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I don't trust my agency

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Ultrafin, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. I have come to conclusion that I don't trust the people I am employed by, my agency. And it's making me pretty depressed!

    How do you feel about your agency?

    My consultant is lovely, they find me lots of work, and the pay is average for the area. But I just don't trust them.

    Recently all their supply teachers' pay was shifted to an umbrella firm. I refused to claim expenses, so the umbrella firm pays me PAYE. I didn't get a payslip this month, so phoned the umbrella firm, to find they hadn't bothered to tell me my username and password for online payslips. I shouldn't have to chase them up for a record of my earnings!

    The payslips don't itemise my holiday pay (which is actually wrapped up pay), so I have to guess what has been deducted. I'm left guessing each month if I've actually been paid what they said they were going to pay me, or whether I've been short changed.

    My agency tell me my GTCW CRB which they accepted was portable last May, when it was brand new, only lasts a year. I thought it was 3 years. Now the cost of a new one is £52 with them, but £44 direct with the CRB. Oh, and even though I've emailed, texted and phoned my agency no-one will tell me how to apply for one through the agency. I am paranoid that my CRB will expire, and then work will dry up.

    Every time I have contact with my agency, it leaves me feeling highly dissatisfied, and just a little depressed. If I could find a job outside agency supply, I'd jump at it.

    How do you all cope with the shady nature of the supply agency world??
  2. dominant_tonic

    dominant_tonic Established commenter

    Well, firstly, let me say that I have a strong feeling you and I are with the same agency, and I know exactly what you mean. They are all really cool, and I do get loads of work off them. Am always thought left feeling a little bit icky. EG I was late for school last week, and knew I was not going to make it in time -= at least an hours drive away. I rung Agency, and told them, they said they would ring school. They didn't, so I arrived late at school with everyone looking for mw. Mortified does not begin to describe it. I rung when I got home to shout at them, left a shirty messagbe and no one bothered to even call back. I probably was out f order, but then so were they.
    As you say, the pay is about right, the work is there in fairness - I consider myself to be very lucky - and the people are fine. But generally??? Just a few too many glitches where they have definitely been owkring in their favour, not mine or the schools.
    As for the umbrella company goes, I recevied a taxing notice based on 52 weeks of Job seekers! Upon ringing to enquire, the agency sent them a P45, but not one to mw, so tax office assumed I was unemployed. Have contacted them about this, but hey. No reply as yet.


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