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I do not want to work with a man

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Teacher1974, May 11, 2011.

  1. I've worked with a few men, as we are lucky to have quite a few male teachers in our primary school. I'm female and really enjoy working with men. We're going to trial him having the boys in his room to change for PE and me having the girls, he does the football for me as I have no idea and would much rather do netball (stereotyping, I know but hey, I love netball!!), he comes up with completely different lesson ideas to me when we have our PPA together and I know a lot of his ideas appeal more to the boys, just like some of mine appeal more to the girls. Together, we make a well-balanced team. We joke around a lot and the children really enjoy seeing a good healthy relationship between a male and a female - which is more than many of them see at home! Fingers crossed we get to stay together in September!
  2. I wonder whether the tone of this thread would be different if she had stated she didn't want to work with a gay, black or disabled person? Or if it was a man not wanting to work with a woman.
  3. SAM1CH

    SAM1CH New commenter

    Of course it is great for children to see adults interact in a healthy manner. For many children, school is the only place they can feel happy, and know that they are safe. I have a male TA, and he is known as my work hubby... last year he came to my son's birthday party with his two sons, so joy for me... lots of boys running and roaring round the joint and TWO husbands, whoo hoo! Wouldn't be without them!!! My TA is a great help but he can't spell for toffee and he fist pumps the kids which are my two 'Bite the tongue' issues.

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