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I´ve just eaten a whole pack of Pringles without stopping

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Waterfin, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. I'm with Lily. I love tangfastics and will carry on eating them even after it feels like they have stripped the lining from the roof of my mouth.
    I don't like Pringles. (The thought of them turns my stomach after watching one of those 'How do they do it?' programmes which showed how they made a potato-ey slurry first, then made the Pringles out of them.)
    I can't open a packet of rich tea finger biscuits without eating nearly all of them. [​IMG]

  2. I can eat a whole tube of pringles no prob. Can also manage a whole big pack of crisps from Marks and Spencer which I think is 150g.
    Have also managed a whole tub of Ben and Jerry's or whole bar of Green and Blacks.
  3. guinnesspuss

    guinnesspuss Star commenter

    You gluttonous lot.
    I can eat just a few and put the rest away ............[​IMG]
    .................. however I eat lots of half packets![​IMG]
    I like variety!!
  4. I was trying to be polite!!
  5. I ate a whole box of blueberries this morning.
  6. Have you turned blue??!!
  7. A ltitle bit [​IMG]
  8. angiebabe

    angiebabe New commenter

    I too can eat a whole tube of Pringles. I heard that they actually have something added to them to make them addictive!!!
  9. Hydrogenated fat, salt and sugar.
    I can feel them furring up my arteries as I eat them but I still do every now and again.
    I ate a multipack of Walkers Sunbites last night, which I had bought for lunches. In my defence, the bags are very small and they're not so high in fat. I like Ryvita Minis too.
  10. MSG. It is in most junk food.
  11. RKM


    I've done it. The sour cream ones are so moreish!!!


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