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I am moving from year 4 to Foundation Stage! V worried!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by kirsty135c, Aug 27, 2010.

  1. kirsty135c

    kirsty135c New commenter

    As the new term is creeping up on us I am feeling more and more worried about Foundation Stage! I have had two years experience in year 4 and am anxious about the jump! After spending a morning in FS during the Summer term, I was surprised about the child initiated play and I know I am going to miss individual lesson plans and the rigid structure of KS2. I have not taught speed sounds before and do not know many songs to sing with the children! I have been looking on teachers tv to get more of an insight into a FS classroom. Any words of wisdom?? This sounds silly but rather than teaching a direct lesson with 30 chn at desks, what does a FS teacher do during free play? Advice to calm my nerves would be much appreciated!!
  2. I too am new so am sure people will have far better advice than me but...
    During free play a teacher in my school would be expected to be doing one of the following - observations of the children for assessment and planning purposes, support during structured play opps, AI - Adult Initiated activities, F - focussed group work linked to one of the areas of learning.
  3. I would advise asking your head to go on some training on phonics- are you familiar with letters and sounds document as it shows progress levels in phonics. Ask if you can visit other foundation classes in your local area as often it is then easire to visualise how a foundation class will operate and what it looks like. Everybody has a slightly different ideas even on this forum depending on your own opinions and authority.
    Are you moving into Foundation 1 or 2 or a unit?
    It is all about modelling to the children the first few weeks showing them how you want them to access areas of continual provision, the behaviour you expect, lots of PSED and repetition. You will need to find out how your school does their initial assessments and whether you are using an online tracker to record the EYFSP data if you are in F2 if in F1 do you have an initial format to follow. Have you got a foundation co-ordinator in school you can ask?
  4. Have you seen the National Strategies document 'Learning, Playing and Interacting'? It explains the whole thing about adult directed and child initiated learning really well, and focuses a lot on how you can support children's independent learning etc. It's well worth a read, and not too heavy.
  5. I'm in a smiliar situation to the OP so have been finding this thread really useful - thankyou!
    I have one question (at the moment!), do you set out different activities each day or to the children get out what they would like to "play" with. I have a writing table with writing tools/paper etc on it but should i specifically set different things out every day? Same with a "creative" table and role play area?
    Thanks a lot.
  6. kirsty135c

    kirsty135c New commenter

    Hey there..

    Our school started out 'drop in' sessions today. (Parents stay with their child for the hour session and play with them in the classes). Our two classes have different activities set up each day for the children. E.g. the writing table today had stencils and colouring pencils and tomorrow will have crayons with these letters that you can make rubbings with. For the drop in sessions we set out the equipment and then they play with what is out in each area. E.g. the sand area today they had dinosaurs etc. Next week it will all be different as no parents!
  7. Thank you to the original postee. I am in fact moving from Year4 to Reception in September and feel exactly how you felt last year! Any advice you have a year later would be sooo appreciated!! I have no idea about what I'm doing about the first day or from then on!
  8. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Sing`with them every day! Don't neglect the nursery rhymes [in their original form] which are their birthright.You'd be amazed by the difference between singing and non-singing classes higher up in the school.
  9. laconn

    laconn New commenter

    Hi Cathutch! I am also moving from year 4 to reception. Have started to jot down some ideas and questions to ask when I go in later this month! Good luck! It is nice to know someone else is in the same boat!


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