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I confess ...

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by gemxgcw, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. gemxgcw

    gemxgcw New commenter

    I'm 13+3 today.

    I confess I keep poking my boobs to see if they're sore!
    I confess I keep checking my bump (or lack of) everytime I walk passed the mirror at the top of the stairs.
    I confess I google everything and then panic at what I've read - I really should know better.
    I confess I spend far too long worrying that something is going to go wrong with my pregnancy.
    I confess I have a new addiction to crunchy nut cornflakes!

    Ooh, that feels better!
    :) x
  2. GemLP

    GemLP New commenter

    oooh I remember this feeling from my first pregnancy - I got VERY addicted to the sites that show you a week by week development of your baby!!
    I also panicked EVERY day about what can go wrong - I think its a normal protective instict in you!
    Congratulations!! BTW!! You should join the autumn 2011 thread - lots of people due around Sept / Oct - I have posted there for the first time today [​IMG]
    And my own confessions...
    I confess that I keep checking to see if my trousers are tighter
    To having a sneaky nap when I got home yesterday and setting the alarm so the OH wouldnt find out...
    To having a ridiculous addiction to crunchies!
    To loving the fact it is a secret that no one knows about yet!!

  3. dilly_84

    dilly_84 New commenter

    Hehe, this is brilliant!
    At 18+1 I confess that I am starting to use the 'pregnancy card' to get out of things I'm not keen on doing.
    E.g. Going to dull family social events...opps, I have to leave really early as i'm just, like, soooo tired from being pregnant. (this worked a treat over christmas) [​IMG]
    I can't possibly take the rubbish bag outside as it's sooo heavy and I'm, ya know, pregnant!
    Changing the cat litter??!! It says in my book that I can't do it! Nope, not even with really thick rubber gloves on...sorry OH [​IMG]
    Wonder what else it can be used for....we might as well use it to the hilt as it's only for a few months! (That's my excuse anyway and I'm blimmin well sticking to it, hehe)
    Dilly x

  4. I confess that now my symptoms have calmed down, automatically that MUST mean something is wrong. My boobs aren't as sore, and I have a bit of energy. Is that right??
    I confess that I look at my bump nearly 5 times day and worry that it's not growing anymore [​IMG]
    I confess that i've had fish n chips 2 days in a row, take aways nearly every other day ooops.
    I confess that I also can't take the rubbish out... because of germs! I too use the 'pregnancy card' to make my husband do more housework... with a little success.
    I confess that i'm counting every minute, hour, day until my dating scan... 4 DAYS to goooo!! [​IMG]
  5. GemLP

    GemLP New commenter

    This thread is really cheering me up [​IMG]
    Dannii - it is normal to go in cycles of energy - with my first I felt dog tired for 13 weeks then had a really long time of feeling great before I got huge - embrace the energy - it wont be long before it has gone again!!!
    I confess that although I have only JUST had a positive test that I have spent nearly the whole hour of my PPA time on baby gender predictors and baby names sites!

  6. GemLP

    GemLP New commenter

    Ooh and another confession:

    I am still carrying the two positive tests in my bag and sneaking a peek and smiling to myself!
  7. I confess:
    To faking the natural glow im suposed to have with glow job and blusher.
    To using pregnancy as an excuse to be, my normal fussy self when it comes to food.
    To seeing the midwife with every little concern. I think im already labelled an anxious mum!
    I also use the pregnancy card to get out of things I dont want to do: boring socials, cleaning (fumes are dangerous, hoover is too heavy to take up stairs)
    To being stroppy one minute and cheery the next.
    To calling my mum crying when I watched one born every minute because the Polish girl poohed herself 3 times in labour.
    Oh I could go on.

  8. I confess that despite hating pregnancy and the fact that my gorgeous little girl is only 12weeks I am already thinking about when to try for number 2!

  9. I confess that although I am supposed to be VERY busy and totally overwhelmed by having a ten week old baby to look after, I spent all afternoon watching reruns of Location Location Location and reading ridiculous threads on discussion forums (and non-ridiculous ones on TES obviously!) while she slept in her pram!
    But I told my OH it had been a hard day and that's why I'd opened his last bottle of wine!
  10. I'm going to nullify your confession ladybug3 by suggestion that, looking back, the time I spent on discussion forums during my maternity leaves was time well spent. It was precious time to think about motherhood (and a bit of life the univese and everthing) that doesn't come along often during the prime of our life.
    You may have noticed that 7 years on....... I'm still at it! [​IMG] There were gaps though - like when I was working full time and being a single mum!

    Oh now I see - the confession was in the last line [​IMG]

  11. I confess to all of the above!!![​IMG]
    And, that after jumping on OH every other night for the past seven months whilst TTC, now that I am almost 8 weeks, he has been kind of made redundant in that dept as I am too worried that anything might go wrong (irrational I know!!)

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