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I got a Job Teaching in a Brooklyn Middle School AMA

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by mgecob, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. mgecob

    mgecob New commenter

    After 2 years of applying for jobs across the United States and North America I got a Job teaching in a Middle School in an under-served community in Brooklyn New York. I'm happy to share my experience and hints and tips for other teachers who wish to work over here.
    Things I can answer questions on
    - Where is best to apply and find information about job opportunities.
    - When is the best time to apply for jobs.
    - Tips for international interviews
    - Things you will require
    - The Visa application process.
    - Experiences I have had since working here
    I will attempt to reply as soon as possible. Look forward to hearing from you.
  2. Boodle789

    Boodle789 New commenter

    Hi! I'm embarking on a search at the moment and would love to hear about your experience! I'd definitely like to know more about where to apply, how to approach schools, the best time and the visa process. Cheers :)
  3. T0nyGT

    T0nyGT Lead commenter

    Genuine question, how do you afford to live in Brooklyn on a teacher salary?
  4. james_1979

    james_1979 New commenter

    Great question! I'm intrigued. I have famy in NY and their HOA alone is $1000USD!
    Wilmthrop likes this.
  5. joe_stewart

    joe_stewart New commenter

    Sent you a PM :)
  6. T0nyGT

    T0nyGT Lead commenter

    This was a truly enlightening AMA. Thanks for doing this
  7. clovispoint

    clovispoint Occasional commenter

    Useful thread so far, real insight into the process and pitfalls :rolleyes:
    T0nyGT likes this.
  8. wrldtrvlr123

    wrldtrvlr123 Occasional commenter

    The real pros know how to let the tension and anticipation build.
    Helen-Back and T0nyGT like this.
  9. mgecob

    mgecob New commenter

    I searched specifically on the NYC Charter school Job board, I found that most international schools have a very specific type of candidate that they are looking for, specifically someone who has spent time working for other international schools in less desirable areas. If you want to skip the Que apply directly to the charter schools themselves.
    Each state has their own systems and the more willing you are to be flexable where you end up the quicker it will take you to get a job. The best time to apply is around now, a VISA takes around 3 months and or longer, so if you wish to start in September you need to be applying now.
  10. mgecob

    mgecob New commenter

    It is not to bad, much as schools in London account for cost of living, so do schools in New York, as a 4 or 5th year teacher with good experience and references you can expect to ask for a good wage and then travel and relocation expense on top of this
  11. mgecob

    mgecob New commenter

    always keen to help those who help themselves!
  12. Mainwaring

    Mainwaring Lead commenter

    At a parents' evening some years ago::

    Me: You're from New York.
    Dad: You can do better dan dat.
    Me: O.K. You're from Brooklyn.

    Altogether now:

    Toyty poyple boyds
    A-sittin' by da coyb
    A-choypin' an' a-boypin'
    An' a-eatin' doyty woyms.
  13. mgecob

    mgecob New commenter

  14. richardwillis998

    richardwillis998 New commenter

    Congrats in the job - I've been looking for over a year. I did get interviews at a EF school in NY but wasn't offered the role.

    I've been toying with visiting the US again and trying to get a license from Commonwealth of Virginia but I'm trying to get my qualifications accredited through a company in Chicago before I do that.

    Well done again. Which Visa are you on - J or H?
  15. mgecob

    mgecob New commenter

    I am currently on the J-1 which is great because is guarantees training and professional development while I work. I'm currently getting my qualification accredited.
    I would suggest looking into charter schools as this is a way to get in without a US masters.

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