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i had to laugh

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by hakkinen, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. i got the same- registered back in january/feb and not one phone call - got a text message to call them - which costs me of course [​IMG]
    needless to say I haven't bothered to reply - not least as the one i've been in daily contact with has sent me everywhere and now got a long term till July as a result.[​IMG]

  2. useless

    useless New commenter

    I have had the same expereince with one of my agencies whose name begins with P and ends in L. Are we allowed to name and shame agencies on this site?
  3. vickyrae1970

    vickyrae1970 New commenter

    sounds like the ones who rang me up !

  4. I received the following from an agency (SD) for whom I have not worked as a primary supply teacher in over a year:

    WANTED learning director - Humanities
    Salary MPS + TLR 1b £8,916
    Start date September 2011.

    They cut my pay by over £30 per day, but failed to mention it before I undertook an assignment. When I raised the matter, after spotting the difference on my pay slip, I was blacklisted.
  5. Don't worry Hazel I am very good at getting blacklisted and very quickly too. Seems to me that agencies and schools are very good at this. Also I asked for a pay rise of 5 pounds a day as I am entitled to and guess what? Instead of the average of 1 day a week, I am now getting 0 days a week.
    Bloody useless
  6. It makes me wonder how many teachers have been unreasonably blacklisted by agencies.
  7. Second week in July, from an agency that had given me no work for months.
    "Hi, we're just checking your availability as we're about to get really really busy"

    No, no you're not.
  8. I bet quite a few. In my case I have been to the same schools again and again and then all of a sudden - the agency has received bad feedback. It is sooo easy for them both to blacklist us and I think here in the midlands you do have to be strong on behaviour, but really sometimes it takes the pi ss.
    Add to that being called the following in some schools by pupils:
    "you're not even a proper teacher",
    "we can do what we want - you're supply",
    "you're a ***",
    "there he goes the ******** bas tard",
    "he's sh it he is".

    Only a snapshot of supply I must admit. It is actually worse than this or has been for me. I think it is because I get them to actually work in the lessons they were hoping to have a holiday in. After all this you still get blacklisted - ******* joke!!!
  9. Forgot to mention the incidents like - splitting up numerous fights, being shouted at, racist remarks, threats of getting 'banged out' after school.........and this only the pupils!!!
    Normal staff around school expect us supply teachers to shovel up the sh it at every turn.

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