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I am tired

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by Iastbury, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. Iastbury

    Iastbury New commenter

    I have been a good teacher, I really enjoy working for the kids and teaching them but now I'm feeling it. I don't want to teach anymore... Tired of observations, book trawls, data collection, jumping through hoops. It got me finally. I moved school thinking that it would be different somewhere else but that was not the case.
    I am single yes, I don't have kids to worry but also I have no social life, no time for friends or hobbies or even my health.

    The question is what else can I do?
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  2. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    You are far from the only one with that question.

    So I have written this:

    Possible other careers

    Which has had over 7,000 views in the last couple of months . . .

    I'm really sorry that you are feeling like this, the job has overwhelmed so many good teachers.

    N.B. the earliest that you can leave is April 30th . . . but just knowing that you are on the way out relieves a lot of the pressure, other posters say.

    Leaving dates and resignation dates

    There is just a chance that you might be able to leave earlier, but it's best to suppose that it will be May before you are off and away, if you are really determined to leave.

    Asking to leave earlier than your contractual leaving date

    Best wishes

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  3. Iastbury

    Iastbury New commenter

    Thanks Theo, I'll have a look at the documents and see if I can put my notice next term... I think that because I am a linguist at least that would be an advantage.
  4. TCSC47

    TCSC47 Star commenter

    I can certainly vouch for that!

    But it is the "tiredness" that seems so penetrating! For me it was bad enough to inhibit doing something about it. But I did manage it. You could try your doctor for a "pick me up" of some sort. Or at least a chat.

    Whatever you do, you have to make some time in your life for a hobby and friends. That, to me was what I saw, and still see, in my teaching friends, that they allowed the damn job to get in the way of. A big effort in that direction will pay big dividends. Or I should say, it might seem big, but once started, whatever it is, it will become surprisingly easy.

    Physical exercise is very important. It produces endorphins (or whatever) in the brain to such an extent that some people apparently get addicted to it. One of my friends is a "born again" runner and can not understand why the rest of us don't particularly want to hear him go on and on about it! However, the bottom line is that he is extremely happy and positive in his outlook and handling stress exceedingly well.

    I belong to a local hill walking group who go walking one Sunday every month in any hills we can find. We have three grades of walk from easy to hard and you go with the level that you feel like. It is an extremely social activity. You have plenty of time and opportunity to talk to all sorts of different people about pretty much anything (being sensitive about certain topics of course). We hire a coach to take us places. It then picks us up at the end so we don't have to have a circular walk. Our group is well organised and must have at least 60 members. I have to admit that most of the group are middle age and above, but we do have a number of young people as well.

    You also have to use your holiday time carefully to recover as well. Again on the theme of walking, we have been on Ramblers holidays and HF Holidays. You stay in a hotel and get guided walks.They are set up to socialise with the rest of the group and you have a real band of friends by the end of the week.

    Other physical activities are "body pump" (some sort of exercise class my daughter goes to) and yoga (which she also goes to, and swears by)

    Anyway, I probably sound like my running friend, evangelising about exercise, so I'll shut up now.

    All the best.
  5. TCSC47

    TCSC47 Star commenter

    I must add that I'm sure you are aware of the benefit of physical exercise, so I hope you don't think I am talking down to you, but I give it as a suggestion to just make you think about it as much as anything else.
  6. JRiley1

    JRiley1 Established commenter

    I've been feeling the same you are not alone! I too thought moving schools would help, but it's the same as you say. Finding this forum has helped put things into perspective, I want to stay until July as i feel better finishing the year but then I'm going to do something else. I've got friends who are teachers & I know they'll question me leaving, they seem to be coping but I just know it's not for me! @TheoGriff has got excellent information on skills we have as teachers (that we don't often recognise) & what types of jobs we could look into :)
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  7. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    Possible other careers

    Best wishes

  8. tsarina

    tsarina Occasional commenter

    I could have written this - exactly the same; got tired, thought it was the school, moved schools but still tired, went part time, still tired, so tired of it all, there is only so much intervention and scaffolding you can do, surely at some point the students have to work? Two weeks ago, after months of reading all the similar posts on here, I decided that enough is enough. I've done 10 years and at the end of this year i'm done. I'm single with a mortgage but if i end up having to sell my house and start again then that is what i'll do. I've plans to try getting a job as a library assistant and tutor (science). I might be very poor but I hope to be less stressed. I'm going to do all the things i dreamed of doing - make jewelery to sell on etsy... write fiction....., and when i've recovered, a year or two in the future, maybe i'll be able to go back and enjoy it again. Good luck to you and everyone out there who is stepping out into the unknown.
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  9. JamesH1lton

    JamesH1lton New commenter

    Following time off some years ago I have to agree about importance of exercise. It does not have to be vigorous but getting out and walking my dog was a God-send. I also made the mistake of giving up hobbies. We won't always find it easy to relax but distraction is the next best alternative.
    Good luck in whatever you do next.
  10. indusant

    indusant Senior commenter

    You may be poor in money but rich in time. I realised that for me, time has more value than money. When we also have our health, we have the space to truly live. Then we know that we really are wealthy. All the best.
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