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I can see clearly now ...

Discussion in 'Personal' started by giraffe, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. giraffe

    giraffe New commenter

    Now you need a cord to hang them round your neck.
    And you can peer over them in an intimidating way in all sorts of situations...
  2. Nooo, I keep resisting the cord. Had to get glasses a couple of years ago and am starting to need them more and more. That or print is getting smaller and smaller. But I don't want to get a cord and admit that I am getting older. Still resisting, although I think the number of times I lose them in a day is increasing and people are probably starting to think I am just going senile anyway. Oh Granny cord or senile. :/

  3. Welcome to the Dark Side [​IMG]

    Or a pair like Sid's on CSI: NY that click together over your nose ... quite like the idea of those myself ...

  4. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    Ummmm I like to think a cord for your glasses is quite stylish.....my Mummy told me they looked really fashionable when I started wearing them at about the age of 12 (I'd been wearing glasses since I was 6ish....and then there was a day out at the zoo...I leaned over railings to get a better look at the exhibit below....and the next day Mum bought me a safety chain!)...and Mummy also told me the nasty bullies who called me 'granny' were just jealous!
    I actually felt 'old' when i started needing two different prescriptions for glasses - one for 'everyday' and one for reading. I keep 'forgetting' mt readers when i go shopping and have to push my 'everyday' glasses to the end of my nose (not easy as I have a wee button nose - so the cord is useful again!) to read the labels!
    These days I have two pairs of glasses, walk with a stick and have a 'badger' streak of grey in my thinning hair....but I am <u>NOT</u> old!
  5. I am NOT having a string!
    My class don't quite know what to make of it and I think I may have to wear them quite a bit more than I first thought.
    Everything - EVERYthing is so much clearer with them on - apparantly its not long or short sightedness but astigmatism and so I've been seeing everything a bit blurry for ages and now I can see so much more!!
    I'm sorry to go on but it really is quite a revelation!!
  6. Welcome to the club!
    I have had my glasses for about a month and a bit and no more headaches, no more tired eyes!

  7. Astigmatism is what I have - but you will find that it does have an influence on whether you are short or long sighted.
    I also have the problem that my left eye is MUCH weaker than my right eye. I had seen virtually nothing with my left eye for years without knowing, as my right eye had compensated, but this was why I had no idea about how bad my eyesight was until I got the headaches and the twitching eye, etc.
    I felt a bit weird the first couple of days wearing glasses (I have to wear them all the time) but I can SEE things I didn't realise were there and most folk have said I look much cooler with the glasses.


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