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I can't believe the way I was spoken to by an agency!

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by capricorn_1, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Check if the agency has a Chartermark or some such bureaucratic "badge". If they have, write a letter to the organising body, copy it before you send it, send the letter signed for delivery, put only the facts of the case, emphasise your husband's committments etc, but be factual. Wait a week or two (it's Easter!). If you have the name of the clerk who spoke to you, put that in. Wait and see, do not worry about being bad mouthed. Do not tell/confide any of these facts to another agency. When you are ready, contact other agencies and go from there. If anybody comments, which they probably will not, be relaxed about it, but not off-hand and say as little as possible about it but something to the effect that "due to your husband being posted to wherever, family commitments prevented you from taking up the post".
    Email the school, put everything in writing, keep copies of everything you send, explain the situation and emphasise that the agency is well aware of the situation and have told you that they will find a replacement.
  2. That is a disgusting way to treat somebody! [​IMG]
    I wonder if the agent you spoke to would dare speak to a school like that if they'd pulled out of some long term work that had been promised to a supply teacher. I very much doubt it!
    I think your first port of call should be the office manager of the agency and explain your situation and tell him/her how you were treated by the consultant. If this doesn't sort it out and you don't get an apology, which I feel that you are more than entitled to, I also like capricorn_1's idea of writing to the chartermark people.
    I've just got a job, 2 days before the start of the Easter holidays, so I'm leaving supply. My agency had already lined up some long term work for me, which has been arranged since February and would have been starting next week. When I told them that I wouldn't be able to do it due to my new job there was no rudeness or being horrible. They were lovely and congratulated me and said how they were happy for me and how I deserved a permanent job. They actually couldn't have been any nicer! It just goes to show how awful some agencies and consultants are.
  3. The way I see it is, you have a life she doesn't. I'm with two agencies, and the only way they found out about each other is by sharing a CRB. If you seek employment from another agency just apply for a new CRB.They need not know that you have not been working else where. I also, as an ex seviceman, feel you have every right to put your family first. Some of these office bound people need to find out what life is really like.
  4. This sort of behaviour is totally unacceptable, rude, intimidating and bullying! The bullies must not be allowed to get away with it!
    Your email is a perfectly valid and reasonable way of communication in explaining yourself and situation.
    You emailed the egency "first thing" ( as you say) and it is the agency's fault for not reading that email!
    I would make a complaint to the highest level of this particular organisation and demand an apology. If you do not get some sort od apology thenwrite again with copies to:
    • Your union rep including the editor of the periodical
    • Your local MP
    • The Director of the LEA
    • The HT of the school concerned
    • The chairman of governors at the school
    • The parent governor and others that need to understand that this sort of behaviour is totally unacceptable...
    NEVER, NEVER BE INTIMIDATED BY THESE BULLIES. This agency needs to be brought down and their devious, unfair and exploitative employment practice exposed and publicised.

  5. Whilst I totally agree with your statement re bullies and your suggestions as to whom to write to as bullies operate secretly, therefore the more people whom you can beckon to come and look through the secret, hidden window (of bullying), the better it is - but the original poster is not in a permanent post and therefore her position is that much weaker. If she wishes to involve other parties, then perhaps she should consider the headteacher & the agency manager & the chartermark if applicable. Separately, there seems to be a trend on this site of referring to the clerks who work in the supply agencies as "consultants" and in some cases deferring to them. These so called "consultants" are nothing more than clerks, they are not normally teachers, they do not usually have CRBs. Therefore, the more you empower these people by referring to them as "consultants" etc, the more they will feel inclined to behave such as the individual did to the original poster.

  8. Bullies and intimidators hate being exposed hence the need for openness, transparency and honesty.
    A carefully worded letter of complaint with the evidence that you were not remiss in any way particularly to the highest level i.e the "director" of this company/agency [and copied to others who may not have at present any concern] will be educative in manners to ALL!
    Permanent post or <u>not</u> rudeness and bad behaviour must not be tolerated.
    We as supply teachers as well as other temporary workers must not and cannot be treated in this way! Principles and acceptable behaviour are far important than trumped job titles!

  9. brunetta

    brunetta New commenter

    OMG! I can't believe how rude the woman at the agency has been [​IMG].How awful for you.
    I can't add to anything anyone else has told you but as an NQT doing supply with children of her own I have some understanding of how difficult arranging childcare is. With a husband in the armed forces and everything else going on in your life... well,...I take my hat off to you.
    I really don't see what's wrong with an email - I've occasionally emailed an agency myself. It just means that I can advise them of something nice and early or the previous evening before I get distracted by whatever goes on during the day. How many times have we thought about calling someone and then not getting round to it, even when it's important?
    You've been professional, the woman at your agency hasn't.
    I can't say that I've loads of experience of agencies but I don't think any of my agencies has contacted another one. Usually they're all catty about each other.
    Just wanted to give you my support and send you a hug.
  10. Tell me where you are PLEASE.
  11. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Unfortunately this is all probably going to change after re-organisation, most schools tell me they'll be making 'alternative arrangements' from next Sept. so wouldn't recommend relocating. All secondaries will be Academies & will be providing internal cover & most Primaries already use HLTAs -in fact I haven't had a phone call from a Primary since last year!
  12. Thank you for your responses, it has been a great comfort. I was really upset [​IMG]initially after the phone call but on reflection what is the worse they can do! As it happens theconsultant in question telephoned me the following morning, with a half baked apology. She also wantd to know what it would take for me to take the position, so I told her and lets just say I have heard nothing since.
    My family has to be my priority and many of these consultants have no idea of the commitment of taking a long term post on supply and having young children. If this post had been closer I would have bitten their hands off, even with my husband being away. However, I am not prepared to do a 11/12 hour day (time travelling included) and keep my son in someone else's care for over 4 hours a day, not unreasonable! As I said previously I have had a few jobs fall through but you accept that, because you have no redress but to be accused of being unprofessional was unacceptable and after the agency phone call yesterday....somewhat desperate!
    Thanks again, so much appreciated.[​IMG]
  13. Pennyforyourthoughts

    Pennyforyourthoughts Occasional commenter

    For you to travel 100 miles a day is rather excessive and I would suspect that the agency was chuffed to bits toget work that would normally be in another agencies catchment for work. Therefore the consultant might be feeling that ....
    1. She should have looked at her Emails earlier
    2. She did not have anyone as flexible or willing to take on a position travelling 100 miles a day.
    3, She had lost out on a job that a closer agency may well be able to fill,
    4. She may well be paid bonuses for positions filled
    5. She may well be suffering from stress............. finding supply teachers at last minute within a short time frame can be stressfull
    That aside she should not have let her stress affect the way she spoke to you ... after all YOU ARE HER BREAD AND BUTTER.... without a bank of happy and loyal supply teachers she will put her agency out of business and with any luck herself as well.
    As for other agencies............ its a small world........ and no doubt they will already know about her and the way she deals with clients and staff... bad news travels fast without any need to name and shame.
    You have nothing to fear .... its the nature of the supply profession.

  14. I have also experienced unreasonable treatment and appalling rudeness from agency staff. I found the agencies' head office, managing director, REC and Quality Mark difficult and unhelpful. My local authority and trade union were respectively difficult and unsupportive. It is difficult to know where to turn next. Statute is urgently needed to protect supply teachers, but appears unforthcoming.

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