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I am greatly distressed Cutty Sark on fire says Marmaduke ....!!!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Goneril, May 21, 2007.

  1. Oh tradegy a phone call to Cannes from Marmaduke sur L'Isle des Chiens, he looks across the water on rising and sees smoke rising from the Cutty Sark. The fire brigade confirm to me through the internet the dear ship a so close part of England's history is ablaze .... Oh Fee .... Of Fie .... I am undone and distraught ...... oh sweeties I weep ......... x
  2. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/6675381.stm

    Oh sweeties I know it is only a ship .... but I am so upset the times I have walked around that lovely ship with the blessed Cordelia telling her how she will one day sail the oceans of the world ........ I am truly sobbing .... irrational I know but sobbing ..... x
  3. I have just caught up with this on the news. Its such a part of Greenwich ... how sad!
  4. England burns and I am in France I pack a bag and book a taxi to Nice Airport I am to fly home I feel this is a portent of doom .... this sceptres Isle .......hubbie furious .... I didn't want to leave London last night ... he calls me an irrational old fool ..... he stays I leave .......speak later sweeties ........ x
  5. Fire is out Goneril..... 50% of the ship was taken away to be renovated ..... so it looks as if the restoration is going ahead.... not as bad as you think.
  6. very sad, hope its all repairable

    The blessed Cordelia will get to see it again
  7. I have left my husband in Cannes alone and angry with me surrounded by the worlds most beautiful women. He is not answering my calls or texts ..... I feel I have made a mistake sweeties ... so glad to be back in London .... but...sweeties. I think the pressures of last night so little sleep and the tragic news this morning made me momentarily lose my senses ...... the pall of smoke that rose from Greenwich this morning I truly believe was a portent of doom .......x
  8. hermione2001ie

    hermione2001ie New commenter

    Goneril. Are you ok? You're sounding uncharacteristically fragile.
  9. I don't think my uni mates quite appreciate the magnitude of it all. They were ringing all morning trying to get me to go down there and watch with them and sent loads of pics/videos.

    I must admit though that I did take it for granted, had to walk past it every day for 2 years and never really took too much notice
  10. ahh so it aint all burnt to the ground, thats good to hear.
  11. The Cutty Sark was built in my hometown. Poor old lady.
  12. h01y

    h01y New commenter

    I heard it on the news this morning and was very sad, I remember going for a day out to Greenwich on many occasion as a child. :`(
  13. Thank you Hermi no, greatly troubled I feel I might have erred catastrophically ...... I will have to try and sleep on it and see if repairs can be made in the morning.... like the Great Ship I feel a gutted wreck ... I wonder as do the investigators who may have started this particular fire ..... I fear there may be evil forces afoot and instead of fighting I fled ..... so uncharacteristic and so foolish ....... x
  14. Awww. the Cutty Sark is 'my' landmark. I met ex in the Yacht pub nearby, and as he lived in nearby Blackheath we often popped down to Greenwich and the ship......Happy memories of youthful times.

    Hope it can be saved.
  15. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    .. more money coulda been spent on something more meaningful... though it is a beautiful ship and part of our heritage.
    (I reckon it was Prince Phillip having a sly Woodbine....)

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