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I have upset the TDA!

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by historygrump, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    I sent an email to the CEO of the TDA, which he repleid with the same old quotes about regulations and why they need to train so many teachers, to which I repiled with the actual facts. This the CEO did not like and he said I was deliberately being insulting, obtuse and something else and he would not reply to my points.
    1.The TDA said that support staff are allowed to do specified work and I ask what is meant by specified work and could he give a clear defintion. He also said that support staff work under the supervsion of the class teacher and this includes CS and TA's, I pointed out that he and the TDA was being naive, if he believed this was the case and I supported this with evidence, including posts on the TES forum and I mentioned the letter in the Sunday Times, in which a TA mentioned that she was planning and teaching for 70% of her school time. Which went against the rule he quoted.
    2. He mentioned that instructors could teach, but I quoted the rule that 'instructors could only be used if there was no suitable qualified teacher available to teach the subject and the instrucor could only be used until they recruited a suitably subject teacher', I also pointed out that schools were using instructors to teach across the curriculum, because it was cheaper then employing a teacher. Which apparently he did not like to hear.
    3. He mentioned that we need to train around 38,000 teachers a year, but I pointed out if you combine the supply and unemployed teacher numbers from the ONS and the GTC, this amounts to around 100,000 teachers. So why not retrain these teachers in other subjects and save some money, because the present TDA policy is focused on a small number of unemployed teachers and not the whole 49,000 officially unemployed teachers. I did also point out that Scotland had a pro-active approach to unemployed teachers, by increasing the induction period to 5 years since 2005, reducing the number of teachers being trained, which as reduced the number of teachers unemployed, which the Dept of Education and the TDA as failed to adopt with any great effort.
    So by telling a civil servant the truth, I have manage to insulted them, do you thing my answers to his comments are insulting and that I am being insensitive to their feelings. Or is the truth being that the TDA is seriously out of touch with reality within education, which I also pointed out.
    I feel like a nasty bully for telling the TDA the truth

  2. emmadrg

    emmadrg New commenter

    Excellent work, as always, historygrump!
    I for one really do appreciate all that you are doing to help supply teachers. Let me know if there is anything I can do - have quite a bit of time on my hands these days [​IMG]
    If the TDA are in denial when confronted with the facts then they clearly have their heads shoved so far up their backsides and just want to justify their (presumably) huge salaries.
  3. There can be nothing so offensive as the truth. Presumably TDA is under the government, I've not thought about the top down chain of government, but thinking for themselves isn't probably how it is done, and hearing things which conflict with government directive would be upsetting. Excellent work.
  4. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    I feel like suggesting that teachers send them emails asking is it accpetable for support staff to teach lessons without supervision and in some cases on a permanent basis, when there are s many teachers unemployed. Also why train new teachers when there are so many teachers without a permanent post.
    That would be unethical, because I would be encouraging you to bully the TDA.
  5. "I have upset the TDA!"
    Good for you!! [​IMG]
    They have upset me as I can't get a job, there's precious little supply and I now have debt collectors chasing me. Are they bothered? Are they hell!
    I can only second what emmadrg has said.
    I'm quite prepared to email the TDA. I don't think it's bullying, it's simply pointing out the facts as it affects us and our families.
  6. Good for you Historygrump. The TDA are out of touch. At a recent graduate fair I went to I actually spoke to a TDA rep. She was 'surprised' that I hadn't found a job teaching geography as apparently geography was 'nearly a shortage subject not so long ago.'
  7. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    I feel sorry for all you teachers, who are struggling for work and finacially, I am in the boat, I have got to the stage, I applied to ASDA for temporary part-time evening work (I got turned down) and I am looking at other options, like trying for some evening part-time warehouse work just to give me some money up till christmas, no joy so far. Combine this with the educational school saying that work is quiet and one school, where I went often, is according to an agency rumoured to be in financial trouble and cannot afford all its permanent staff, never mind supply staff, which is making me more depressed.
    I agree that they cannot face the truth, according to the TDA they have to train some 38,000 teachers this year due to shortages and as I asked, why just to sign on due to the lack of jobs and the use of support staff to teach. LTC1409 you ar lucky, my subject specialism as been excluded from the new curriculum and it was not popular in terms of recruitment, even before the review, so I feel that I have become unemployable, like many other subject teachers excluded from the new curriculum and the TDA seems unwilling to introduce a policy to retrain supply and unemployed teachers in other subjects is beyond me, it would be cheaper then training new teachers in my opinion. But by suggesting such an idea, I was being offensive apparently. So much for listening too and supporting teachers.
  8. emmadrg

    emmadrg New commenter

    shalteir is right - the truth hurts for some people.
    It would be very interesting to see what happens with students embarking on PGCEs next year when the new tuition fees come into effect. Will we see more people taking BEd degrees or GTPs? I will watch with interest. And may demand to see the information from the TDA - surely that sort of thing would qualify under the Freedom of Information act?
  9. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    I think that this is an excellent idea historygrump and another tactic to counter the increasing use of unqualified staff. Will send one myself.
    The email need not be bullying if it is phrased along concerned lines of "how widespread is the use of CSs" or "is it worthwhile applying for a teacher training course when the qualifications aren't essential". Such messages will still keep the issue at the top of various agendas.
    But don't send emails to civil servants on a Friday afternoon, that could be classed as bullying. [​IMG]
  10. When I read this, historygrump, I cheered and clapped! Well done you for sticking to your guns.
  11. They needed to train 38k teachers a year. Please, can someone tell me why only 19k retired? My tiny mind can't cope.
  12. Pennyforyourthoughts

    Pennyforyourthoughts Occasional commenter

    Recently sent a letter to Michael Gove with many concerns .......... still awaiting a reply... I suspect with yet another quote from the 'book of regulations' ........ why can't they reply with actual knowledge and understanding of what is actually happening in schools...... my newly appointed MP replied with so little historical knowledge and understanding of the instigation and rise of cover supervisors and HLTAs and without a defensive handle on the current situation affecting the 50,000 or so GTC registered supply teachers and NQTs that it was evident that she did not know what she was replying about. I replied requesting that she first researched the points I had raised before replying again Her second reply was evidently delegated and done by 'a researcher' who also skirted around what is actually happening to yet again, quote more passages from regulations and guidelines. To date I have yet to be informed what 'specified work' is ... and come to the conclusion ... it is anything that anyone wants it to be - a blanket term to conform with the regulations and guidelines....

    Anyone know what is and what is not specified work???
  13. Need to train 38,000 teachers a year. Michael Gove has presented a remit to the TDA to train 34,000 teachers this year but why are so many needed to train when there are about 100,000 teachers registered with the GTC but unable to find a permament teaching position - eunmployed teachers, supply teachers and teachers forced to work in a support capacity.

  14. I love, love this thread!! Aww poor TDA, really sympathise with them earning a wage whilst the 38,000 teachers they are training to teach will be unemployed next year!
  15. "Upset the TDA"! They need a damn good kicking and not any sort of apology!
    What an absolute out of touch, dimwit the TDA has for a CEO!
    A complete an utter fool who does not realise that the use of unqualified staff as "teachers" is totally unacceptable and is now endemic right across England! What sort of dimwitted organisation is this?
    All the points raised by this utter fool are lies! Has he ever done supply teaching?
    One completely blind, self-serving, lying, gossly overpaid dimwit of the lowest...he seems to have a learning disabilty and cannot grasp the most basic statistics! I feel like marching into this DIMWIT'S plush OFFICE right now... [​IMG]
  16. Ever see those TDA adverts on the buses? It depresses me to have to sit on the bus and look at them. I can't believe they are still advertising for more trainees teachers. [​IMG]
  17. All power to the elbow of you guys emailing the TDA. But there is also a group I feel more disillusioned with than the TDA, a group I had expected to know better, and fight the cause of Education, the Unions.
  18. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    Don't worry, I have already upset the leadership of my union the ATL with my demand that they support a ban on the use of support staff to teach and cover lessons. I will begin after they have considered my proposals in respect to the induction period, because after reading comments from teachers whose time as expired or is due to expire, asking the basic question the present review 'does it include me'? And having reading the proposals, I would say possibly no, so I have drawn up some proposals to address these concerns, I just hope the union support them. But I will launch an attack on the ATL for not doing more to help unemployed and supply teachers, when they have decided or not on my ideas.
  19. historygrump, will you run for prime minister?
  20. stupot101

    stupot101 Established commenter

    What S/He could/should do is become an independent candidate for the next election. In fact it may well be a good idea if people voted for independent candidates (and not vote for any of the major parties at all)- that would be interesting!!!

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