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I don't think this is for me

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by anon2047, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. Hi I'm not sure if I can be of much help but wanted to let you know that you are not on your own! I have only just started and am struggling as well.

    My first concern would be for your health and family, if things are that bad it is not worth risking your health. As far as the resignation process goes. I think that you can leave at Easter if you hand in your notice before the 28 Feb although I could be wrong. the other times you can leave are Summer and Christmas but I don't know the dates.

    Your mentor should be supporting you, if not is there someone else that you can talk to?

    Sorry I'm not much help but I do know that everyone on here will support you as much as possible. You have made it through 1 term and it isn't long until half term if you can hold on.

    Keep your chin up!
  2. I have been feeling exactly the same. I can completely sympathise with where you are coming from, the pressures and demands of the job seem to have taken a lot away from the actual enjoyment of doing the job itself. Doing a nine hour day, bearing in mind you are getting to school early to prepare and 'get ahead' as well as staying behind after school also seems to not even make a dent in the workload that awaits when you get home.
    I think the stress and the anxiety from the workload and the responsibility that goes with the job just doesn't go away, to the point where you cannot switch off, which then comes back round to haunt you the next day in class because the motivation and enthusiasm just isn't there anymore! Not to mention it turns you into a monster at home! Thus, all the crying in the evenings/feeling like you haven't got a life. It's because of that I feel I need to leave the profession, surely if I felt that good about it I would be able to look beyond all of the negativity and the feelings of anxiousness about going in the next day?
    It might be worth your while taking a break, just to see whether you could find something you are happier doing and if not, at least that will make you appreciate the teaching profession and could look to go back into it? Or if you can see just a glimpse of light in the end of the tunnel you could go part time, or find a school you feel happier in and more relaxed?
  3. If you possibly could I suggest seeing your NQT year out to get fully qualified. You never know when this might be useful, even if you do leave teaching. Remember the hard term is over now and it gets much easier towards the end of the year when yr 11s and 13s have left and yr 12s are out loads for exams.
  4. No chance of getting rid of the year 9s and 10s as well by any chance? [​IMG]
  5. Hello,
    I just read your post and just had to write to you. I finished my NQT year in July after a real rollercoaster of an NQT year. Honestly, when I started my NQT year, I HATED it. It was awful.... the sheer amount of responsibility hit me like a ton of bricks. I found it massively hard adjusting to the workload, I couldn't gel with the kids, felt like I had no clue what I was doing and most of all, I felt like I had given up on ever having any sort of social life ever again! Thankfully, my school are amazing and all of the staff were massively supportive. Despite this, after several weeks of teaching, I ended up in the doctor's office saying that I just couldn't carry on. It was taking over my life. I was put on anti-depressants too and signed off for 2 weeks. Not ideal considering I had only been in the job for 4 weeks! However, with support from friends, my fiance and the staff, I went back after my two weeks at home and took it step at a time and gradually I realised that I actually could do it. Don't get me wrong, I was scared stiff walking back into school after the embarrassment I felt after being signed off, but I am so thankful that I didn't give up. I was so close to jacking it all in. I just could not see how I could ever enjoy it. But, it is true what they say. It really does get easier. The planning gets quicker, the assessment gets more understandable and easier to manage, the kids gel with you and you actually begin to enjoy work.
    I am not just saying this but I too felt like you did. I used to drive to school thinking 'what if I had a crash? Then I would get some time off.' It isn't right and no job should make you feel like that but your mind takes over through stress and worry. I was the same. However, if you take a step back, think it is only a job and it would not be the end of the world if it didn't work out. But, please do try again and give it a really good chance before making any decisions that you could possibly regret later on. Something that really helped me and still does some days is when you get to school, take a deep breath and think of your day as 1 lesson at a time. Don't stress about science after lunch or RE after break, just focus on 1 hour at a time. It sounds weird but just thinking like that really took pressure off me and helped me to relax a little.

    If you want to chat about things or just vent some frustrations then please feel free to email me.
    J :)
  6. Hi,

    you have made me feel a bit better. I am off sick after less time than you and find myself thinking about turning around etc on the way to work in the car. I am dreading going back, and the thought of lasting the 8 weeks or so until Easter when I can get out is making me feel worse.

    Hopefully Things will get better for me too although the support doesn't appear to be there, I am so pleased things worked out for you and thank you for posting such a positive post!

  7. Hi,

    I have just resigned from my maternity cover as an NQT. I so sympathise with how you feel. I completed my PGCE in June as a mature candidate and was really excited to get a part-time job. But even without the workload stress that full-timers have, I found the BM incredibly hard and stressful and badly strained my voice. After years in other professions, I am absolutely shocked at the conditions that teachers have to tolerate. And the bullying is not just amongst kids - I am stunned at the unsupportive attitude of some on Senior Management, and how degraded, humiliated and isolated it can make you feel. I felt awful at the idea of letting the children down, but it got to a point where I decided it just was not worth the intense misery any more. I am incredibly lucky to be on one week's notice and can afford to hand it in. I went in to teaching to have a really rewarding, fulfilling second career - what happened?? Any suggestions about alternative, less stressful part;-time work welcome. I think the British education system is a disgrace and really bad for children to have their teachers in such a miserable situation - I worked flat out from 7.45 to 5.30 with 10 minutes for lunch and barely a chance to go the the toilet (how dare they ask teachers to do break duty!!!), and then several hours more in the evening - had no time for my own family. I am now rediscovering what it is like to be a human being and have time to smile at my son and hear the birds sing. There are other much easier jobs out there - personally I think you should all refuse to put up with it any longer - teachers are treated much better in other countries and so they should be - if they are struggling to cope they need support, advice and training, not assessments and criticism!! Sorry to rant, but I am so angry for you all out there - enough is enough.
  8. Georgia99

    Georgia99 New commenter

    I relate to so many comments on the thread. I have thought about how much easier it would be to be in an accident on the way to work to avoid going in....when my alarm goes in the morning I wake up and feel sick, I lie in bed until the last possible minute and end up going into school looking a mess as I have no time for makeup.
    My reasons are behaviour and an unsupportive school, I think I'm making progress with Yr 10s but like today they just ran riot and were actually trying to stir up rumours and cause trouble for me by texting students in other classes to say I had accused students of different things (all made up). Today they even started saying things like 'what you gonna do about it' when I picked them up on behaviour. I have followed school sanctions, parents have been called and letters sent, they have had hod detentions and been put on report but nothing has worked. Nearly all my teaching is Yr 10 too!
    I am so stressed and anxious that I feel ill and this is aggravating an exisiting neck and back problem I have from an accident last year. I have just been referred for an Orthopaedic assessment.
    I have decided to hand in my notice next month to leave at Easter, the maternity contract is due to end the half term after that anyway. It is a huge risk financially but I am determined to get another job because if I continue doing this I will have a breakdown. Lots of theachers in my school are off with stress, speaks for itself.
  9. GloriaSunshine

    GloriaSunshine New commenter

    "texting students in other classes"? Nooooo! Take the phones away and lock them up in an office. Give them back at the end of he day with a warning. Second offence, parents have to come in and collect. Might need to check it fits in with school policies but definitely do not alow texting in class or all is lost!

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