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I am fed up with coursework

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by TC7, May 14, 2011.

  1. TC7


    Well I feel exactly the same way! I am fed up it as well, and now we have to mark two lots and fill in grade sheet after grade sheet.
  2. You can make the final task much easier by marking every 6 weeks. This allows me to keep track on what has been completed and to give general feedback to the group (AQA don't allow individual feedback). The final marking and admin took no more than 4 hours, and that included moderation with the other teacher.
  3. I too seem to be forever on coursework - OCR - 3 control assessments + a food study for each group. Seems that we are forever catching up on missed hours / deadlines. Thankfully Y11s are done & dusted AND now on study leave
  4. We had students working on it until the morning of AQA deadline day :( I wished we could've just slapped a deadline of March 10th on them and not accepted anything after that.
  5. re

    re New commenter

    We had students working on it until the morning of AQA deadline day :( I wished we could've just slapped a deadline of March 10th on them and not accepted anything after that.

    You could have done! Would have wrecked your CVA, however.

    I think that we, as teachers, have shot ourselves in the foot by bending the rules on 45hours (AQA) and amount of help. If we were brave enough to stick to the letter of the rule book we would have one year of very poor results and, presumably, subsequent years getting better as the students came to understand that they would not be spoonfed.As it is, pressure from senior management has led to us bending over backwards to help the little darlings - after school sessions, holiday sessions etc. We should have been brave enough to stick to 45 hours and minimal help.
  6. Yogi

    Yogi New commenter

    The new WJEC CAT is great, 30 hours of controlled work, limited teacher input. For the first time ever we have not been up to our eyes in after school catch up and easter hols in the workshop!
    Had our moderation today, the board are very realistic about what a 15 year old can produce in 30 hours independantly, thank God, some sanity at last!
    We have found this new CAT much better for our middle ability boys, in previous years pupils would complete huge ammounts of work at home with the help of parents and gain high marks for effort rather than ability. Now all work is done at school so there is a level playing field. Our boys have responded well to the timing of tasks and breaking the project down into smaller chunks. I'm more proud of the work that they have produed this year independantly than anything we have had in the past, previous work has been to a much higher standard but there has been so much teacher input you couldn't really call it pupils work!
  7. I'm sick of coursework! It's a joke really, I swear the teacher puts in more effort than all the students in the class put together. In fact, if I didn't have to teach and just had the lesson (and prep) time spare I could easily complete 20 A* grade coursework projects with time to spare for a few nice pub lunches in a beer garden.

    I seriously think something has to be done to stop the coursework madness.

    Should I be proud the most apathetic, lazy, truant in the school managed to get a C in BOTH of his OCR coursework projects in a year? OR should I feel guilty that I probably helped him out too much?

    Management have us over a barrel and nobody wants to sacrifice results and teach young people the most important lesson of all: "If you are lazy and do no work you will fail. The end"
  8. I changed to the edexcel new GCSE and chose a seperate design coursework (no marks for practical skills) - we designed a toy. We made it as well, for fun (you need a prototype of some sort), and did this in year 10. Year 11 they have to manufacture to your drawing. We had 3 different differentiated drawings. It was less stressful and they loved it. Only downside is the stupid marking criteria for the design project- the developed idea should be significantly different to the initial idea and combine elements of other ideas. Have these people ever taught? We will see how the results are!

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