Perhaps you could try listening to music? Just put your headphones in and see if that helps.
  6. I've just had a night of a dog with the runs waking me up every hour on the hour to go outside... was NOT what I needed on sleep deprived mode to start with!
  7. trish82

    trish82 New commenter

    I've been in the same boat over the last few weeks. I'm unable to sleep (due to many factors including my husbands possible redundancy!) which is leading to an extremely unproductive day at school. My doctor wasn't any help, so I contacted the midwife. As a result of the lack of sleep and other stresses - such as stressing about not sleeping - I've been suffering from terrible headaches. My midwife has referred me for reflexology to see if this helps. I've had to wait for the appointment, but if I see a change in my sleeping/headache pattern, then it will have been worth the wait!
    Dont suffer in silence!!
    Good luck
  8. violingirl

    violingirl New commenter

    You could try using a pregnancy relaxation CD from the Natal Hypnotherapy range (google the website). I found the CDs good for calming and relaxing during a stressful early pregnancy.
  9. Its awful not being able to sleep on tummy. I did until 20 weeks at which point the baby started kicking me until I moved!!! I always felt I shouldnt with my first pregnancy. Unromantic though it is have you tried sleeping on your own? I find I sleep much worse with my husband as I cant stretch and wriggle the same. There is definitely something with the pregnancy hormones and sleep disruption.
  10. Thanks again all - some very helpful and useful advice that I have followed.

    I really appreciate it - Thanks again
  11. sanggol_uk

    sanggol_uk New commenter

    You can also use pregnancy support pillows that come in many shapes like J-Shaped, U-shaped etc. These are now trending to support pregnant ladies who need support at the time of sleep.

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