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i can't sleep!!! :(

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by Lilyofthefield, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. It all sounds a bit vague. In what specific ways has your HOD's perceived lack of leadership actually impacted on you? Have you been doing his job for him?
  2. bnm


    I will sound harsh and I am sorry but I do speak as someone who also suffers with work related anxiety and insomnia....here goes.
    It is YOU that has the problem, not your HOD. He may or may not be good at his job, but the key here is how you respond to the situation of having worries at work. You can't change him and how he works but you can change your response to it. Doing more exercise and seeing your GP are good moves, but if I were you I would work on how you leave work at work and enjoy being at home.
    Some tips I use...
    • on your way home from work each day find 3 positives about the day that you can congratulate yourself on
    • if something is preying on your mind, get out your laptop and write it all down (I sometimes send myself e-mails from home to work, it gets it out of my system and then it's still up to me if I choose to act on the e-mails or not)
    • have paper and pen by your bed to jot down those "must remember" things that leap around the brain at night
    • stop all work at least an hour before you go to bed and do a chill-out activity followed by a bath just before you go to bed
    • if you are not able to drop off after half an hour or so get up, make a cup of de-caff and read a book for a while before trying to go back to sleep
    Good luck.

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