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I have said it before, but we need to now more than ever.

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by les25paul, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    Very good point. But the issue is many supply teachers feel that they have already been divided from their regular colleagues, the profession is no longer united and that Supply Teachers need a voice or they continued to get dumped upon.
  2. I have to agree with les25paul here. Idealistically, one union for all teachers would be the best thing. However, none of the unions stand up for supply teachers. This is why we should form our own union, if the unions saw they might be losing membership, they might even take our concerns seriously
  3. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    I'd rather have one Union for all teachers but as we have quite a few already, I see no issue with one that takes care of just supply teachers. There is one, after all, for Headteachers.
    I think that a dedicated supply teacher Union would put pressure on all supply bookings being once more channelled through LAs. AWR makes a return to all LAs operating a supply register the most sensible improvement to the system.
    A supply teacher Union could organise us and persuade as many as possible to resist taking CS work. They could perhaps organise a week or so per school year when supply teachers decide not to be available for teaching or CS work (if they have to resort to that). That would demonstrate to schools and parents just how much they rely on our services as many schools would have to double up classes or send pupils home.
    I have taken issue with my Union on several occasions over the lack of care they take with their supply teacher members. The latest was when I wrote a letter to their magazine, responding to an article they had printed and giving a supply teacher perspective. I was very pleased with the letter and hoped it would be printed ... to inform others of our dilemma and to earn me the money or vouchers on offer. My letter was featured but not in the Union magazine where I'd directed it. It featured as the star article on their special supply teacher publication, available by email to all supply teachers.
    That triggered another letter asking why supply teachers couldn't be published in the magazine that all members received as otherwise I was just preaching to those who were already experiencing the issues that I highlighted in my original letter (and no prize was sent for publiocation in their new Supply Teacher forum!)
  4. I think the time has passed for a supply union as all the authorities involved in supply now have such a low regard for supply teachers. If supply teachers struck you can bet that cover supervisors roles and OTT teachers would take up the slack. Gove even has his excuse ready for possible falling standards by overuse of cover supervisors and the poor standard of work left by teachers for these individuals by reintroducing final exam grades.
    They came for the supply teachers and nobody saved them perhaps permanent staff should not feel so smug when they leave their 'turn to page 66' because they will be next and strikes will not get parents onside if it means they lose money having to stay off work to look after their kids. After all with the preponderance of breakfast clubs and after school clubs the main purpose of schools is not education it is child minding.
  5. Pennyforyourthoughts

    Pennyforyourthoughts Occasional commenter

    Holiday Pay. I have been working on and off for my current agency since 2004 when I was on £100 a day. When the remit that agencies had to pay holiday pay I was informed that Holiday pay was already included in the £100 a day.... what is now known as 'rolled up pay'. Some say it is illegal others still debate it. My point is.... it is now 2012 and the Agency is still only paying £100 a day including holiday pay... no increase since 2004 no doubt they have charged more to the schools since 2004 and making a huge profit from most of us.

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