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I have failed.....

Discussion in 'Overseas trained teachers' started by artbot, May 5, 2011.

  1. I have failed to gain a place on PGCE (Primary). I can go to Australia to do the PGCE but
    should I? I would just walk in! The problem is I would have to leave my family back here in the UK and I would still be "unqualified" when I returned with no QTS but I cant get in a PGCE course here for Primary-I think they are making it impossibel just to get in let alone to completing the course!
    What do people think? Its put me in an awkard position.
  2. I have failed to gain a place on PGCE (Primary). I can go to Australia to do the PGCE but
    should I? I would just walk in! The problem is I would have to leave my family back here in the UK and I would still be "unqualified" when I returned with no QTS but I cant get in a PGCE course here for Primary-I think they are making it impossibel just to get in let alone to completing the course!
    What do people think? Its put me in an awkard position.
  3. Clarerees

    Clarerees New commenter

    Why have you failed to gain a place? I would start by looking into that. Partially, it might be a reflection of the fact that it's my understanding there are not a huge amount of Primary jobs out there (so if you did do the PGCE, would that, in fact, put you in a position where you found it difficult to get a job later?). But it may also be a reflection of something else i.e. do you have any experience with children? I'm sure you do, but perhaps looking again at your application, or even asking the universities which rejected you might give you some guidance.
    Other points:
    • You still have to work for a year here in order to gain QTS after your PGCE
    • Do you want to go to Australia? I wouldn't go if it is just for a qualification, but if it is for interest and adventure, then why not?
    • Have you thought about Secondary? Do you definitely know that Primary is the way forward for you?
  4. I dont kno why I have failed to gain a place-I have checked the GTTR site and it just says unsucessful- We are originally form Australia so as I said I just walk in-But no I dont want to go back -it would be for the qualification only-my parents and sister are there already. No dont want to do secondary -the behaviour is appalling. I have doing secondary as a cover supervisor-
    The problem is I dont really know what to do now as I didn't expect the rejection....
  5. silverfern

    silverfern New commenter

    Have you considered doing a PGDE in Scotland, or through a Scottish provider?
    Aberdeen and Strathclyde both offer distance-learning courses.
  6. This is getting VERY messy now-Its quite depressing really-I should have got in-they are too picky-ridiculous with my life experience-but there u are-I cant live in Scotland easily-cant afford that-it has to be close by-I have many easier options in Australia but I dont like it there and I dont want to leave my family behind either-I shouldn't be forced to do this-the PGCE should be based on your score on your degrees not all this -if they want to to see if u have the potential to teach then prospective students should teach in front of actual children-after all thats the idea isn't it?? I mean this is what they wanted me to do:

    1. Write a essay based on an obscure article that was photocopied and hard to decipher:

    What a cheek-I mean I have two degrees and I had to write a thesis-If I couldn't write I think my lecturers would have mentioned that!

    2. Do a group discussion about a irrelevant topics-

    Why? with adults-why? It felt like I was on the Apprentice! felt artificial-what does this achieve in terms of involvement in children's education?

    3. A quick interview with a panel asking questions that you have no experience in/of-

    Basically questions like "what is your ideal classroom"-how would I know? I haven't got my own class?!! Stupid question.
    and it goes on and on.....

    The difference with Australia is they just accept your degrees-no interview, no previous classroom experience, no personal statement-its easier to get into-its the course that u have to perform-not a ridiculous fight just to get in because Governments in the UK have failed the education system-its just TOO HARD, TOO DIFFICULT!! I mean if its this hard to get in what is the course like!!! Maybe I dont want to!!
  7. I know its not called a PGCE but I said that so UK people would know what it is-I dont know if u are right here-I thought it was 1 year course (post graduate) and is a Graduate Diploma of Education-well in Queensland anyway-sure there is what was known as a Bachelor of Education (Not sure what it is called now) but that is undergraduate 3 year degree-but I have lived in australia so its easy for me-I would not recommend a British graduate doing this: australia is:
    1. a foreign country,
    2. u pay international fees,
    3. u would be unqualified back in the UK
    4. there is no work in australia (so forget about that) 50% of primary gradautes are unemployed- unless u want to "go bush"-and gain points-(QLD)-another stupid system but I wont go there...

    I will check what u mean about the course being 2 years but I am looking at teacher training at Griffiths University-but I will check-unless it is P/T?
    Yeah I know about QTS-Not sure about australian probation-thats new? I will have to check..
    Generally its difficult now and getting harder so where ever and what ever u do its a process-I have to take the easiest route a-i have till January to work this out

  8. I can see now why you did not get onto the course!!!!!!
  9. I dont know why u have said that?? So u think it is OK to be humiliated and put through these ridiculous procedures then?I have actually taught today-I actually was engaged with children-isn't that the idea?-Universities are in their own world-not real- I want to teach and should be able to not go through a circus-why cant they use the degree score(i worked hard to get 1st class) why did I bother?? They have also cut out the bursaries-is that good too? and what about the increased fees-good as well? Face it its tough to get into University in this country compared to other countries-Australia, South Africa-IT is however great to teach here.....No jobs in australia therefore also a floored system but aleast u can get into a course!!!!!!!.
  10. Actually there has been an announcement that Australian teaching qualifications will be regonised in the UK-so it looks like this will be it then as this was what I was worried about-I will confirm this though but we will see-If there are no places here I am not going to redo that interview system again and again as I wont have to-basically I will teach and thats that
  11. 2. Do a group discussion about a irrelevant topics- Why? with adults-why? It felt like I was on the Apprentice! felt artificial-what does this achieve in terms of involvement in children's education? 3. A quick interview with a panel asking questions that you have no experience in/of- Basically questions like "what is your ideal classroom"-how would I know? I haven't got my own class?!! Stupid question. and it goes on and on.....

    I said it because if you want to be a successful teacher then you must show that you are able to communicate with adults and work with others as part of a team! Being able to discuss things and listen/give opinions is part of your job as a teacher.
    Also it is not a stupid question to be asked 'What is your ideal classroom?' If you are going to be a teacher you need to have some idea of how you would expect your classroom to look and run. I think it's more your preparation or lack of that is preventing you being able to get on a course.
    The high number of applicants means that there needs to be a process to select the best applicants. Teaching is not and never will be about the gaining of a 1st class degree. You can have all the qualifications in the world but it will not make you a good teacher. Teaching is about far more than that.
    When I started my degree so did others who had far higher grades than me. Unfortunately they had left by Christmas as they did not have the people skills to do the job.
    I would suggest that you look at the interview as a key to your career and demonstrate your passion by answering these interview questions about where you see yourself with your own class.
  12. I dont think you quite understand where I am coming from-University is a fantasy to the real world-I should know I have been in the real world MORE than at University-Teaching is about educating children;imparting knowledge NOT going through a set stage of unrealistic testing that has no relationship to actual educating children.
    Its not to select the best applicants-u have to "pass" the interview-its a game-that doesn't make u a good teacher-actual teaching does and it takes years to learn the craft. Yes; Let me look- yes I can communicate with adults-part of a team-yes the school football match-but I am sure I could make the first 11-I dont need to be tested on that.
    How come around the world particularly Australia they accept your degree as the means to entry the course-answer that one! The interview is unnecessary-its actual teaching practice thats important and learning how to teach-what about behaviour managment>>>did u learn that at University?? Dont you understand that in the UK they make it as difficult as possible for you to get on-thats why so many people leave- I will have to (again) even though I have <u>MANY</u> years of life experience which doesn't seem to count....
    U shouldn't know about a classroom before u do the course as u shouldn't be in one in the first place untill u are fully trained-so it is an irelevant question-thats what the course is for...Or why bother with the course if u already know how to be a teacher?
    Its not my lack of prepartion-prepare for what?? How to play the game?? Its got absolutely NOTHING to do with teaching-I am VERY well prepared accept I would like to learn more about management and timing but thats what the course should teach u not just education theory like Kodaly for instance. My wife is actually a teacher of 8 years and she wouldn't be able to get into a course in this country-figure that!!! Is she prepared?? Come on just admit it is almost impossible here to do things as once gain there are too many rules-next it will Naric then GCSE, personal statement, then skills tests, NQT then this and then that on and on-this is good is it?? oh yes they have cut out the bursaries and the fees will go up so I cant afford it anyway now-still worth doing?
    As for leaving well thats what I did as I started a 4 year Bachelor of Education-(In which I did get in) but I felt I had lack of subject knowledge and I was too young so I transferred to another University--in my specilaist subject--so I could be a BETTER teacher now-in fact that was the right choice-but I still got <u>into the course then </u>which suggests this present system is flawed-as how could I have been good enough then and I am now not-answer that one!!
    I already have passion but I am blocked from actually doing the course because of stupid "rules"-Actually I think schools should do the training directly not Universities-
    I would suggest yourself that its hopeless- the interview is NOT going to be a key to my career as I wont need to have an interview where I will go!!! and I will be going overseas to get the degree(thats passion for u and sacrifice and determination) that I will get into and come back and actually teach. I am extremely upset with this-u have NO IDEA what I have had to put with in my life- Its taken me years to come back home-thats passion-I feel totally dejected....I will have to leave my family for 9 months but what else can I do?? Nothing will stop me from acheiving my goal to teach.......See you in the classroom with my own class (without hoops by the way).....
  13. wkclark

    wkclark New commenter

    Woah. Isn't it kinda important for teachers to take constructive criticism?I'm pretty alarmed by all of this.
    If you can't change the system (which quite frankly kinda works), why not work with it? Instead of just saying you're too good for it?
    Also, I think you have the wrong idea of what the PGCE is for. It is not really to teach you to be a teacher. It's to give you the best possible practice for LEARNING to take place. Learning. That is what education is all about. You could be the world's expert in whatever and not be able to teach (I think Jamie's Dream School very effectively demonstrated that). So basically, if someone has a massive ego about being a better teacher, they might be too focused on the teaching and not the learning taking place in the classroom. You can lecture all you want, or present all you want, but its all for nought if the students can't learn.
    As a teacher, it's also pretty important to reflect on mistakes or problems: if a student really just doesn't understand the topic/lesson whatever, you might have to tackle the subject from a completely different angle. That's pretty hard to do if you're too caught up on degrees and numbers, etc. Instead it's more about thinking around the problem, coming up with creative solutions (I find this bit fairly difficult as I'm not a very creative scientist!). You might be able to tell if you've had a successful lesson, but can you say why it was so succesful and how you might be able to apply that success to other lessons and students? This is a pretty important skill as a teacher. It's not about the teaching. It's about creating the best possible environment for students to learn.
  14. Eamaz

    Eamaz New commenter

    You seem to think that you deserve a place. I'm afraid to say everybody who wants a place is desperate - and if they were better at interview than you, then prepare more!!
    I've just finished my GTP year - and I worked blummin hard to get onto the course! I went to a PGCE interview and failed miserably - because I wasnt prepared. It made me prepare twice as much for my GTP interview.
    If you want to teach in England then be prepared for the hoop jumping selection process. How else could they select people? If there is a better way that isnt as time consuming I'd like to know!
    There are lots of people who REALLY want to get into teaching - but it's competitive and hard. It is depressing and demoralising that you didnt get on but use that experience to make sure that next year you are as prepared as possible.

  15. Yes it is depressing-No i didn't say I deserve a place-there is a better way; in Australia I will gain a place simple...I am preparing, preparing to go....and thats were I am going because englands too difficult; period....
  16. silverfern

    silverfern New commenter

    Just a thought...
    Does Australia require you to complete a certain number of years teaching, after training, before you are a fully-registered teacher? Be careful about whether the UK will accept your teaching qualification without this induction period. Gaining teacher-equivalency by going to Australia might take longer than you think?
  17. Good question- I will check-my wife has done it but that was in 2001-u know how "rules" seem to change for the worse- I will check and re-post-
  18. silverfern

    silverfern New commenter

  19. Yes-I am a little worried, however I have written to someone I know and the universities-I have a link here:
    Confusing? I have also written direct to the UNI and the board-Plus I will check with GTC-Boy this is difficult-I would have to suggest this might not happen its too difficult-I might go back to my art!! The sacrifice is go over could be too difficult in itself let alone going on from there-I will keep looking...
  20. Nead2604

    Nead2604 New commenter

    Sorry to state the obvious, but everything about your post will probably prevent you from getting into any program in the UK. What I noticed first and foremost is your shocking grammar and spelling. I know this is a casual place but honestly, this is where TEACHERS talk, and by second nature should have already mastered the basics at the very least. Secondly, your attitude leaves much to be desired. And finally, you seem to have very poor respect for the process of UK education system. If you don't understand and respect the questions you are asked, then you have a poor understanding of what it takes to work in any educational system. I think you will have serious problems getting on any course, anywhere.

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