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I feel like I don't know what I'm doing anymore!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Salleriano, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. Danousia

    Danousia New commenter

    I was on a course yesterday and the strength of feeling about this and the conflict that occurs between Reception to Year 1 transition is enormous.
    Feelings were running high to say the least!
  2. fulloffun

    fulloffun New commenter

    I was asked to predict where my Reception children would be at the end of year for my HT's SIP visit
  3. Inky-I think this is in the same ball park, but I am not sure why they are doing it, across the board fro every school.
    What will it achieve- and will people cheat? If you are a good school any way you can't really change the figures- the same 20% or so will have low scores come what may. You can't change human nature and child development.
  4. NellyFUF

    NellyFUF Lead commenter

    I know exactly what to say when they ask meto project (and then of course to improve).
    I will say, oh what a fantastic idea, wait I will get my computer and then I will agree gracefully to a percentage that they suggest and then I will get a cup of tea and consider the rubbish that is our education system. [​IMG]
    Cos I know and you know that we must be proportional to the statistics at the other end.
    So it does not matter what I do, it will be wrong. So I will just agree.
    Tweaking is an art best applied to statistics and percentages.
    When they ask why our predicted improvements did not materialize, or why our figures do no match Key Stage Two progress I will get another cup of tea before thinking of a plausible and professional answer. Particular circumstances or mobility of cohort or staff changes and absences. Maybe.
    The fact that they are not the same children comes no way into it.
    I note with singular delight that Version 3 of the profiles now does include the second year of nursery. Hope it can cope with large large changing cohorts. Here's me, advising others on this forum, that this is not possible, but yes, yippee now I can make lovely graphs for nursery. Yippee. Visions of yellow graphs growing out slowly and questions being asked.........
    I still don't know if yellow stepping stones exist and where they have gone. Are they in Listen and Note? Are they in 30 to 50 months. Why do we have colour bands with age groups on, and then have a computer programme with stepping stones on? I only looked at if briefly, perhaps all will be revealed when I have a further study. Some training would be nice.
    When will they learn that this is not the way to go? When?
  5. Danousia

    Danousia New commenter

    Not yet but i wouldn't be surprised [​IMG]
  6. I've now sent a link to this thread off to Ed Balls, copy to Jim Rose, Nick Gibb and Michael Gove.
    If anyone else would like to add their experience and views, now is the time to do it.
    I suspect the latter three gentlemen will be sympathetic to what we have said.
    In the past, Ed Balls has declined my request for a meeting with him.
    I shall soon ask for another.
    And I'm nearly ready for that Teddy Bear's picnic we considered organising last year.
    If it was a Saturday - who would be game for a picnic outside the Houses of Parliament?
  7. Hmmmm, so it's for the SIP stuff is it? Interesting... although not really, because, as you say Msz, whatever we do will be wrong so it actually doesn't matter at all.
    By the way, has anyone else been contacted by Helen Ward from the TES regarding an article she is writing about the EYFS '6 months on' ? I got an email from her last night asking when would be a good time to speak about this. She said "I think it will be a chance to raise some of the concerns which are evident on the EY forum".
    I presume she does indeed work for the TES as she had my email address. I am intrigued!
  8. Forgot to say, thanks Debbie for forwarding the link to the relevent people and YES! I am uo for anything at all in regard to our campaign and picnic sounds great!
  9. Salleriana - this is a great thread that you started - I do hope that you will respond to Helen Ward's request.
    You have been able to express the situation very clearly and I am sure that you can represent the views of so many people - old and young in service and in different contexts from birth to five.
    Perhaps other people who read this thread would be prepared to contact Helen Ward direct and tell them your experiences and views.
    A rant on this forum is not enough on its own to make changes.
    If people are not happy with what's going on - they really do need to vote with their actions and not just their typing fingers to an online forum!
    Well done, Salleriano - in anticipation!!!!
  10. Actually - I don't think we 'rant' - that sounds demeaning in a sense.....we simply express our views and our experiences.[​IMG]
  11. Well I hope I do us justice! And thank you for your kind words Debbie - I'm looking forward to the day when all of us finally get to meet up!!
  12. fulloffun

    fulloffun New commenter

    she also e-mailed me and I am thinking about replying.
    To be onest I have just got in from and EYFS meeting 6.30-8.30 my LEA run them in different settings.Tonight it was all about filling in a CAFand we sat at tables with big pieces of paper writing down what we had noticed about the problems our settings are having eg children starting with speech and listening problems,over indulged,parenting skills!!!!!!!!
    I did feel abit uncomfortable but kept my mouth shut as the new leader was off on one so to speak.I am not looking forward to being moderated by the new team who seemed to be doing a lot of self congratulating....they seem to know it all!
  13. Of course they know it all - because they make it up as they go along and don't tell any of us! But they love to tell us off if we aren't doing it their (secret) way. Then they get cross. But we don't really know what they are cross about, as they haven't told us what we are being judged against! I am starting to get really addicted to asking questions at these sorts of meetings. I love it when they can't answer!
  14. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

  15. Who is all this paperwork for? I am still totally bemused about why we have to do it. Is it actually a legal requirement to fill in 117 ELG's for 30 children? And is anyone any clearer about what constitutes "enough" evidence?
  16. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    That is the crux. I clear statement that is not buried within all the requirements and guidance of a long document.
  17. Danousia

    Danousia New commenter

    Yes i have.
    Having a discussion on Sunday evening with her.
    Anyone else?
  18. Danousia

    Danousia New commenter

    It's such a relief to read that you don't have any [:D
    You're word is almost gospel [​IMG]
  19. Danousia

    Danousia New commenter

    What are you quoting exactly? We're being moderated next would and would be handy to know.

    Thanks msz
  20. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Not me.

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