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I do not like controlled assessments. Do you?

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by ICT Don, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. ICT Don

    ICT Don New commenter

    First half-term exam theory. Then for the remainder of the year skills building then block of CA time, alternating between the two until completion.
  2. IGCSE is your friend, in this case.
    GCSE Exam boards say students need around 40 hours. IGCSE assesses the same practical skills in 2 x 2h30min terminal practical exams, plus a written paper.
  3. Another issue about CA. I suspect there is a lot of 'looseness' in adhering to the time limits. I think this is one area that makes controlled assessment a bit of a farce. Who the hell is going to getting a stopwatch out? I just don't believe that many schools will be strict with this and in a desire for students to complete work there may be a strange 'time stretch' going on.
    The rigid controls on CA is well intended but make for a farce. I can't believe that more fuss isn't made of the ridiculous and impractical rules. Perhaps we are all just 'getting on with it' at the moment, but surely there will be a big backlash as the penny drops. I am starting to think that a thorough end of course exam (inclusive of practical) isn't such a bad idea.

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