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I HATE OCR Nationals with a passion..

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by simplesense, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. This has probably been said before, but I got to get it off my chest. I was asked to teach parts of the OCR National course (level 2) this year. I thought hey why not. Not a day has gone by that I havent kicked myself for accepting this.
    Some of the pupils can barely read and write and have attention spans of fish, and yet they will all end up with 4 GCSEs at C+ grades! What the heck is that about?
    Also, OCR themselves are sooooo annoying. I've emailed them twice about exemplar work and have been told they haven't got any, best thing is to read the notes on their site or attend an inset day??? Excuse me but, surely an exam board that is offering a course should have exemplar material for it's courses. Or are the OCR nationals too patronising for the folks at OCR board to do themselves??
    Luckily i attended the BETT show this year and I managed to corner someone from OCR. I questioned the integrity of their OCR National courses, and lo and behold this lady couldn't really defend it.
    I just want to scream!!!! Courses such as the OCR Nationals are giving the rest of the applied courses a very bad name. I also teach the DIDA course for ICT and I have to say that is one of the mostt toughest courses I have come across. The level of independent work and standards that the pupils have to achieve put the OCR into shame.
    Hope the OCR Nationals die out very very very soon.
    Rant over. I feel better now :)

  2. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    It could be worse - you could be teaching ECDL ;-)
  3. Speaking

    Speaking New commenter

    I don't know if you belong to the MediaEdu site but I have some resources on there to help with Level 2 and Level 3. OCR do seem reluctant to help and advise but once the spec is decoded it does make sense and can produce some really exciting work even for Level 2 students.
    Drop me an email address and I will try to be of some use if I can.

  4. I've survived 3 years of Level 3 and 2 years of Level 2 Media Studies and also Level 2 and Level 3 ICT Nationals! BUT ONLY JUST! The amount of work required, especially having to provide evidence for audio/visual and text/visual for up to 6 AO's for each unit, moderation and just getting the work off the kids resulted in me having a breakdown last year! I am still teaching between Media and ICT, 7 different units at one time! Although I prepare well, and each student is given a brief with exactly what they need to do, with the assessment critiera, I find that they never look at it. They ask when is the deadline for this AO? I say 'look at your brief' I can't possibly remember deadlines for every AO! Hence September 2011 will see my return to bog standard OCR GCE and GCSE Media Studies and praying that I don't have to teach ICT too!
    There should be plenty of exemplar work for Level 3, as at least 4 units of work have been taken away from my centre by OCR for exemplars!
    Looking forward to September and hope that my brain survives that long! lol
  5. As for the students barely being able to read or write and have the attention spans of a fish, surely that is just down to the individual institution? I am only on my second placement as a PGCE student, but teaching OCR Nationals Level 3 Extended Diploma to a Year 12 class and they are very capable...

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