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I don't want to go in..

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by scaredstudentteacher, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. I had a rubbish day today and felt as though I could tear my hair out. I had a uni tutor observe a lesson and the feedback was so negative that I cried - I honestly couldn't believe myself! Things after that just kept getting worse. I had a pshe lesson and they were so disrespectful that I constantly was telling them off..
    I really couldn't wait to go home today
  2. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    I really know how you feel! My last 10 weeks of placement were horrible! Everything I did was wrong, I worked all hours but it still wasn't enough, my tutor ALWAYS made me cry when they gave me lesson feedback and my class teacher mentor just never explained things to me, choosing instead to go to my tutor and moan for things I'd done wrong/hadn't done at all, so I got told off later. The children were terrible, too. My behaviour management was the worst thing you've ever seen.
    It does get better though! It's not much consolation, I know, right now, but I got an NQT job in a lovely school, had something of a baptism of fire, but got an Outstanding from Ofsted and started my second year feeling really positive. Just hang in there if you can, respond quickly to any feedback and ask lots of questions.
    Good luck. If you want to pm me sometime, then feel free.
  3. Thank you all and a special big thank you to Sillow, this gives me hope. I have a countdown timer on my laptop and a lot of fun things ready to do when I finish placement such as get my haircut, be sociable again etc. I am taking it all one step at a time. I think part of it is in comparison to previous placements etc.

    I just want to get out there and have my own class so my experience still hasn't put me off. :)
  4. oldsizenines

    oldsizenines New commenter

    I felt like that about nearly every placement. Don't get me wrong, the student life was an absolute doss sometimes, and then having to go to placement seemed like a massive pain. But now, I'm an NQT, working my socks off, but loving it - why? Because they're my own class. And you really can't compare that to being on placement. Being a student teacher isn't reality.
    Chin up - good luck - and look forward to things to come.
  5. That's good to hear! I have thought that. It's your own aint it. Can do what you want. I'm getting classes which aren't mine at the end of the day. Student teacher too which the kids love to push! I know teaching aint easy but I feel like I could be a great teacher but I make a poor/average PGCE student! It's bugging me!
  6. I've felt the same on my previous two placements! You are definately not alone!
    The first placement I had no support at all (the class teacher was off sick and I was basically dumped in a class of 30 Year ones as a free supply teacher - and they had a lot of behaviour issues) I wanted to quit especially when my tutor from uni give me a sheet full of negative feedback.
    My second placement was better, I had a lovely teacher, lot of behaviour issues in the class again and another terrible observation from my uni tutor. But by the last week I really found my feet and started to enjoy it! All of the lessons were differentiated right and my behaviour management improved so much! I even went back to help out!
    What I like to do is to try to remember the reasons why you wanted to be a teacher in the first place. Having your own class and being such a huge part of a young persons life and wanting to inspire them to know they can be whatever they want to be.
    Thats what kept me going through all of the tough times, and now I'm starting placment number three feeling more positive and confident (so far!)
    Good luck! =)

  7. I am feeling a little more certain of myself that others are feeling the same. I just have three more weeks left and that is in a reception class which I will anticipate will be a lot of work as I have no experience in the class and uni only really give us inspiration and guidance for ks1 and up rather than foundation stage. ugh.

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