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I am losing my hair because of stress and I am terrified....

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by Lilyofthefield, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. If it is stress-related alopecia, all he can do is offer you meds to calm you down and wait for it to grow back. Patchy alopecia is really common and there isn't a cure for it. It can come once and never return, you can have two patches or ten.
    But that might not be what the problem is. If you're approaching menopause or your thyroid's underactive, your hair will thin and break (mine did; double whammy) and again, your GP will be able to test you to see what's causing it.
    Don't panic wildly yet. It could be sorted and grow back again fine. A least it's thick to start with!
  2. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Lead commenter

    That seems very perverse ...
  3. not perverse no, I experience pain everyday but I manage it. However it can get bad and when its crippling I have a couple of things I can do to make it better. I have had FM for past three yrs and although I went through a winter from hell I handle it

    Losing my hair is quite honestly a fear of mine. each to their own I guess.
  4. I am not close to menopause yet but yh will get GP to run some tests.
    sorry to hear you had similar experience with your hair.
  5. Mine's never been particularly nice so not much of a loss. If it'd fallen outI'd have bought a wig.
  6. Have you ever had your thyroid checked? Mine was underactive for ages before it was diagnosed and actually my doctor wrongly diagnosed me with FM initially and I went on thinking that's what it was for two years. Then I started loosing my hair and the doctors ran lots of tests, NOT including thyroid and came up with vague explanations such as my iron level was slightly low, I'm a teacher so must be constantly stressed etc..
    Eventually I insisted on having a thyroid panel done and sure enough, there was the problem. Four months after starting thyroid meds my hair is noticeably thicker.
    I'm not saying it will be the same for you but it is definitely worth having it checked out if you haven't already.

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