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I feel like I don't know what I'm doing anymore!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Salleriano, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    <h2>3.10 EYFS profile moderation</h2>Practitioners and EYFS profile moderators need to be aware that the
    definition of evidence is any material, knowledge of the child,
    anecdotal incident, result of observation or information from
    additional sources that support the overall picture of the child&rsquo;s
    development. <u>There is no requirement that it should always be formally
    recorded or documented.

    This is repeated in the EYFSP 04 Recording Children's Attainment

    and this from the NUT




    /* Style Definitions */
    {mso-style-name:"Table Normal";
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    font-family:"Times New Roman";

    is no requirement to always formally record or document evidence used when
    making an assessment on a continuous basis. The NAA, in its guidance to local
    authorities in 2007, advised: &ldquo;although
    practitioners may choose to record specific evidence in order to secure their
    own judgements, it is their final assessment of the child, based on all the
    evidence they have (documented or not) that informs their completion of the
    Profile and it is this judgement that is moderated by the LA.&rdquo;

    Moderation of the Profile is not about auditing marking,
    as for Key Stage 1, but about helping teachers identify what they should
    observe when the assessment criteria are being fulfilled. The NAA have found
    that evidence presented for moderation was sufficient in the vast majority of
    cases. The &ldquo;Early Years Foundation Stage
    Profile Handbook&rdquo;
    says &ldquo;there is no
    need for extensive collections of evidence for individual children, or for
    individual pupil records.&rdquo;
    NUT members who feel pressurised or are
    required to collect moderation evidence for each child should contact their Regional
    Office for advice.

  2. Hi,
    i so totally agree with all of he points you made.
    i only work in the nursery in the mornings but have up to 39 3 and 4 year olds,and yes i also feel that everything is getting on top of me at times.

  3. NellyFUF

    NellyFUF Lead commenter

    Hooray this thread is up again!
    We are about to be moderated, due to having poor results last year, the focus is on us and on similar schools in similar contexts.
    They want to see our plans with annotations, evaluations and notes about childrens' interests to follow for next plans...........
    ..... hmmm
  4. Have you seen this thread too
  5. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    It takes a brave teacher to stand up and say that's not what moderation is about though doesn't it?
    And as the thread title says the system has got good teachers doubting themselves and why?
    because LAs and advisors are overstepping their brief and making their own rules.
  6. byjingo

    byjingo New commenter

    This is the first time that I have come across this thread and it is wonderful and liberating. In the end I had the chance to move on to an Indie school where I am allowed....no required....to teach the children on a daily basis. We do play as well but I am so happy to be able to teach and not to feel guilty anymore.
    I am in complete agreement with the poster (sorry I did not note the post number) who commented on the lunacy of the obsession with outside play. I loved moving my class outside on a summer afternoon, lock, stock and barrel but I object strongly to being expected to provide play opportunities when torrential rain and a force 9 gale are forecast. OK so I am exaggerating - but not much.
    Thanks to everyone who has contributed and thanks for the honesty which makes the rest of us realise that we are not alone and that we are not incompetent because we cannot and do not want to juggle all the meaningless initiatives that government is throwing at us.
    Debbie, please keep up the great work on behalf so many of us. Thanks.

  7. I am moving from Year 1 to Reception in September. I can't wait to get my head around all this and make a stand! [​IMG]
  8. fulloffun

    fulloffun New commenter

    Good for you Emnemz.
    I have been speaking my mind for quite a few years now and the LEA EYFS team keep a wary eye on me at meetings.I do keep quiet unless they say things that are not correct because there are a lot of new practitioners who need to know the official line.
  9. I've only been in Year 1 since last February but when I look at what the suggested APP materials are it's becoming more like Reception in terms of a post it culture. I'm really not looking forward to making my handwriting smaller for even more post its! [​IMG]
  10. It is 22.57 on a Saturday night and amongst scouring the internet for policies to help with putting a folder to support the Welfare Standards in preperation for the dreaded OFSTED on Tuesday and Wednesday i stumbled upon you article and i LOVED IT! At this late hour it was just what i needed to take the time out to read. You have sumed up current Nursery Practsie to well. I am glad to know i am not alone in my thoughts. Well must get back to the policies, they wont update themselves.
    Thanks Again, and hang in there can cant get any worse for us all surely?........[​IMG]
  11. See below from another thread - Salleriano's topic has been noted! 7 Posted by: Hedda Gabler 30/04/2009 at I looked up Training Advancement and Co-operation in Teaching Young Children,
    It is a very informative website and their response to the interim Rose report did highlight the fact that schools and teachers were under pressure form LEA to have evidence that standards were being raised and thus this had the possibility of making a mockery of the purpose of EYFSP as a formative asessement.
    I think perhaps it may have been the editing of the quote in the article which made it seem to me as though the blame was being put on the teachers.
    </td></tr></table><li class="forumPost oddForumPost"><a name="4523302">[/URL][​IMG] 8 Posted by: debbiehep 01/05/2009 at See paragraph 14.5 from the report below - it mentions Salleriano's popular thread 'I feel like I don't know what I'm doing anymore!'.
    I've always said that everything we contribute on this forum will be a form of evidence and will be read more widely than we imagine. It is imperative that we keep expressing our views and experiences which others can use to inform their understanding. Keep up the good work everybody. What it also does is show that we keep abreast of what we can but actually have minds of our own and that there is no consensus for the status quo even if government likes to kid itself.

    14.5 There is evidence to show that that many reception class teachers are under pressure to deliver results, particularly for literacy, in ways which undermine the early years pedagogy which best supports young children&rsquo;s learning and that reception teachers do not understand how to deliver appropriate pedagogies (Broadhead 2004; Wood 1999; Cleave and Brown 1991; Bennett and Kell 1989). A current blog on the TES website &lsquo;I feel like I don't know what I'm doing anymore!&rsquo; shows the confusion experienced by reception class teachers, and a widespread lack of understanding of early years pedagogy. Completing the EYFS Profile diverts teachers from effective ways of working with the children in their classes, and planning is often not flexible enough to allow for necessary but unpredictable consolidation as well as children&rsquo;s developing interests. One school has reported that places in its nurture group are now being taken up by pupils admitted earlier than previously to its reception class, who are not coping with the resultant stress, and there are many other anecdotal examples of similar difficulties coming from early years advisers, practitioners, school leaders and parents.

    I haven't finished reading the report yet but what disturbs me enormously is the failure of reports like this to understand and acknowledge that the method of teaching reading affects outcomes for summer-born children. This just does not seem to be taken account of in any of these early years debates about 'ages' and 'stages'. The expectation for some early writing in Foundation 2 has so many early years 'experts' up in arms with lots of finger pointing to European countries - with no reference to the FACT that whole language teaching in the early years disadvantages so many children, including boys and younger children, and that we are supposed to be going into a new era of teaching basic skills in literacy (The Simple View of Reading) which will affect the ISSUE of age and gender effects.
  12. A great job Debbie a voice for us all.

    I am still confused and your following statement is just how I feel, even after 12 months of questioning my ability.

    'You put people on failure mode and make them ask the question all the time. &ldquo;Am
    I doing it right? What should I be doing?&rdquo;. &ldquo;What will the
    inspectors/moderators/advisors be looking for?&rdquo;

    I am on the verge of giving up and I think what has all the studying been for. Whilst I try and juggle what the authorities want my own son, I am a single parent, gets the brunt of my exhuastion and confusion (my short temper/replies). This then makes me feel guilty as I love him dearly. I seem to be forever apologising to him. It is only because I like working with the children that I stick at it, but for how long who knows. I really don't want to leave and then look back and regret my decision especially if things do change for the better.

    Thanks for your understanding and time
  13. NellyFUF

    NellyFUF Lead commenter

    Arghhhh Smokey Bandit!
    I hit the baggers with my magic wand on your behalf.
  14. We shall make things better because quite simply things cannot get much worse!

    We must aim for 'simplification' and not 'proliferation' and bring common sense and humanity back to being an early years provider.

    What everyone can do, however, is to make sure that 'I am seen' to be representing a range of people and not just claiming to represent a range of people.
    The more people who actually bother to use this QCA questionnaire in any way that they see fit, the better.
    Some people may well be in support of the systems that we are expected to fulfil in which case they, too, need to complete the questionnaire.
    If people who are unhappy and overwhelmed or who don't agree with the current regime DON'T SAY SO, then how can they expect it to change?
    Please, everyone, support me and others by bothering to complete the questionnaire.
    You just have to download the Word version and then you can complete it how you please. You can see that I chose simply to make comments rather than to answer their specific questions.
    I really do feel like the design of the questionnaire is not based on a finding out mission at all but based on a finding out about the compliance.
    Compliance is all very well if the model was the best model!
    Please BOTHER to support our action.
  15. Help!! I am returning to work after being ill since february. I have approximatley about 10 observations that I have been able to use in the learning Journey books from the supply and TA working in my room. Yes, that is it, about 10 for 3 months work. I think I will have to teach pretty formally to get the children in my class the 'ideal' points on the form. Or maybe I will jsu go to our school woods and stay there and see what happens! Good for a mini beast topic!

    On a serious note though, I have spent 3 days sorting out my room and putting all the toys back into the correct places. I was all for child initiated play, but it is hard to make it work when the space is limited and the children mix up all the maths resources to 'cook' with them.

    And I am only in my 2nd year of teaching. Last year was hard but this time it seems harder as the children in the class seem particularly poor at reading and writing.

    Never mind, I have enough child experience to know that it will click in the end, but it makes me feel useless.

    And I get fed up with my friends telling me that reception is easy!
  16. Oh, I forgot to add, that I find it frustrating that I feel that I am teaching the children some really good stuff, such as linking books and stories to places in the world, eating the foods, using a globe etc and then I don't seem to be able to make my teaching 'fit' the profile, (I can fit to the EYFS goals and objectives, but cannot get the CI evidence). It looks like we do not do anything, but I cannot catch or match to the profile. Is this just me? I like to think that I am fun and we do lots of hands on activities. AghHHHHHH! please tell me that other teachers with lots of experience feel the same.

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