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I am going to miss...

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Waterfin, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. I will miss....
    Spending lots of time with my girls.
    Spending time with my friends from the Mums at their school that I have made over the last few years (only normally see them briefly in passing when collecting mine on my day off).
    Having time to read.
    Feeling relaxed.
    Having the time to read lots of books.
    Not having to get my kids to bed so early every night. (Not looking forward to when I go back and realising just how little of the day I spend with them on the average working day.)
    Part of me will enjoy having a bit more routine because my sleep patterns and diet are really out of whack. And I have spent a LOT of time sitting on my bum (at the park/at friend's houses/at home reading/at the cinema with the kids/out at dinners with friends) and am looking forward to being a lot more active without having to think about it.
  2. I'll miss my 6am get up, playing with my beautiful girl until 11am- then an hour to watch rubbish tele whilst she's in bed, then another whole afternoon of playing with the baby until stress and work free cuddles over a bottle of wine with my husband in the evenings.
  3. I'll miss taking my dog out for long walks through the woods in the afternoons (although I won't miss falling over and hurting my ankle, knee and pride like I did the other day!)

    I will miss being able to put on my holey jeans (they are holey because of the above mentioned fall!) There is something really nice about being able to look a bit scruffy! I am not looking forward to having to find 'proper' school clothes every morning!

    Sadly, I will miss watching Australian Masterchef at 11am! (It's been strange but slightly addictive!)
  4. lardylady

    lardylady Star commenter

    I'll miss...
    lazy afternoons in the garden playing with my cats
    not having to keep watching the clock
    not having to wear a watch
    not having to set the alarm clock
    feeling relaxed
    being able to stay up past 10pm
    Actually, the things I'll miss are so numerous, I don't have time to post them. [​IMG]
  5. I'll miss....

    Taking my own sweet time at doing everything

    Going to bed at whatever time I like

    Getting up at whatever time I like

    Eating whenever i'm hungry

    Not being on a diet

    Having time to read

    Sitting in the sun

    Getting outdoors

    Generally - i'll miss the whole FREEDOM which not being at work allows! :'(
  6. Sorry, wrote that on my phone and it appears that hitting "return" does not go to the next line, even though iy showed up that way as I typed!!
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    I was okay about being back until I had the class I just can't thole for a double period on Thursday. I've not had them since I had my heart attack as I returned to work on "light duties" before the holidays. If I have another heart attack I predict that it will be on a Thursday period 5 or 6!

  8. Let's hope not!!
  9. I hope you do finalise your emigration to Oz! I am so jealous! My son and his family live in Sydney and it's the best move they could have made. My God, what a fantastic life is waiting for you out there. I wish you all the very best and remember, it's only a 26 hour plane journey for family and friends. And just so everyone knows - I'll miss not being able to walk around all day WITHOUT my bra on when I get back to work!!!
  10. Oh, so many things:
    1) My daily dose of Jeremy Kyle in the afternoon.
    2) Watching programmes that are on after 9pm.
    3) Epic sleeps
    4) Not spending every waking moment thinking about work
    5) Wearing PJs all day
    6) Eating when I want to
    7) Weeing when I want to!
    8) Seeing friends
    9) Drinking when I want!
    10) Napping - although I am infamous for my after work naps!

    There's so many more, but I am also looking forward to being back at work. i love it when I'm there, and I think I need the routine back! Although I may claim I never said this!
  11. Soooo many things!!!
    Getting up at 8am instead of snoozing the alarm from 6 til 6:15!
    Having a cup of tea/food/lunch when I like.
    Seeing so much of my family and friends.
    Reading my book guilt free.
    Watching TV guilt free.
    Wasting time I don't usually have.
    Not having to look smart.
    Having time to keep on top of the housework.
    I'm sure there's more!!!
  12. Taking an afternoon nap if needed
    Swimming in the mornings
    Walking the dogs
    Reading loads
    Slobbin' in my shorts and t-shirts
  13. I will miss riding my horses every day, sleeping in until way after 6am, not having to drive, walking the dogs, gardening, doing all the jobs I need to do that I never have time for when at work, being relaxed, and all the other things already mentioned, going to the loo anytime, having a drink anytime, not having to speak to anyone, being in control of my life instead of my life being dictated to me by CLT at my school.
    I really can't wait for the fantastic inset days where we are talked at for hours about what we should be teaching and how we should be teaching and of course the 6 letter swear word ofsted they are due in again and again the head will utter this word every other sentence, the staff at my school are fantastic dedicated teachers and we have all heard it over and over again so we will have to endure this when we will all be wanting to get our resources and classrooms organised for the start of term so that when we hit the ground running we are in control!!!
  14. I agree! As much as I look forward to the holidays, the summer is far too long here in Spain..nearly 3 months. It will be good to get back to the students & hear (in English) what they have been doing x
  15. going to miss the lie ins and spending time with the family plus a bit of chav TV, plus will miss not having that anxiety feeling 0on sunday night! and not knowing what day of the week it is x
  16. bombaysapphire

    bombaysapphire Star commenter

    I'm going to miss:
    • feeling as if I have loads of time to get things done
    • not being tired
    • staying in bed in the morning as long as I like
    • long walks with my dogs
    • feeling relaxed
  17. There are lots of things others have said that I agree with but I couldn't help thinking of the things I won't miss:
    • cooking - my husband does all meals when I'm working as he works part time
    • feeling guilty about not doing housework even though I've got the time
    • having an aching back because of lying in
    • spending too much money going out for lunch, days out, shopping etc.
    Still, aren't holidays great?!!
  18. I'll miss:
    • going to the loo whenever I need to
    • being able to have a drink of water when I need one
    • the peace & quiet
    • having lunch sitting at a table
    • choice!
  19. lizgaskell

    lizgaskell Occasional commenter

    I'll miss much of what's a;ready mentioned particularly;

    • peeing/eating etc ... when I like or need to. In fact, not having to choose one or the other due to only 15 min break and 30 min lunch
    • wearing PJs - pretty much most of the morning
    • cooking and baking. I'm not good at either but have improved vastly this hols- no one poisioned!
    • my garden
    • the tidy and clean house - won't last 5 mins after September 5th
    • reading
    • reading
    • oh, and reading
    My family will miss the stress free and smiley me [​IMG]
  20. Pottering - going from one job to the next.
    Not feeling guilty when I pick up a reading book and read as long as I like.
    Meeting friends for coffee and cakes
    Visiting family.
    Reading the papers
    Chatting to neighbours.
    No kids !


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