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I have found a fantastic teaching agency!

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by artbot, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. Hi Everyone I know of a great teaching agency-and no I am not the agency talking, I am a supply teacher who is working for them. I am extremely impressed with their professionalism and how they put the teacher first. I have dealt with all the big names but they are doing enough and are quite casual. What I suggest if you are coming over to the UK (I wish this information was available when I first came over!) or are in the UK and need a good agency then PM me and I will supply you with all the contact information and what I think of other agencies you might be thinking of going with-regards
  2. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Is it in any way related to this fantastic supply agency that pays its teachers a commission to recruit more staff?
    Talk about deja vu.

  3. On that link, the persons username is pdo09. That's got to be the most innapropriate username for this website.

    Has to be a wind up.
  4. I actually didn't see that other post-very negative people here on this forum, sometimes-It could be actually beneficial-its up to you-If u want to scrape around with those bigger agencies getting crappy schools then its up to you-this agency is very good and they are looking for more teachers-I am doing fantastic-without them I would have been in serious trouble-Sure there is a referral fee paid but everyone wins-Well at least I thought so anyways.....
  5. If it's that fantastic keep it to yourself so the books don't get filled and you ditched in favour of the new shiny cheap crowd. And what agency is good in one region can be pretty chronic in another - any agency is only as good as the consultant working your desk is.
  6. Wow, sign me up!
    You get your £20 plus a few pennies referral bonus from said agency, and once I sign up, I will also make a "I have found a fantastic teaching agency" thread, also say i'm not an agency plant and just a normal supply teacher who has found a great agency to work with.
    Once more suckers have signed on with ME and I've got my £20 + pennies referral bonus, these suckers will make even more "I have found a fantastic teaching agency" threads.
    And so the supply teaching chain letter MLM scam, whatever you want to call it, continues. Maybe you make more money from refferals than supply teaching, I don't know, I don't care.
    Have a nice day. Thankyou.
  7. I have read all the comments-and yes i agree with what u say-However it has been good for us and yes there is always a down size to such referrals-it is not an easy situation for us.

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