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.. I blame Continental Drift actually!!

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by nedkelly, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Just sat myself down for a cold beer with a couple of mates last evening and we got to thinking about the way things are in today's World. You know it didn't take us long, after a few more cold ones, to think how things might have been, had it not been for the changes in the Earth's geology over the past 350 million years. If only we could transfer ourselves back in time to a Pangeal existence, but of course with all the useful trappings of our mod society. Yes, can you imagine it? No borders, no boundaries of significance, no global warming, no food shortages, no boat people, no floods, no drought, moderate climates and abundance for all in a tropical-semitropical Nirvana.

    But then we considered some of the more crucial implications of us all living on one mega-continent. I for one could just pack the Holden Ute and head northward for a week or two for a cheap holiday in what is today Spain or France. I could even fly to London, Paris , New York or wherever for a dirty weekend, and all just for the cost of today's air ticket from aus to kiwiland. I could also get all the exotic beer, wine and vodka I could drink for nicks, because there would be no tariffs or custom hassles. But most importantly, as my mates reckoned, there would be no more ashes competitions with the Poms, because there wouldn't be any -poms that is! No "international" comps of any description actually, and no International Schools either! .... and no need for the "Teaching Overseas" forum, because none of us would be..uh.. overseas!!
    ........................Crikey!! ...............now what were we th(dr)inking??

  2. Mainwaring

    Mainwaring Lead commenter

    Wrong, Edward. What you mean to say is that the whole world would be one great, glorious Pomland, with the map coloured red. Wait a bit! Isn't that just how it used to be, despite all those inconvenient seas and things?
    I'll bet you were wondering how long it would take us to spot that.
  3. SMT dude

    SMT dude New commenter

    Every Utopian flight of yearning fancy, each prolonged act of striving to imagine, to inhabit, to realise a Universe utterly benign and limitlessly bountiful, contains, at some point, its tragic flaw, a single weakness of detail which bursts the gaudy bubble and brings our gorgeous fantasy back to earth because it is merely too implausible in its perfection, too delightfully good for us to sustain the illusion of its truthfulness.
    Marcel Proust, 1871-1922
  4. ..haha. and we'd all be watching cricket and eating jellied eels!! Or just maybe one big ozland, and we'd all be playing aussie rules, eating meat pies, drinking cold beer and speaking strine!!
  5. Surely not! Didgery doos, falling off Ayres rock, wondering why the bent stick keeps coming back and wondering (as you must still do now) how to make decent grogg!
    I'm too polite to mention the sheep.. [​IMG]
    NB - Utterly aware that spelling must be atrocious above, but it's late.. [​IMG]

  6. percy topliss

    percy topliss Established commenter

    I always thought that the reason they invented Aussie Rules was so that no one could come and beat them at it! I do hear a rumour that Ricky Ponting is thinking of taking it up...
  7. Not all of us, Ned.
  8. ..tis possibly true Perce, tis possibly true! The game originated on the goldfields, and derived from the irish gaelic code. Nowadays, after the finals each year, the best AFL players go to Ireland to play against the best gaelic team. We usually thrash 'em! The tradition lives on!!
    ..yes poor old Ricky, maybe some county side in the UK will put him out to pasture? Many people here blame him for our distaterous showing in the recent ashes.
  9. percy topliss

    percy topliss Established commenter

    But then we all know, Ned, that one man doesn't make a team! I was there four years ago and watched our boys take a terrible beating. You have to admit that nobody really stood up this year to carry on what Ponting has been doing for years. Bad time for him to have the worst run ever, even Collingwood had a better average than him and then promptly retired! I have to say that I was quite amazed at the vitriol being thrown about by your press, I thought only we did that...
    I would imagine that he will not be the captain for much longer, however who will take over?

    Good luck,

  10. I reckon he will stay. He is obviously a class act and a great man manager but in charge of Ozz through stormy waters. There is no obviouis replacement so he will remain skip.
    Don't care really. It's only cricket.
  11. ..strong loathing of being beaten by the motherland is a big part of the aus sporting psyche Perce, and the press are quick to needle this home. Ponting was a great captain in the days when we had Warne, Gilchrist and Lee and other greats all fired up. Now sadly, those days have gone and we have to rebuild almost from scratch. The press are quick to pounce on a scapegoat for our abysmal showing, and I guess Ponting as captain had to be it. Yes, his poor run rate during the series from a top order batsman did not help either, and I doubt he will lead aus again after the World Cup. Notice though that our coach has just been granted a three year extension of his contract??????
  12. SMT dude

    SMT dude New commenter

    Remember Kim 'Klaggy' Hughes?
    Is he alive? Did he survive? Emigrate? Go into therapy? Undergo a sex change?
    Join his mates for a dozen Cold Golds and a symposium about continental drift?
  13. ..yep, went from the butler (12th man) to captaincy back in the days of Lillee and co. There is an interesting read about Kim in the book "Kim Hughes and the bad old days of Australian Cricket- Golden Boy' by Christian Ryan published on-line:


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