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I feel like I don't know what I'm doing anymore!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Salleriano, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. http://www.naa.org.uk/naa_19589.aspx

    This the link which tells you no supporting written evidence is necessary.

    <u>"Practitioners and EYFS profile moderators need to be aware that the definition of evidence is any material, knowledge of the child, anecdotal incident, result of observation or information from additional sources that support the overall picture of the child?s development. There is no requirement that it should always be formally recorded or documented."</u>

    This is the important quote from that link

  2. Thank you Hedda!!! xxxx

  3. Salleriano - re post 38:

    You are a perfect candidate for complaining immediately to your local MP and Ed Balls and whoever.

    I predicted that local authority advisors would turn the 'law' etc. into a monster in this way and now we have at least individuals who are doing this.

    The same attitude was also present in a recent meeting that someone in my local authority attended - sort of 'this is enshrined in law now so get on with it' in effect.

    I can only encourage you (all) to do something about this RATHER than comply.

    I am so frustrated because I am dying to get on with this issue properly using my proposed website and using this strand and 'others' to evidence what is happening.

    Whether or not you actually do something about this insiduous attitude towards observations and evidencing or not, every time you add these "pearls" onto these threads, I can put them to very, very good use.

    Meanwhile, I am beginning discussions with other people about these things. We wish to unpick what is worthy in modern-day professional development and what needs to be rejected.

    We need massively simplified systems and a change of culture.

    These are not small things to demand but I tell you this:

    YOU (ALL) could change what you do at a stroke by simply CHANGING IT.

    At a stroke, you could all simplify what you do and fail to comply.

    Force the advisors government to do something about it if they DARE.

    The government and all the many, many advisors, I tell you, HAVE CREATED A RIDICULOUS MONSTER IN A TERRIBLE JUDGEMENTAL CULTURE.


  4. Just thought I'd bump this up as I still don't know what I'm doing and have had a rubbish week so far. I am fielding criticism from all quarters, much of which is contradictory, and I have barely had time to breathe let alone get my head around our impending target setting and moderation. And I'm changing my planning yet again next week in a last ditch attempt to try to make things work. And please everyone. Somehow.
  5. NellyFUF

    NellyFUF Lead commenter

    Our last timetable change two weeks ago, designed by a group of people who do not even work here, leads me to no focus activity whatsoever. Lots of observation and a little floor mopping. I have no idea of the routine... so I doubt that the children do. Today I had several children in nursery weeping because they could not go outside.................
  6. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Why cou;dn't the, Nelly?
    Have you noticed a lull in these post recently?
  7. NellyFUF

    NellyFUF Lead commenter

    The lull is because everyone else knows what they are doing but not me anymore!
    They can't go outside because we have an L shaped play area thus it is now officially dangerous. Therefore they had to change the timetable and the new rota is affected by other peoples lunch breaks therefore we cannot open the door to outside until 1.30 on some days, today it was 1.45 because YR went to music.. and even then only 12 can go outside and you have to have a band and no one has decided where these are kept, and so the nurseries cannot fathom out what is going on and neither can I. When outside we are supposed to stand where we can see them all and not do anything except supervise. I do really despair. It was also thought that outside was too dirty. ! ! ! ! ! ! ![​IMG]
    the suprising thing is that has always been L shaped and in the past, senior advisors and OFSTED did not have a problem with it. Meanwhile, tots are escaping out of the insecure door at home times .....................[​IMG]
  8. fulloffun

    fulloffun New commenter

    Wonderful thread everyone...I am glad I am not alone in this muddle called EYFS
    our twilight moderater meeting also was unpleasent....'we are going to moderate 50% of settings and not tell you until nearer the time...not tell you the 3 children we will want to see the evidence on.'....I felt sick ...they weren't advisors more like 'Hitlers' some of these moderators are seconded in to do the moderating how can they support such cr+p when they have to try and work it themselves?
    2 years ago when I was last done they wrote positive things about my assessments but wanted to know why I didn't have any long observations on children?I told them I didn't need any!
    Over 20 years of teaching I will fight my corner again!
    I believe in teaching what the children need when they need it it is as simple as that .
    Yet every now and again I think oh heck,just like the vast majority of you posting on this thread...to feel so undemined and worried just can't be right..
    good luck
  9. I think there has been a lull in postings like this because people get so weary of trying to change things and just become resigned to always feeling confused and unhappy. But then every so often we pick ourselves up and return to the fight!
    By the way, after our cluster meeting thing we sent a strongly worded email to the borough (with the head's support) questioning what we had been told and requesting a simple list of what EXACTLY a moderator would consider to be 'enough' evidence, in EXACTLY what form. We were quickly contacted by the borough's head of early years (!) who told us that this year's moderation was not looking for reams of evidence and would be concentrating much more of DISCUSSION with teachers. She also admitted that there were 'mistakes made' last year. It remains to be seen what the actual moderation will be like......!
    Nelly, hang on in there! I still have hope that the madness will ease off one day. Meanwhile I am going to be sent to an 'outstanding setting' to find out how we are meant to be doing it......
  10. BRAVO!

    This is EXACTLY the type of action EVERYONE should be taking.
    This is such an excellent step and 'well done' to you and your headteacher.
    It's time to start 'doing' and not just 'describing'.
    I haven't 'gone away', once again I've just been extremely busy and not had chance to post.
    This is the year when we launch a huge challenge at every level.
    The key part of the challenge has to be AT EVERY LEVEL.
    Everyone needs to question any comments from their senior management which are unreasonable or impractical, from local authority advisors which seem hitler-like and unreasonable (does every local authority have at least one advisor who is really enjoying their extra power embodied in the EYFS law now?), and challenge the government's guidance.
    The DCSF site is labyrinthine and most documents on there are very poor quality and not worth the internet space they take up - and certainly not worth downloading and 'following'.
    They need someone to go through the whole site and delete all the ****.
  11. This is very believable - but totally unacceptable.

    By the way, I'm not that great using the 'quote' facility - so when I submit this, it might have gone wrong!
  12. Certainly 'power' mad![​IMG]
  13. Danousia

    Danousia New commenter

    wow you've described just how i feel most of the time.
    we're going to be moderated soon and i'm dreading it - doesn't seem to matter how much or how long i work there is never enough time to do all the things i need to.
    i'm afraid to say i've given up trying to modify my planning - we've tried so many and each change has made us more and more stressed, we're now sticking to something that we're not sure works as we can't bear another change [​IMG]
    let us know how you get on - GOOD LUCK
  14. Hurrah finally some people who make sense in an increasingly mad world!
    My feeling is that teachers are killing themselves to make this nonsense work, spending hours scribbling labels and sticking things in books. It is unsustainable and largely useless and will eventually go the way of the National Curriculum folders of evidence that every school had stuffed into every available spare space. (some people as old as me will remember filing cabinets and cupboards full of this).I am also impressed at how conscientious, and honest, everyone is with their observations. Some of mine are genuine free choice activities, others are in response to adult suggestions and some are downright following instructions, ie 'just put these numbers in order will you please' but my sticky label reads 'X ordered number cards 1 - 10' - does it matter at all in the long run? they can either do it or not!
    I didn't write a single label today but never mind because what the children do tomorrow will supersede anything I would have written rendering it superfluous and therefore making it irrelevant whether or not it got stuck anywhere! I think I'll have that made into a t-shirt!
  15. Hello
    I can't believe the strength of feeling out there!
    I work In an indep school which preps in year One and is therefore much more formal. We have started becoming less formal in Reception gradually over the last two years. So being relitively new to EYFS my setting has found it quite tricky to get our heads around! We are trying to let the children have free flow indoor and out with an adult literacy or maths (PSRN!!!!!) initiated 'work' activity inside. So far this seems to be working but the constant writing of sticky labels and observations is very new to us and extremely time consumming!!!!! Especially when our children also have lessons in...French,games,ICT, music and swimming!
    I would therefore like to add my voice to the cause!
  16. Danousia

    Danousia New commenter

    Well said and boy do i agree.
    I've just spent two hours after school sticking evidence in their profile books, i've just got home and i'm about to input this shi# into the e-profiles now.
    Think i'm more of an admin person that i am a teacher - that's how it feels at least!
  17. Danousia

    Danousia New commenter

    forgot to add that i'm so please i spent a huge amount of my savings doing the PGCE to hone my admin skills - MONEY WELL SPENT [​IMG]
  18. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    It's a shame Gail balked at the strength of feeling on here.

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