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I HATE it when the clocks go back.

Discussion in 'Personal' started by zizzyballoon, Oct 28, 2017.

  1. zizzyballoon

    zizzyballoon Star commenter

    It will be dark so early in the afternoon. All that wintry gloom. Nasty nasty nasty.
  2. peakster

    peakster Star commenter

    I hate driving back in the darkness and with the late finishes at my school on Mondays and Thursdays next half term that will make it worse.

    But what can you do - unlike Hedgehogs we don't have the option of hibernation.
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  3. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter

    Well yes, but the mornings will be lighter - it was really gloomy at 7.30 this am. At least we get a nice long day tomorrow.
    kibosh likes this.
  4. Didactylos4

    Didactylos4 Star commenter

    Do I need to go into the usual responses?
    Or should I simply use keywords?
    Annual, accustomed, bovvered
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  5. peakster

    peakster Star commenter

    My problem is that I'm on the road to school at 6 am so it will be dark both ways for the next few months.
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  6. zizzyballoon

    zizzyballoon Star commenter

    You are really Pollyanna, @lindenlea, and I claim my £5
  7. zizzyballoon

    zizzyballoon Star commenter

    There is no obligation to reply, if you don't want to. Frankly, even though it is an annual happening, I never become accustomed to it and it does bovver me.:rolleyes:
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  8. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter

    [​IMG]Who - me?
    zizzyballoon likes this.
  9. Didactylos4

    Didactylos4 Star commenter

    I always want to reply if I can. For two reasons
    1. it shows I have read the thread and an willing to communicate on the subject
    2. It moves the thread up the list and encourages other contributions

    I kept it short and non-controversial :(
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  10. secretsiren

    secretsiren Star commenter

    I'm OK with it after a few days but the morning it goes back means my kids get up at 4.45am instead of 5.45am. Psychologically this matters more than the 'extra' hour. Urgh.

    The only other thing I don't like is the flipping pheasants and grouse and things that launch themselves at my car in the dark early mornings. Makes me shriek and then cry when the car goes 'bump' and you hear the vague squawking behind you. You think they'd see the headlights and stay put for a few minutes but nooooo...they see me coming and fling themselves at me like bird-shaped lemmings (I do know that lemmings don't jump off cliffs, by the way, but I'm too tired to think of another analogy).
    kibosh likes this.
  11. zizzyballoon

    zizzyballoon Star commenter

    I found your reply somewhat dismissive;)
  12. Didactylos4

    Didactylos4 Star commenter

    Had I wished to be dismissive I would simply have posted

    However I will not darken the doors of this thread again
    *goes off in a huff slamming the door behind him*
    kibosh likes this.
  13. zizzyballoon

    zizzyballoon Star commenter

    That was quite unnecessary. Now you've taken it off its hinges. Huh. Sulky puss.
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  14. lardylady

    lardylady Star commenter

    I love this time of year. All those cosy evenings to look forward to!
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  15. peakster

    peakster Star commenter

    Of all birds, Pheasants (particularly males) have the elegance and balance of a house brick in flight. Added to the fact they fly about three feet from the ground and are more stupid than most insects they are a real hazard.

    We were travelling across the Yorkshire Wolds last year when a male Pheasant launched itself at the car and hit the windscreen with a real thump. There were no other cars around (so why did it hit us ?) so we stopped to have a look a the damage to us and the goofy bird.

    Fortunately the car was fine and so was the Pheasant (it was a bit stunned but otherwise OK) and we went on our way.

    The females are not much better, they tend to lead their chicks across busy roads into traffic with all the carnage that usually causes.

    It's a wonder they're not extinct.
  16. InkyP

    InkyP Star commenter

    Most of our clocks change themselves automatically now but I can never remember how to do the one in the car so it's usually wrong for half of the year. I've got a new(er) car now so I'm waiting with bated breath to see if it will change by itself.
    kibosh likes this.
  17. Duke of York

    Duke of York Star commenter

    I hate it too when the clocks go back, because it heralds the misery of winter. On the positive side though, it's really nice anticipating when they are about go forward again.
  18. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    We usually go to Europe in Sept for a while, returning in early October, so we've had 3-4 weeks of the clocks being an hour ahead. Barely 3 weeks after we get back and I've finally adjusted my sleep pattern to home, our clocks go back an hour. It's the buggerage to bedtime that gets me every time. Spring's not a lot better either, as we go abroad for a month in late March so we end up two hours ahead within a few days. I need my beauty sleep.
    kibosh likes this.
  19. dumpty

    dumpty Lead commenter

    Agree - although I am sure I skim read an article saying Finland was asking (quite angrily) the EU to stop this?

    For yes, those poor Scandinavians end up having to toe the line and soon are in almost constant darkness.
    kibosh likes this.
  20. zizzyballoon

    zizzyballoon Star commenter

    To make you 'pretty'?
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