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I feel like a failure today

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by samtscotland, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Generally a really bad week. Had an interview in Monday for senior pastoral role which I didn't get. Feedback from several members of inter yew panel said that I was as good as the male candidate that got it but it was just viewed as 'his time' and not mine. The fact I have a 10 month old makes this comment interesting......

    That aside the pastoral issues continue to fall into my lap. Horrendous disclosure from a student last thing yesterday sent me running for the asst head/ child protection officer. Wrote outa statement of what was said then went in search. Told by admin she was in a meeting and they would pass note. This was 9am. So I go back to class and teach. Send pastoral leader of the kid an email to say I've passed on the issue to be dealt with.

    And then nothing.

    Lunch comes and goes and the child walks into my classroom with that broken and haunted look we all dread. I teach the lesson. They get up to leave and she lingers to talk. I have nothing to say. No action plan. No I've told this person and they will see you now. No nothing. No *** emailled me back no phone call no nothing. Prior to the lesson I ran round trying to get someone to talk to me but was informed by snotty receptionist that smt were in interviews and not to be disturbed. I said it was child protection issue. Big concerns. She gave me another persons name who was not in today.

    So there I am with student. Broken lost student who I cannot help because no one will help me. She walks off with group of friends and looks back at me with big sad lost eyes.

    I cried all the way home.

    We have major management issues at moment. Massive institution. Smt ousted for funny business. Ship a bit rudderless.... But god damn them I will make them listen on Monday. And on tuesday I will start looking for a new job in an institution were the kids come first.
  2. You did all that you could! It might, however, be worth creating a paper trail to avoid future recriminations. Sleep easy Sam and maybe catch up with pupil Monday AM? The profession is lucky to have you x
  3. Sounds like you had a really bad experience. Also, agree with other post - kids need ppl like you in school. Just a note for next time, social services will take phone calls from anyone so perhaps next time you could ring sc yourself and then let SMT know as soon as they have finished with their 'important' meetings? Also, it probably depends on whether the child is already known and who to. I would always aim to share the information as quickly as possible with the appropriate ppl and in this case the appt ppl were otherwise engaged. I would have found someone else. I know this probably wouldn't go down very well in the school but for the sake of the child...

  4. Facetious

    Facetious New commenter

    I think it's the 'massive institution' that's the problem. Kids aren't people in huge places - they're just units and nobody cares. I've found that in my new place. Hate it with a passion and regret leaving the smaller place where everybody cared about the kids. Good on you, Sam. Hope everything worked out today.
  5. How did it go Sam?
  6. DM

    DM New commenter

    I don't understand this thread at all. As child protection disclosures take priority over everything, your SMT would surely be horrified that you felt unable to contact them immediately?

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