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I cant manoevre.

Discussion in 'Personal' started by countrybumpkin, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. countrybumpkin

    countrybumpkin New commenter

    I am exactly the same. I'm a good driver and very safe but as for parking and getting out of parking places ...
    I have been driving 11 years so I think I'm beyond help!
    On several occasions other people - including random strangers have had to get me out of a space. It's a good job my car is worth nothing because they could have just driven away!!
  2. Hi
    I know just how you feel- I have been known to circle the car park several times in order to find a "suitable space"!can I suggest 2 things that may help-
    • a driving lesson- yes I know you have passed your test but a lesson with a different driving instructor who may teach you some of the tips of the trade that the last one failed to teach you!
    • a different car- I am much better in a neat hatchback when I can see the ends of the car and the sides dont bulge out too much! Or get a really expensive car with an inbuilt camera that shows whats behind you as you reverse on a neat little screen, been in a friends and its magic.
  3. Not so good as parking, though have never had to get someone else to park for me! I frequently have to drive a long way around a car park until I can find a space big enough.
  4. My old car was smaller and had a better turning circle and I didnt seem to have as many problems, but new car is long and has turning circle of a f*cking tractor.
    That and im just rubbish at it!
  5. lurk_much

    lurk_much Occasional commenter

    Get a car with parking sensors, apart from falling into big holes you lose the worry that things can go wrong. I tried one the other day and it had a screen that overlaid the position of obstacles onto a birds eye view of the vehicle. I tried it against a few different objects and the red zone was around 230 mm from the bumper. It was a nice device. I can park but it made it much easier.

  6. Im okay with where the back of my car is when reversing - its the sides and the angle of entry that I cant do!
    I have never ever swung my car into a parking space neatly, and just dont understand how its done.
  7. I can do all four but find it hard to explain. I would have to show you.
    The trick to parallel parking is to look in the middle of your rear window and just as the middle middles up, so to speak, turn your steering wheel in the other direction. You get in dead straight then.
    You also need to pull up close to the car ahead before you move in, at car length and then turn the steering wheel until the middle point is reached.
    Then turn in the other direction.

  8. Once I put my car in reverse I might as well just shut my eyes.
    No matter how many time I am told, shown, demonstrated to, talked through it, it takes me ages to parallel park straight and anywhere near the kerb, and more importantly, I have no idea why it worked/didn't work this time when it did/not all the others. I can't judge how far I am from the kerb even with the mirror angled at it. And as for reversing into a space between two cars - do what??? My back end's in the parked car's door before I know where I am.
    On the other hand, I've never had an accident, not so much as a speeding ticket and can always find somewhere else to park.
  9. On the two occasions I have actually parallel parked straight and next to the kerb in a normal sized space I have taken a photograph on my phone as evidence - how sad/bad am I?
  10. I did the same! Wanna see it?
  11. captain oats

    captain oats New commenter

    I am exactly the same, I cannot do any type of parking!

    I have been known to drive around car parks until I can find 2 or more spaces together so I can just drive in.

    I haven't done parallel parking since I learnt to drive 4 years ago!
  12. och wimmin!
    It is so bleddy easy once you know how!!!!
    I shall have to organise a meet. CQ's private parking lessons for silly wimmin.
  13. My late father-in-law suggested getting some hay bales for me to practise reversing between so i wouldn't be so anxious about bumping someone else's car. But then he died.
  14. lol I also drive round until I find a nice big (3 cars at least) gap and/or park miles away and walk. Its okay for shopping as you can always just drive further but places like garages where they're all good drivers and stand there watching you really stresses me out!
    I thought id be good when I got home and reverse onto the drive (its very nearly 2 car widths big) and I still had to straighten up before I ended up in the wall.
  15. Its luck of the draw whether I park well or not...and I text my parents if I manage a parallel park first time! I have a 3 attempt rule, if I cant park after that I give up and have to drive off (if someone is behind me I only give it one go) I think us women are too conscious about what others think and panic!
  16. I'm the same. I get a little panicky feeling when I know the end of the journey is coming up and I will have to...park!
    It's the only thing I'm rubbish at, so I just take my time and keep getting in and out of the car, or asking perfect strangers to help!
  17. If you do have a parking sensor whatever you do don't rely on that and that alone when reversing. The gentleman who reversed his merc into my car while I was filling up with petrol learnt that the hard way....[​IMG]
  18. marshypops

    marshypops New commenter

    Seriously, why not book a driving lesson in your car? Many instructors will at least give you some help/ confidence/ tips on how to do it properly in a larger car.

  19. ouch-
    does anyone else practice drive through parking where you look for 2 spaces one in front of the other so you can drive in the back one and drive out the front one with no need to reverse?
  20. I can reverse into a space to the left both bay and kerb

    To the right, however ... NO WAY ... that is simply impossible

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