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I feel like a dirty wobbly slobby tramp.

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by whistle4it, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. whistle4it

    whistle4it New commenter

    I wonder has anyone else felt like his since giving birth?
    LO is 4 months old, well nearly 5. He is immaculate, clean, so is the house, so are everyone's clothes....yet I look llike sh1t. I recently had my big toenails removed so I am not allowed to get the things wet which means baths are a proper mission, and hair has to be washed over the bath. My hair is snapping and frizzy and I am having horrid night sweats that means it needs to be dealt with every day, except I it takes too long to straighten, wash and dry it. Often, i am just throwing on jeans and a top and having one of the evil baths at night. It takes too much time to do my makeup and I have ridiculous bandages on my toes. I feel like I smell though I don't as I am bathing once a day. My skin is spotty and grey and I have a muffin top. I wonder if my OH still fancies me...I wouldn't!! And I always seem to meet people I know when looking like this and it is downright embarrassing. I didn't used to get all glammed up all the time by any mean but I know what people mean when they talk about women "letting themselves go." It just all seems like so much hassle and tim and i feel guilty if I am doing this when I could be playing with LO. Am knackered from perpetually scurrying round the house trying to get it all done so I crash out when LO has afternoon nap. I have a wobbly muffin top having been a size 10/12 before Archie and it looks pasty and foul, frankly.
    I am FED UP.
  2. I feel like a bag of sh1te too Whistle. I feel like I'm never going to get my size 10/12 figure back. I've borrowed a work out DVD but can't be ***** to do it. Was my birthday on Monday and I was given lots of choc- most of which I've eaten out of boredom and tiredness. None of my clothes fit, I live in 1 pair of jeans which are always covered in LO's eczema cream and sick.
    We should start a club.

  3. hey!
    i feel the same! i ended up getting my previously gorgeous blonde hair chopped off because
    it thinned out, was too much maintenance and was constantly full of baby sick so now i don't feel pretty anymore. my skin is spotty and dry at the same time! i've managed to get my make up downn to 5 minutes though by using tinted moisturiser and no eye makeup except mascara!
    none of my old summer clothes fit me i'm such a frump! i'm eating salads everyday now though and trying to cut down the chocolate. i've started taking baby out in garden in her pram and using the pram handle for balance while i do squats and lunges. i must look silly but the neighbours can bog off if they are watchig!!
    i wish my hpuse was immaculate. i used to stress about house work but i've figured as long as the baby and i have clean clothes and there are enough clean pots to eat for the day it doesn't matter
    ps sorry about the spelling and lack of capital letters - typing one handed while i breastfeed!!
  4. we definitely should, what should we name it?
  5. Umm, brainstorming session needed....
  6. In the last month of pregnancy I only felt comfy in cheap black joggers from Tescos. I was determined when she was born that I had to get some nicer clothes just to make me feel better. Mum came up and took me to primark - amazing how a couple of cardis and dresses made me feel so much better. Love my mum for making me feel better about myself. We're going to a wedding in a week and a half and looking for something to wear that makes me feel vaguely nice was a nightmare - step in the legend that is my mum. Its not an outfit I would usually choose for a wedding but I can breat feed in it and I don't look like a ridiculous barrel.
    I do hope you feel better soon - there are thousands of us out there feeling just the same.
  7. Same here! I put them on to go out and wear jogging bottoms in the house. He was sick on my jeans one morning and I had to stay in all day! I should just go and buy some in a bigger size but don't want to admit defeat.

  8. After the baby we're meant to get smaller!
    At least with a preg tummy it was taut, now it's just wobbles like a big jelly.
    Anyone ever tried DIY liposuction? I've got a good attatchment on my hoover....
  9. Do it!!! That was one of the best things I did after having my third - with the other two I refused to buy a size bigger, but this time I refused to go on the school run everyday feeling awful about clothes.
    I totally recommend Next - order a million styles in every size and find a great pair for £20 all in the comfort of your own home.
    For £20 it's not worth feeling rubbish about tight fitting clothes.
  10. whistle4it

    whistle4it New commenter

    Loving it ladies. Suggestions for the feeling and looking like a cold bag of sick thread?
    And btw I have just had a bath, my toes smell of rotting flesh and are infected again and I have legs like a shire horse. Chewbaka has nothing on me.
  11. Millie dog

    Millie dog New commenter

    my health visitor asked me if i would like to join her slimming world club!!!! [​IMG] cheeky!!!!

    You recently produced entire humans from your insides. That's bl**dy amazing. If your outsides ain't looking quite as foxy as they did before you managed this miracle, it's only to be expected.

    Be gentle with yoursleves. Eat sensibly. Drink a little bit of good wine. Buy something that fits you NOW, wear it and look better in it. You can chuck it out in four months' time.

    You've accomplished an incredible thing. Don't beat yourself up for not looking like you did before you worked this miracle.

  13. I have days when I feel like this, although not every day. I would second the next jeans, their sizes are quite generous, so I was able to get into a 10 even though my size 10 diesel jeans are nowhere near fitting, it makes all the difference to stop wearing the maternity ones!
    My hair and skin have also just gone downhill. LO is 4 months, guess it's a hormone thing?
  14. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    My LO is 10 months old and I still feel like I look like ****. I'm still not back in all my old clothes, despite going back to the gym 4 or 5 times a week since LO was 7 weeks old, and watching what I eat. It really p*sses me off that I got so much bigger as I went to the gym and ate carefully when I was pregnant. It's even worse as i'd just lost 3 stone for my wedding and now i'm doing that hard work all over again. I hardly ever straighten my hair any more and sometimes it looks a complete mess. I don't often get chance to put make-up on (although I never really did wear it often before I suppose). Our flat looks a mess most of the time too
  15. slingshotsally

    slingshotsally Star commenter

    Hi All,
    I feel exactly as OP & all who have replied to this thread.
    I tried to do several things to get my self out of this emotional rut and that has mainly involved getting some new (nice) clothes that fit my new body. I also am attending a healthy cooking course over 5 weeks (once a week) which is run by the NHS trust in my area. It is free and has a creche as well. Perhaps there are things like that in your area too.
    Other than than I have lost 6lbs but I am still a heffa!!
    Take care.
  16. I am so glad I logged on today, I feel like all of you! I am so sick of the jelly belly and still having to wear my maternity jeans (I only have two pairs). I also had really bad strechmarks and the csection wound got infected (still not completly closed)...... I look a real mess!
    On the plus side I have found a really good cream for the jelly belly.....it is taming mine slowly!
    8 Weeks since LO was born and still not sleeping very well so as far as healty eating goes I survive on the three C's, coke (the drink!), coffee and chocolate! I do have a healthy meal at tea time but that is it. I really do not have the energy to eat healthy all day, I need the instant energy boosts!
    I wouldn't even dare to get on the scales yet! But I know I am still about an inch off being able to fasten my pre-pregancy pants!
    That said, we have all done an amazing thing and contiue to be amazing looking after the LO's! I am sure as things settle we will all look fab later on!
    Take care
  17. It's very reassuring to read your posts. I am getting there after 7 months but I still don't feel fully like 'me' yet, I have the jelly belly, stretch marks and just generally lack confidence which is so unlike me! I can just about get into my pre pregnancy trousers but there's the delightful flabby overhang which is just awful. I feel if I buy bigger stuff I'm giving in! I have no willpower to diet. I start off ok but I find I really take comfort in food. Sigh! x
  18. Definitely a club needed. I look in the mirror and think 'I wouldn't fancy me!!! How could I expect my hubbie to!' It's been 8 months now, still in a size14 not 10. Very little time for exercise with working full time too. Also I have the unfortunate genetic deficiency of having veeeery loose skin on my once six-pack filled tummy. It hangs over everything. And varicose veins and saggy boobs. I've told everyone I want to go on Extreme Makeover UK and to sign me up for it!
    Saying I shouldn't mind because I've had a baby is all well and good, but doesn't help. I can't expect my husband to look at me and remember the athletic girl he started going out with and then still fancy me by thinkink 'It's ok, she may look hideous but she performed a miracle.'
    To make me feel better I have my hair done often (which still looks thick thank goodness!) and I'm getting the tattoo I always wanted, hopefull it will detract from my tummy!!!
    I've never been on a diet in my life but may join Weight Watchers in the near future......

  19. I told my hubby I want to be Gok'd!

  20. whistle4it

    whistle4it New commenter

    I vowed to make an effort today.....it is 6pm and I have still not had a bath and my hair smells of last nights dinner. Don't think my plan to have another baby soon will work as I will prob need to pay my OH to shag me!!![​IMG]

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