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I don't like food

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by anon4561, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. I genuinely don't like eating food. It annoys me. Hunger annoys me. I DO eat (fairly) well in the evening, when I'm more relaxed, but during the day...I just can't be bothered. Breakfast (on some days) consists of one of these milk-shake things, lunch may be more what I call 'baby-food' , a yogurt, or little pre-packaged fruit thing....I need to eat in very small quantities.... a large plate of food terrifies me! I don't need any trolls on here telling me that I HAVE to take better care of my body...I KNOW this and it concerns me....but I'm just curious to know if I'm the only person that feels this way?
  2. If you know this and it concerns you then you NEED to get help.
    The people in the past who have said that you need to take better care of yourself are not trolls, they are caring people.
    You may find that the more you post about how little you eat without wanting anybody to offer help/support then you may find those kind caring posters will diminish.
  3. Sorry! Didn't mean to imply that the people who care about me are trolls...I just meant that I didn't want to start this thread and get people (trolls) saying "for god sake's get a life and start eating..." I was just curious to find out if anybody else doesn't genuinely like food.....or am I seriously weird in this? Because i googled it recently and it said that people who don't like to eat are either anorexic by proxy, or trying to commit suicide by starvation...I don't think i fit into either of those categories...I just can't be bothered eating!
  4. It doesn't sound very 'normal' to me. Yes, sometimes I can't be bothered to do anything to eat, but I will and sometimes I just forget to eat if I am so busy my mind is otherwise occupied but on the whole I enjoy food.
  5. No, I know this is not "normal"!! I know i'm abnormal...which is why I'm hoping someone else will come on to say that they have food issues too.....so I don't feel quite so alone!
  6. Yes, I am underweight....Thanks for all your responses...it's probably just a stress thing....when I was on holiday I became completely ravenous!
  7. Please do not worry. There is so much in the press about overweight and over eating that it can make you feel different to under eat, but it's not,I am exactly the same.
    I cannot stand huge plates of food they too scare me. I am slightly underweight but happy, healthy and never off sick! I eat just like you - I am a PT Teaching Ass with 3 of my own, eating is just not always a priority for me. I try to eat quick high calorie snacks at school but often forget!!
    Sometimes people at school on meals out etc comment but I am past caring what anyone else thinks. My friends don't see anything wrong with it as they know me!
    You know your own body and you know if and when you need to eat ( you will understand what I mean). We can live on very little!
    If you are happy and healthy just be you! You are not alone though!!

  8. Thank you everybody again......Coiffeekid.....I'm starting off with your advice and have just bought lots of healthy little nibbles so that I can graze during the day...and try to increase my food intake......Lily.....you're spot on....as ever. Yes, I am absolutely looking for reassurance that my abnormality is really quite normal......I do know it's not, deep down, which is probably why I started thread I guess (subconsciously) Lulaloo.....I'm not actually particularly happy or healthy, so think I should try and address it, but thank you for reassurance..... Doctor did send me to a dietician years ago, when my cholestorol was too low, and her height/weight chart said I was underweight. DIetician said that I was eating less than a weight watcher's diet....which wasn't good given that I was already underweight! I should have mentioned that I'm wheat intolerant, which contributes to the problem..., as things like sandwiches during the day just are just not an option. (yes, I know there's gluten free bread..and I have some in freezer...but it's just not the same and I don't particularly like it!) Anyway, thank you all again....New Year's Eve...and a time for resolutions....so I guess putting on weight is mine!
  9. Sorry, pinkflipflop....missed yours! But yes, I do think i have an eating disorder, but not one which is concerned with losing weight..i just have strange ideas about food.... but as I said, have bought lots of 'grazing food" and will try to get over it......and if I don't over the next month or too...then I will see a doctor. Promise....!
  10. is it that you don't like food or is it related to the wheat intolerance and that most people can make a sandwich, cold pasta pot ect whereas you feel its an extra effort.
    do you ever feel sick or have other symptoms.
    when i was younger i would worry alot, if i worried i didn't eat and then if i didnt eat i would be worried about the not eating. nowadays i make sure i eat something every meal, wether i want it or not.
    when i was in hospital being nil by mouth was like torture because of my previous problem. when i woke up the next morning i ate everything, deperate to aviod falling into the cycle.
    i know its difficult but you should be eating no matter wether you want it or not, because you stomach has shrunk it waill allow you to let it function on a yoghurt to substitute a meal. fill a lunch box full of nibbles and try to ensure that you eat this throughout the day.
    don't just take the yoghurt as you are not giving yourself an opportuinity to eat anymore
  11. this seems like a good idea.
    previously when anxious i would be sick and i hate being sick, then i wouldn't eat and would feel sick because i hadn't eaten and it would just go round and round. i remember a time when i had got so worried about something that all i felt like eating was spring rolls and for about 4 days only ate spring rolls!
    when i was in hospital last week i was terrified that this would happen so i had to think positively about it and eat everything that i was given/offered.
    i think i have outgrown this worry thing. i had 2 1 hour treatments of hypnotheraphy which i never thought would work, but i just found myself ignoring my body and its response to worry and just getting on with things. i read a book called self help for your nerves and it helped me as i am very science orientated really and it explains why you feel like you do when you are worried etc. i didn't always feel worried but i think that i was actually always in a constant state of worry without realising if that makes sense.
    if you weren't wheat intolerant i would say to get a school dinner everyday.
  12. I would say do worry if a big plate of food scares you. Human beings are justified to be scared of cancer, dealth, a pack of wolves, etc. Food in any quantity should not scare a healthy, happy person.
    Also, as Lily says, it is customary for those with eating disorders to find like-minded people to gain peace of mind. This website may be of some help: http://fishyvb.something-fishy.org/
  13. Hi annieboxed in,
    I can relate to what ur saying, i also dont eat much. I drink allot tho, do you?
    My appetite is tiny and can sometimes only manage a couple of grapes. I'm not anorexic and i wouldn't worry about what others say, i'm not. I am underweight but not to fussed about it.
    Let me know how you get on. Feel free to keep in touch.

  14. And thanks for link...I just had a look...but got a bit freaked out! The word's 'eating disorder' scare me.....I will look at it later promise xx
  15. The term eating disorder only suggests that there is a disorder with your eating. As well as the scary disorders there are loads of small disorders.
  16. Thanks kangaroo.poop. I'm back on anti-depressants, and I think that my help....i DO think that it is stress related, or started out that way......seeing doc in two weeks, and if I'm not eating more by then, I'll talk to him about it.....thanks
  17. neli

    neli Occasional commenter

    Just a quick warning OP, when you don't eat on a regular basis your internal organs have nothing to do so they start to die off. This leads to the obvious. Talk to someone ASAP x

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