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I feel like I can't handle first grade.

Discussion in 'US – Staffroom' started by ppt2104, Oct 12, 2018.


How can I improve my class control.

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  2. Students behaviors

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  1. ppt2104

    ppt2104 New commenter

    Hello, I would be really grateful for any advise possible to improve. I have been a teacher for some years and I used to love my job, before I use to teach second, third and fourth grade as a Social Studies teacher, but for this year I decide to accept a position to teach in first grade in an international school where I should only speak my native language no english so they will become bilingual, I teach Math, Science, Language Arts and Social Studies. I thought I could be challenging being my first time with 6 years old but it is an small school and I would only have 6 students, so I thought I could do it. But now, I feel like the worst teacher ever. I feel like I don't have control of my class. One of my students is a really aggressive and there are fights that break up in the middle of the lesson ending on him punching or pushing other kids, other one has a really negative attitude, he constantly says that he hates school, everything is boring at the point that if we sing he doesn't do it because is boring, if we play then he hates to play, the same with many things, and every time he says something negative other or others follow the same attitude. There is also a rude attitude against one of the boys, the other students constantly make him feel bad saying they don't like him or making him feel that he annoys them. The other two get some of the same attitudes and constantly cry in the class, and the class is super talkative so I is difficult to do activities with them.
    I am so worry because I feel nothing that I do works. I get home and plan until late night new activities for them but every time I get the same results, I have tried with point charts, stickers, reviewing every day the class rules even in english when I suppose to don't speak on english. I allow the student with more points to pic a game to practice vocabulary at the end of the day like bingo, cards, or songs. I am giving them time for a break that commonly is 15 minutes at the playground if the "recess" word that I write on the board is not erased letter by letter. I am feeling so embarrassed with the other teachers who seem to control so good the students and of course the parents who have been in the classroom as volunteers. At this point I feel that is so hard to get up every morning to come to the school.
  2. dharmabhum1960

    dharmabhum1960 New commenter

    Things to consider changing:
    Seating arrangements
    Time out spots
    Concrete rewards
    Building the relationships between the students by coaching them on how to speak respectfully to each other.
    Flash cards that show them what's ok to say and what's not ok .
    Would any of these approaches help?
    I'd love to know more about your context.
    All the best
  3. ppt2104

    ppt2104 New commenter

    Thank you for your answer, I will definitely put your advice in practice.
  4. You need to stay in first grade, because if you can get the ones who are not respectful to be respectful with some kind of punishment like assigned seating on a bus or in the classroom, no talking during class or that is a point and if they get more than ten points they get a little talking to with you at the end of class, and hand out a list with at least ten rules written on it and if they disobey at least one of the rules they get a point (if you can not tell these points are bad) and those two demonstrations are point builder uppers. You also need to get a toat of prises for the kids who at the end of the week have at least less than 7 points get 1 prise, and for the kids who have three points or less they will get 2 prises from the toat, one of the prises from the toat is their reward for being obedient most of the time, and since you have prises they will want to be good and they will eventually want to be good 100% of the time. Hope this info was helpful!


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